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Saturday Night Live: Release Date Updates! Where I can Watch Season 48?



Saturday Night Live Where I can Watch Season 48

Saturday night live is an American late-night television comedy show that airs only live on Saturday nights. The television comedy show is created by Lorne Michaels, who currently serves as the program showrunner. The genre of the show is stand-up comedy, satire, variety shows, and sketch comedy. The theme is based on culture and politics. Saturday night live debuted on 11 October 1975 on NBC, NBC has been running this show for 47 years and records it as the longest-running program on television. The production company and directors of the show have been switched quite a few times over the long years. The current director of Saturday night live is Liz Patric, and the show is produced by SNL studios. Saturday night live has had huge broadcast members during its 47 years. 

The show has been running for 47 seasons with 930 episodes, each episode is hosted by a celebrity guest, a musical guest, and performances by the cast. The show begins with a character breaking out and claiming the phrase “live from Newyork, its Saturday night”.

More About The Show

Saturday night live only airs on the Saturday of the week, but the cast and crew require a whole week to make an episode.

Saturday Night Live: Where I can Watch Season 48?

The crew behind this show undergoes a highly packed weekly schedule. The work goes on for six days until the live telecast.

Monday – the first day of their week begins with a pitch meeting between the cast, writers, producers, and post-production. The goal of this pitch meeting is to share ideas for the show.

Tuesday – Tuesday is devoted entirely to script writing by the writers. The writers continue to write until early the next morning. On Tuesday, two promotional videos for the upcoming episode are being shot.

On Wednesday, the entire crew, cast, and producers gather for a table read of all the sketches. Following completion, the crew leader, head writer, and Michaels move to Michael’s office to lay out the sketches. During the layout process, unneeded sketches are removed.

Thursday is the day when sketches are created, sets are built, and costumes are created. Sketches may be scrapped if they become too difficult to execute. The sketches are then used to tape a rehearsal.

Friday – Pre-taped sketches are filmed at the studios first before rehearsing the live sketches. Sketches are shot in studios and locations based on the relevant plot. and the television show will be broadcast live on Saturday


Saturday night live has been running for 47 long years. The cast of the entire show has been gradually changing of the cast throughout the years.  the show has featured 163 cast members as of September 2022.

As for the season 48 premiering soon, a handful of casts have been exiled and these famous celebrities are 

  • Aristotle Athari
  • Aidy Bryant
  • Pete Davidson
  • Kate McKinnon
  • Alex Moffatt
  • Kyle Mooney
  • Chris Redd
  • Melissa Villaseñor

Despite the departing of these cast members, many new faces are expected in the show, as for now, the four new cast members are 

  • Marcello Hernandez
  • Molly Kearney
  • Michael Longfellow
  • Devon Walker

When And Where To Watch Saturday Night Live Season 48?

Saturday night live airs at 11:30 p.m. ET/8:30 p.m. PT on Saturday nights. All 47 season is currently streamed on Hulu, Peacock, and NBC

The first episode of season 8 will premiere on October 1 2022 at 11:30 p.m. ET/8:30 p.m. the episode will be live telecasted on NBC, Hulu, and Peacock

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