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ADIB Cash Deposit Machines Dubai, UAE – Location, Contact, And More



ADIB Cash Deposit Machine UAE

Monetary transactions took a great turn when banks started incorporating technology. With the coming of Automated Teller Machines in the year 1967, people were no longer required to stand in long lines at banks to withdraw money from their accounts.

This was of great use as people could withdraw money from their accounts whenever they needed it from the nearest ATM. It would available 24*7 and all year round, unlike banks. These benefits further increased as new cash deposit machines started entering the streets. Now you don’t need to go to the banks to deposit money.

ADIB Cash Deposit Machines In Dubai, UAE

Just like withdrawing money from ATMs, you get to swipe in your card and deposit money in your account. These advancements have made these tasks less time-consuming and more efficient. Not all banks offer the service of cash deposit machines.

Let’s look into ADIB cash deposit machines in the UAE, read along to know more about the cash deposit machines this bank has, where they are located, how to use them, and much more.

ADIB Cash Deposit Machine In Dubai

A Brief About ADIB

ADIB or the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank was established in 1997. ADIB was the first Islamic bank in Abu Dhabi. Since its inception more than two decades ago it has reached exponential heights.

It is not only a leading bank in UAE but occupies the position of the fourth-largest Islamic bank globally. The bank has served over a million clients and has consistently proved its merit. As of now, ADIB’s assets are valued at somewhere around 39 billion USD. 

The team at ADIB is made up of and led by exceptionally talented individuals. The foundation of ADIB is built on Islamic financial ethics and governed by principles promoting reliable corporate citizenship. ADIB believes that one’s banking experience and solutions should be simple, easy, and transparent.

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank provides one with several financial services. The team of experts is equipped to handle any nature of banking queries. 

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

The ADIB network is spread all across the UAE. Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank has around 379 ATMs and sixty-two branches to its name. Not only that at a global level Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank has spread its network across six international markets i.e. – Iraq, Sudan, the United Kingdom, Qatar, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Egypt which currently boasts around seventy of its branches. 

As a banking giant, ADIB has left its footprints all over the globe. It was named the “World’s Best Islamic Bank” by Banker magazine and IFN. Forbes placed it at the top of the list among all other banks in the UAE. Not only that, EMEA Finance coined it as the “Most Innovative Bank in the Middle East” and Global Finance called it the “Best Islamic Digital Bank.”

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank has served its customers with utmost loyalty and professionalism for over two decades. Their collective purpose is to be an eternal and most trusted financial companion to their customers, colleagues, and their community.

Their business vision is built on the principles of integrity, creativity, and progress. And they wish to become the most innovative Islamic institution of finance worldwide. Their values are universal in their appeal and timeless in their approach. They believe in sensibility, tolerance, hospitality, transparency, and mutual respect as well as benefits. 

How to Use an ADIB Cash Deposit Machine?

A cash deposit machine is an effective and hassle-free method of depositing cash directly into your savings accounts. Digitization of the modern world has also affected the finance sector. And one of the boons of that digitization is CDMs or cash deposit machines.

This self-service model eliminates the need for one to interact with long exhaustive queues and bank officials. One of the major advantages of using a CDM is that they are open 24/7 so anyone can deposit their cash at their convenience.

And not to forget it is a major time saver as well. These machines are fairly easy to use. But before knowing how to use it let’s familiarise ourselves with some important things to keep in mind to make your experience seamless. 

How to Use an ADIB Cash Deposit Machine
  1. Make sure that you keep your debit card secure, so it does not get damaged by the EMV pin. 
  2. Be sure to collect your debit card after the transaction has taken place
  3. Verify your passbook entries to keep up to date with their correctness. 
  4. Make sure that your mobile number is registered with the bank so that you can receive transaction alerts. 
  5. Always be sure of your surroundings. Filling your PIN should be done in complete privacy and one should never share their PIN with others. 
  6. Remember that the ADIB cash machine has a time limit on the deposit transactions, if you take too long to deposit the money then your transaction will get timed out. 

To use a CDM you either need your debit card or your bank account number. Depending on the model of the machine you can either swipe your debit card to initiate a transaction or have to manually insert your account number. 

If you are using a Debit card, then:

  • The first step is to insert your debit card 
  • As soon as you have inserted your debit card a screen will appear asking for your Debit card PIN. 
  • After putting in the PIN the system will ask you to fill in the amount you wish to deposit into your savings account. 
  • Once you have entered the amount then the system will ask you to confirm it. Upon confirmation, you will receive a confirmation slip. Keep this slip carefully as this is evidence of your successful transaction. 
  • You will receive a mobile alert from your bank confirming that a deposit has been made. This will only take place if you have registered your mobile number with your bank. 

Given below is the procedure to follow in case you use your bank account number to deposit cash into your account. 

  • If you don’t have your debit card then you can opt for an alternative method by selecting the ‘deposit without card’ option on the ADIB cash deposit machine. 
  • After selecting the above option, the machine will ask you to enter your bank account number. 
  • Upon entering your bank account number, the machine will ask you to choose the amount you wish to deposit in your account. 
  • Because there is no debit card involved in this process, you would have to place your money in the deposit slot. Once the machine is done accepting the cash, it will display the amount of cash received on the screen. 
  • After the completion of the process, you will receive a confirmation slip. 

Using an ADIB cash deposit machine is extremely easy. If you are doubtful about your transaction or see something that doesn’t add up then you should immediately reach out to your bank. 

List Of ADIB Cash Deposit Machine UAE

Cash deposit machines are a hassle-free and paperless way to get your cash deposited in your account. Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank has digitized the various banking process for the ease of their customers. Now one can access the ADIB cash deposit machine anytime and anywhere. Here’s a list of ADIB branches that offer the services of a cash deposit machine:

1. Dalma Mall Branch On the ground floor of Dalma Mall, Al Waze St
Open 24/7
2. Binal Jesrain Branch Al Maqta area of Binal Jesrain cooperative society, a new extension 
Open 24/7
3. Mussafah Branch Mussaffah Industrial. M-9
Open 24/7
4 .Baniyas Branch Bani Yas, Baniyas East
Open 24/7
5. Abu Dhabi Judicial Department BranchAl Khaleej Al Arabi St, Al Rawdah 
Open 24/7
6. Nation Towers BranchGround floor of the Nation Galleria, Corniche Road, (Unit No: G 01)
Open 24/7
7. Marina Mall Branch On the first floor, unit no. 281, Waves Breaker Area
Open 24/7
8.Al Bateen BranchAl Bateen: W35
Open 24/7
9. Sheikh Zayed Main BranchSheikh Rashid Bin Saeed St- Zone 1
+971- 02-6925522
Open 24/7
10. Abu Dhabi Police GHQ BranchZone 1-E23
Open 24/7
11. Sheikh Khalifa Energy Complex Branch33rd St, Zone 1, E9-01
+971-02-501 0771
Open 24/7
12. Najda Branch Zone-1, Abu Dhabi
Open 24/7
13. Deira Branch +971-04-2046048
Open 24/7
14. ADIB Makani Zakher Mall Ni’mah, Al Ain
Open 24/7
15. ADIB Deerfields Townsquare BranchUnit No: G13 C, ground floor, Al Bahyah
Open 24/7
16. Madinat Zayed Shopping CenterAl Saraya St-Madinat Zaid
Open 24/7
17. Abu Dhabi Police Recruit+971-02-600543216
Open 24/7
18. Gayathi BranchGhiyathi, Abu Dhabi
Open 24/7
19. Liwa Branch Arada, Hamim Rd
Open 24/7
20. Dalma Island BranchF8J5+H3W, Delma
Open 24/7
21. Al Marfaa BranchAl Baldiyat St, Al Marfa
Open 24/7 
22. Al Silaa BranchAl Sila, Baya Al Sila 
Open 24/7
23. Madinat Zayed BranchAl Saraya St, Madinat Za’id
Open 24/7
24. Yas Mall BranchFJQ6+Q88, Yas Island 
Open 24/7
25. Shahama BranchAl Shahama, Al Shahama Old
Open 24/7
26. Bawabat Al Sharq Mall BranchGround floor, shops: 133/135 
Open 24/7
27. Khalifa A City BranchKhalifa City, Sector 12
Open 24/7
28. Second of December Branch +971-04-4090020
Open 24/7 
29. Emaar Business Park CCDM 1+971- 04-600543216 
Open 24/7 
30. And Al Hamar Branch +971- 04-3161414
Open 24/7

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank has been successful in serving its community for over two decades. It has created a rich legacy that is based on trust and transparency. With the help of the ADIB cash deposit machine, you can easily deposit your savings into your account.

Cash deposit machines are as simple to use as they are effective. ADIB cash deposit machines are just another step towards digitizing the finance sector. No matter what your banking needs might be you can never go wrong with Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank as your financial companion. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What kind of services does a cash deposit machine offer?

One can take care of numerous tasks with the help of a cash deposit machine. A cash deposit machine can be used for card payment, cheque deposit, Salik payment, and SEWA payment to name just a few. 

2. What is the limit for depositing in a cash deposit machine?

The limit on a monetary transaction when it comes to a cash deposit machine depends on many factors. Factors like your bank policies, the region you are in, and the kind of account you have to affect the limitations when using a cash deposit machine. You can increase or modify your limit by talking to your bank.

3.Can I use any kind of card to operate a cash deposit machine?

No, a cash deposit machine accepts only a debit card. Another thing to keep in mind is that you can only use a bank-specific debit card for a particular cash deposit machine. Your cash deposit machine and debit card should be linked to the same bank. Although if you do not have a debit card at hand then you can also opt to deposit money by using your bank account number. 

4. What happens if I enter the wrong pin repeatedly?

Entering the wrong pin repeatedly or more than three times will result in your card being blocked instantly. To unblock your card you would then have to visit the nearest branch of your bank. Make sure that you carry valid identity proof along with you. 

5. What is the procedure for changing my registered email and mobile number?

Having a bank-registered mobile number is important to receive transaction alerts and OTPs. If you wish to change your registered mobile number or email, then you would have to submit an application form regarding profile amendment taken from your nearest branch. After the submission of the form, the team will update the records accordingly.

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