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All About Wojhati App – Reasons To Use, Features, And More



Wojhati App

In this blog, you will learn all about the Wojhati app. It is a travel planning app that provides accurate public transportation information. The app regularly updates its features and keeps public transport users updated with timetables. Furthermore, the road maps and public transportation routes are up-to-date. 

The app benefits public transport drivers as well. So, it is an ideal app for passengers and drivers of buses, waterbus, trams, and metro trains. There are many things to discover about the Wojhati app. So, read further to know its features and how you can plan your journey on the Wojhati app. But first, let’s know in detail about the Wojhati app.

What Is The Wojhati App?

Wojhati is Dubai’s widely used travel app that provides traveling-related information. The Dubai Government’s Road Transport Authority manages this app. Moreover, the app integrates other helpful apps such as Smart Taxi, Smart Seeker, RTA Dubai, and more. Furthermore, it offers real-time updated maps that give you valid route information. 

The app entirely provides you with data based on GPS. So, travelers don’t need to worry about apps showing outdated maps. Wojhati app functions on Open Data System. It means that you can republish the app with vital sources and information. So, it works as open software. 

 Wojhati App

Following are the transportation ways supported by the Wojhati app:

  • Bus
  • Tram
  • Water Taxi
  • Metro
  • Waterbus

Users must provide their current location on the app. They also need to set their preference, i.e., traveling time and cost. Remember to enter the correct cost according to your budget. Now relax and let the app navigate an ideal route for you. It promises to make your journey to your destination convenient. 

Another best thing about the Wojhati app is that it saves your route map details and allows you to use them offline. So, you don’t need to worry about losing the internet connection while using the app because it saves your route. 

We’ll provide you with more reasons to use the Wojhati app. So, let’s see why you must immediately use the Wojhati app in Dubai.

Why should you use the Wojhati app in Dubai?

The Wojhati app is a secure and reliable platform managed by Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority. They created the app to help commuters get uncomplicated routes to their destination. Additionally, it comprises updated public transportation information. Therefore, passengers and drivers must use this app if they travel by road. 

Reasons to use Wojhati app in Dubai:

  • You must have a backup while traveling that can provide you with public transportation details. Also, public transport dependents should update themselves because they would want to immediately go for the bus or metro in the scorching sun. So, use the Wojhati app as it gives you accurate public transport vehicle timings and live locations.
  • Sometimes, it is unwise to travel on the Dubai streets without maps. You may lose track. So, keeping an updated map will benefit you immensely. Fortunately, the Wojhati app offers real-time maps that work on the GPS.
  • Public transport users only know the pain of waiting when the bus changes its timings. It is annoying and wastes your precious time. As a result, you arrive late to your destination. In such cases, you must download the Wojhati app. It keeps you notified about the public transportation timetable changes. 
  • Another challenge daily commuters face is not knowing how much change they should carry. However, the Wojhati app provides information on how much money you should bring while traveling. 
  • The most beneficial feature of the app is “Planner.” You input your live position in the app and enter destination details. It will plan out the journey for you. Also, the app guides you properly and suggests which route you must choose. 

For example, if you want to travel from Dubai International Airport to Dubai Gold Souq, enter Dubai International Airport in “From” and Dubai Gold Souq in “To.”

As a result, all the bus routes with precise timings and live locations will appear on the screen. It demonstrates which bus will help you reach your destination. 

  • We travel to Dubai malls or parks but need to know what fun activities we might miss on our way. Download the Wojhati RTA app to enjoy everything in the vicinity. It gives you details regarding the activities that might come in your route.
  • RTA authorizes the Wojhati app. Hence, you don’t need to worry about uploading your live location on the app. It prioritizes your security and keeps traveling data safe.

Public transport users must use the Wojhati app daily. These reasons will convince you to use the app and ease traveling complications.

Is that enough? No, because there are still many features that you need to learn about the app. So, let’s glance at all the features of the Wojhati.

Features Of The Wojhati App By RTA

The Wojhati app is a feature-oriented traveling platform that makes your journey seamless. It is perfect for people who daily use public transportation. The app makes public transport user’s life easier by providing significant updates.  

Features Of The Wojhati App

Here are some key features of the Wojhati app:

  1. Plans the whole trip for you: You should only rely on a reliable source to plan the trip, one that can also ease your journey. One such source is the Wojhati app. It outlines your entire trip. Additionally, it suggests the most suitable routes. 
  2. Reveals the cost in advance: We might only sometimes carry cash or required money in our pockets, all thanks to technology. However, the Wojhati app displays the cost requirement of your journey in advance. So, you can expect the cost and carry that much cash when you step outside the house.
  3. Planner: Wojhati app has a helpful feature known as Planner. Here, users must enter their exact location details and where they want to reach. It outlines how you should commence your journey.
  4. Help you avoid being late: Are frequent public transportation delays forcing you to reach late? Then, you should download the Wojhati app. It keeps you updated on whether your preferred public transportation is on time. Consequently, you can arrive on time.
  5. Real-time maps: Wojhati app operated on GPS. Therefore, users get real-time maps anytime. You can know your route’s traffic information, public transportation, and other activities.
  6. Traffic updates: Traffic is the most upsetting thing you encounter on the roads. It wastes your time. Also, you reach late without any fault. Now, you can get traffic information at the Wojhati app using real-time maps. The maps show you high-traffic routes and other details. 
  7. Wide compatibility: Wojhati app is available on all platforms. It works effortlessly on Android and iOS operating systems. 
  8. Intuitive interface: The app has a systematic arrangement of travel-related details. You don’t get confused and can use it conveniently. In addition, its intuitive interface enhances your experience on the app. 
  9. Offline maps: Wojhati app saves your entered information on its server. Therefore, you can use it in offline mode. You can access maps and route details even if you lose an internet connection and can reach your destination safely.
  10. Virtual Reality: The app’s performance increases with the implementation of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Hence, all the app’s information work in real-time.
  11. Secure app: This app doesn’t leak your live location to third-party apps. It keeps your data safe. 

So, these were some remarkable features of the Wojhati app. These features will prove that this app is the most useful traveling platform in Dubai. Also, it works flawlessly on all operating systems. Even the process of using this app is similar in Android and iOS. 

So, download the app, and make your traveling more manageable. Now, we know its features and that it plans your journey’s outline. Let’s understand how to use the Wojhati app to play your travel to Dubai.

How To Download Wojhati App On Android And IOS / Apple iPhone Devices?

For downloading the Wojhati app, you can follow the below steps:

How To Download Wojhati App On Android And IOS  Apple iPhone Devices
  • For ios/apple iPhone devices Go to App Store and for Android devices go to Google Play Store on your mobile phone.
  • Search for “Wojhati” in the search bar and select the Wojhati app from the results.
  • Click on the download or install button
  • Wait for the app to download and installed it on your devices. Once the app is installed, open it, register on it, and start using it.

How to plan a journey with the Wojhati app?

Here is the step-by-step instruction for using the Wojhati app to plan your journey:

Plan a journey with Wojhati app

Step 1: Install the Wojhati app on your mobile phones. The app is accessible on all operating systems, i.e., App Store and Play Store. 

Step 2: Launch Wojhati and log in to the app. Fill out your correct details.

Step 3: Click on the menu option that appears as three horizontal lines. It helps you access the search screen on the app.

Step 4: Tap on the “Planner” option.

Step 5: You will redirect to the search screen. Now, you must enter your current location and destination details in the “From” and “To” sections. Ensure that you correctly enter this information. 

Step 6: Tap on any bus routes from the several options in the list. Now, a map will open.

Step 7: The map shows routes and public vehicles on the roads. You must click on the menu option.

Step 8: Now, select Vehicle Positions and click OK to apply changes. You can now see the bus’ live locations on your selected route.

Step 9: Click on the bus you see on the route and check its number. The Wojhati app will provide details on how far your bus is from your current location or bus stop. 

You can plan your journey accordingly and wait at the bus stop. 

Other noteworthy details:

  • The bus that appears as ‘Green Color’ means they are on time.
  • At the same time, Orange colored buses mean they are late for a few minutes. 
  • Red-colored buses show that they are very late. 
  • Sometimes, the app may lag while showing maps. It occurs as the app operates on GPS. In such cases, you must close the app and open it again. It will work fine, as always. 
  • The Wojhati app gives you bus’ timetables in advance.

It is not easy to rely on public transportation options in Dubai. The disruptions in its timings could be more manageable. It becomes more troublesome when you wait for your bus to arrive at a bus stop in the daytime. Also, sometimes, we encounter traffic problems that make our life more miserable. We reach late and face questions. 

Therefore, daily public transport users must use a reliable platform that can ease their daily inconveniences. Use one of the finest traveling platforms on the Internet, the Wojhati app. It works on an open data system and allows everyone to enter helpful information. Also, this smart app is user-friendly and straightforward.

Dubai Citizens have preferred the Wojhati app since its launch in 2013. Even today, its relevance and benefits are the same. Apart from Dubai Citizens, tourists also use this app. They plan their journey on the app to reach a tourist location. 

The Wojhati app saves your route information offline, and you can use them anytime. So, Dubai Citizens and tourists should immediately download this app on their mobile phones. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I travel to Dubai cheaply?

One cheapest ways to travel to Dubai is through RTA buses. Regular public transport users can buy NOL cards, a primary payment method for buses. Dubai Trams are also a cheap and cost-efficient way to travel the country.

2. Do I have to pay for metro tickets in Dubai?

Metro services are not accessible for adults, and you must buy tickets. Average ticket prices range from AED 2.00 to AED 6.50. You can also buy NOL Card if you are a frequent user. However, metro tickets for children and senior citizens may be discounted. 

3. Is metro and bus public transportation free for children and senior citizens in Dubai?

Public transportation in Dubai is not accessible for senior citizens and children. They must buy NOL Card or pay via cash to travel by metro or bus. Gladly, they can get discounts on their tickets upon registration.

4. Is there too much traffic on the Dubai roads?

The increasing population and transportation frequently cause traffic on Dubai roads. So, you can expect traffic in the peak hours. 

5. How do I pay for a bus ticket in Dubai?

You can buy NOL Card as a bus ticket in Dubai. However, some buses do not have NOL card scanners. In such cases, you must keep your cash ready.

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