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Everything About Zoe Grigorakos – Net Worth, Husband, Daughter



Everything About Zoe Grigorakos - Net Worth, Husband, Daughter

Zoe Grigorakos is the ex-wife of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (Vice-president of the United Arab Emirates). This Greek beauty is famously known to have married him but is also a celebrity family member. Zoe was born and brought up in Greek and held citizenship of the country until she married the prime minister of UAE.

There is not much known about the former wife but that the two have a daughter who is 28 years old today. Her name is Sheikha Mahra bint Mohammed Al Maktoum.

Who is Zoe Grigorakos?

Just like any other wife of Mohammed bin Rashid, Zoe Grigorakos has also always stayed away from the limelight. The only spouse who has ever come to adore the spotlight is the 6th one, Haya bint Hussein – princess of Jordan. She is the most youthful of all.

 Zoe Grigorakos

This only turns our curiosity to the fact that Mohammed has around 30 children. The senior one of 6 wives is Hind bint Maktoum, a cousin, and associate of his. They both finalized the marriage in 1979 and gave birth to 12 kids. These kids also include the next successor of Mohammed bin Rashid – Hamdan canister Mohammed AI Maktoum.

After that, the sheikh tied the knot with Randa bint Mohammed AI-Banna in 1972. The couple was blessed with a baby girl in the same year but presently they are separated.

After his separation from Randa, Mohammed got married to Delila Aloula and they had three kids. After getting divorced from her, the president got hitched to Houria Ahmed Lamara and welcomed five kids.

Sheikh Mohammed is currently 72 and has expanded his family quite a lot. He was born in 1949 in Dubai’s Al Shindagha.

Coming back to Zoe Grigorakos; she is one of the 6 wives of Sheikh Mohammed. Her exact age is unknown but it is to be believed that she is between 35 and 45 currently. The data about her is not found anywhere on the internet because of how well she keeps away from social media. Even her kin and folks are inaccessible and all we know is that she is from Greece and has one daughter with the Sheikh.

Grigorakos Profile

NameZoe Grigorakos
Mother NameMegan Fox 
Nationality Greek
CareerNo Data Available
HusbandSheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
ChildrenMahra Bint Mohammad Bin Rashed Al Maktoum
Age Unknown
Net worthUnknown

Zoe Grigorakos Biography

Zoe Grigorakos has never been a media person and there is no accurate information about her biography as of now. The only thing we know is that her daughter’s name is Sheikha Mahra Bint Mohammad Bin Rashed AI Maktoum.

Zoe Grigorakos Net worth

The net worth of Zoe Grigorakos is not accessible as nobody knows what is her source of income. We only have an idea about her ex-spouse’s net worth. Mohammad Bin Rashed AI Maktoum owns assets worth over $4 billion. He currently stands at the 6th position on the list of the world’s extravagant royal people.

His worth comes from the fact that he is a major shareholder in Dubai Holding. It is a speculation holding firm. His holding is responsible for DP World Logistics, the Jumeirah Group, and Emirates Airlines. The assets also come from the resources of the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority.

Zoe Grigorakos Step-children

Since it is already established that Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has 30 children and one of them is with Zoe Grigorakos, we can safely say that the Greek celebrity family member has 29 stepchildren. All the names of the children aren’t known but one of them is Princess Latifa. She is the daughter of Sheikh Mohammed and Houria Ahmed Lamara. She is an Algerian lady who has four more kids with the Sheikh.

Last year Princess Latifa claimed that her father held her hostage with police guards and barred windows. The complete story is unknown but later on, it was cleared by the Dubai Royal Court and Sheikh Mohammed that the princess is living under the care and love of her family.

Another kid was Rashid bin Mohammed Al Maktoum. He was the eldest kid of the Sheikh but died at the age of 33 due to a heart attack.

The rest of the children’s pictures have been released online but the names are unknown.

But Zoe isn’t only a stepmom. She is a step-grandmother as well. Sheikh Mohammed has grandkids with his elder wives – Fatima Al Nahyan and Mohammed Al Nahyan.

Dynasty of the Dubai King

This Dubai family is not only known for the rich family dynamic but for ruling the country as well. The dynasty of Al Maktoum began in 1833 and since then, there has been no one else standing in their way to power and success.

Talking about marriage, although polygamy is legal in Dubai, a male cannot have more than four wives at a time. The only catch is that the Muslim man has to provide equal treatment and sustenance to every wife.

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