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Things You Might Not Know About Sheikh Hamdan, The Crown Prince Of Dubai



Things You Might Not Know About Sheikh Hamdan, The Crown Prince Of Dubai

Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, also known as ‘Fazza,’ is the UAE’s most beloved and admired prince.Recently, heartwarming pictures of him running among 1,93,000 individuals as part of the Dubai Fitness Challenge, a project he started in 2017, surfaced on the internet.When he scaled the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa in 2013 and waved the UAE national flag to celebrate the country’s win in the bid for hosting World Expo 2020, we witnessed a ruler proclaiming his love for his people, both citizens and residents, and acknowledging their contribution in the remarkable progress the country has been making from time to time, in terms of living standards, technological advancements, infrastructural development and what not!

Apart from being a platform for sharing updates on the country’s new policies and initiatives, Sheikh Hamdan uses his Instagram profile with 15.3 million followers and his Twitter account followed by over 4.3 million people to share snippets from his everyday life, his love for travel, adventure, and of course horses! 

How old is Sheikh Hamdan?

Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum was born on November 14, 1982, and he recently celebrated his 40th birthday.

Sheikh Hamdan

But his exciting life would put most twenty-year-olds to shame! Sheikh Hamdan, a qualified skydiver and scuba diver, and a horse-riding champion who won gold at the 2014 World Equestrian Games in France, is a ‘royal’ idol to millions of people.

Sheikh Hamdan was trained at the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst, United Kingdom, and credits the academy for having instilled in him the values of discipline, responsibility, and commitment which drive him to work towards the country’s progress and the upliftment of its people. He is also an alumnus of the prestigious London School of Economics.

Interesting Facts About Sheikh Hamdan

Here are some fascinating facts about Sheikh Hamdan that you should know.

👉 Fazza is Sheikh Hamdan’s pen name!

Penning down beautiful poetry has been another of Sheikh Hamdan’s interests over the years. Written in Nabati, a local form of Arabic, his poems portray an emotional side of his. Through some of his most celebrated poems, he has expressed his love for the most important people in his life. One was an ode to his father, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, also known for his poetic skills. Like father, like son. Sheikh Hamdan has inherited his father’s leadership and artistic skills and is bound to add glory to his legacy.

In one of his most famous poems, he refers to his mother Hind bint Maktoum Al Maktoum, as ‘the candle and light of their house’ whose fragrance is powerful enough to turn even scented flowers green with envy.

When he lost his elder brother Sheikh Rashid bin Mohammed in 2015, he expressed his grief through words over which the world mourned along with him.

He publishes all of his poems under the pen name ‘Fazza,’ as he is now widely known. Fazza means “helper” in Arabic, and he has stated that he wishes he could alleviate people’s pain and provide them joy through his poetry, which he refers to as a statement of hope.

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👉 Sheikh Hamdan is an animal lover!

His love for horses and horse riding is known to all. His Instagram is filled with pictures of him caressing his horses, and riding on them, calling them beautiful names. He also flaunts his collection of camels and falcons occasionally. 

He is pursuing reviving the age-old Arab sport, falconry, by training falcons and using them to hunt wild animals.

It is said that his personal zoo is home to exotic birds and animals which include tigers, lions, and elephants.

👉 Sheikh Hamdan is a shutterbug!

A globe trotter himself, the world gets to catch glimpses of Sheikh Hamdan’s travel expeditions through his lenses.

His love for photography and associated gear reflects in the beautiful pictures he posts on his social media handles, captioning them with just the camera icon in tow.

Under his patronage in 2011, the Hamdan International Photography Award (HIPA) was announced to encourage and recognize talented photographers from across the world. 

👉 Sheikh Hamdan is an out-and-out fitness enthusiast!

It is not just extreme sporting activities that give him the thrills, but workouts and staying fit are top priorities in Sheikh Hamdan’s daily life. On a trip to Uzbekistan, he posted a video of a makeshift gym, replete with all the necessary equipment, he had set up so that he wouldn’t miss his daily workout. Such is the dedication of Dubai’s crown prince who, even at 40, doesn’t look a day older than 25!

One interesting fact about Sheikh Hamdan is that he is conscious about exhibiting the things he is passionate about, thereby becoming a source of inspiration for millions. It was his dream of a fitter and healthier UAE that led him to launch the Dubai Fitness Challenge, where Dubai residents devote 30 minutes of their time for 30 days continuously to some form of physical exercise. He leads by example and posts videos of his strenuous workout sessions motivating people and organizations to actively participate in this campaign every year.

Who is Sheikh Hamdan’s wife?

Sheikh Hamdan got married on 15th May 2019 along with two of his brothers in a private ceremony. He married his cousin Sheikha Shaikha bin Saeed bin Thani Al Maktoum.

They were blessed with twins, a boy, and a girl on 21st May 2021. Their names are Rashid and Shaikha, respectively. Being the doting dad he is, Sheikh Hamdan posts pictures of his cute little munchkins often on social media.

Sheikh Hamdan’s Instagram

sheikh hamdan children

It was revealed that Sheikh Hamdan had welcomed twins on May 21, 2021. a daughter named Shaikha and a son named Rashid.

sheikh hamdan children

Sheikh Hamdan’s net worth

Sheikh Hamdan was coronated the crown prince of Dubai in 2008 and has been serving the esteemed position ever since. He has initiated and led almost all major development projects and is credited for UAE’s rapid growth across all sectors in the last decade.

Sheikh Hamdan was elected Crown Prince of Dubai in 2008 and has held the position ever since. He has initiated and led all significant development initiatives and is credited with leading the UAE’s remarkable growth in several sectors over the past decade.

He heads the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Establishment for young entrepreneurs and recently launched the Dubai Global initiative aimed at representing Dubai on 5 continents with 50 commercial establishments. Apart from such initiatives, he is actively involved in overseeing the operations of Emirates Airlines, Dubai Holdings, Dubai World, and Dubai Sports Council.

At an estimated net worth of over $400 million, his possession of a yacht Quattroelle and a massive fleet of luxury cars is often talked about. Yet, he is extremely humble and inclusive to people. And that undoubtedly makes him Dubai’s most loved ruler to date!

Hiba Nishad is a content writer for digital and social media platforms. She simply loves the swing and swirl of words and believes in their innate ability to influence people. Hailing from Kerala, India, and a resident of Dubai, she proudly calls it her second home. She says, "the glitz and glam do attract you for a while, but the safety and the opportunities for growth that this country's government ensures are what make people across the world feel at home here."

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