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Dannic on Dubai, DJing and being Dutch



2014 was a great year to be Daan Romers. The DJ and producer, who performs under the name Dannic, stormed up the Top 100 DJ Poll thanks to high profile collaborations and big-name festival sets. He comes from a small Dutch town called Breda – which, if you’re into house music, will be on your radar already, being as Tiesto and Hardwell also call it home.

We spoke to the rising star ahead of his gig at White Dubai this Friday. He told us all about his love of Motown, Marvin Gaye and Ariana Grande.

Hi Dannic! Your rise has been nothing short of incredible, rising 44 places of the Top 100 DJ Poll in just a couple of years, how does it feel?

Amazing! Climbing to take the #30 place on this year’s poll was a surprise and an honour – It’s great to be recognised by those both in the industry and the fans that vote. To be ranked along some of my favourite DJs and super-talented peers really was just the icing on the cake of an amazing year.

We recently asked Martin Solveig why most of the biggest DJs are from Europe, but we can be more specific than that. We have a running joke that every second
DJ we interview is Dutch! You’re from the same hometown as Tiesto and Hardwell. What’s going on over there?

There must be something in the water, haha! No but I honestly, I think that coming from Breda – or even being lucky enough to be Dutch – means that electronic music is ingrained in us from when we are toddlers. It’s part of our culture from listening to names like Tiesto on the TV, to going out to clubs and finding the hot young local talents before they break the big time. I spent my early years on the circuit DJing in local clubs and there really is no place like home. I was experimenting and playing hip-hop, motown and house – it always felt like the home crowds were so receptive and open-minded.

Other than preforming what else will you be doing in Dubai?
It’s my first trip and I’m beyond excited! Everything in Dubai looks so sun-drenched and regal –  I hope to try some local foods when I visit and we’ve got a super-cool car lined up to show us the sights! Even the architecture is going to take my breath away for sure!

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Your fans include huge names in the music industry, which is very flattering. What do your friends think of your celebrity fans? Are they extremely jealous?
My friends are my friends regardless of status – we all know each other well enough to know no jealousy will creep in, unless of course one day Beyonce or Leonardo DiCaprio come out and say they are Dannic fans 😉

What was the moment when you thought “I’ve made it”… or is that moment still to come?
My first time performing on the Tomorrowland main stage in 2014, the same year I rose to #30 in the DJ Mag Top 100 poll, a great year!

Which track defines where your love of music stems from?
Outside of dance music, I love anything by Marvin Gaye – as I said, I listen to a lot of Motown and Soul when I’m not preparing for a show so I’d definitely go for something specific to that era. A lot of younger guys who are also coming through like Kygo and Alex Adair are sampling and remixing Gaye with a new lease of life, it’s refreshing to see and hear these fresh talents digging a little deeper.

What’s your go-to floor-filler?
Sick Individuals did a recent mash-up of my “Revealed” track with Lucky Date & Harrison’s “Mayday” and fused it with Tommy Trash and Sebastian Ingrosso’s “Reload” – I’ve been rounding off my live sets with it recently, so epic!

What track/artist/vibe will we be hearing more of in 2015?
Tom & Jame – absolutely killing it both in the studio and on the live circuit – can’t wait to play with them out at Revealed Ibiza at the Ushuaia resort this year – hope to see you all there!

DJ Dannic at White Dubai

When: Jun 5 – Jun 6
Start: 23:00


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