6 art exhibitions to see in Dubai

2016 has kicked off to an exciting start in the art world, with new galleries, design spaces and creative locations mushrooming across the city. Four new galleries have opened in Alserkal Avenue since last year, with 76,200 square metres ready for creative events, exhibitions, tours, talks, pop-ups, musical performances, food carts and boutique shopping.

With a few weeks to go until Art Dubai, the city is enjoying an excitable arty buzz right now. Get involved with these not-to-be-missed exhibitions on show until March.

Dreams in Blue: The year Philip Mueller didn’t wake up
Artist: Philip Mueller
Gallery: Carbon 12, Alserkal Avenue
A “dream inspired a road movie”, with fantasy characters and ghostly presences between the layers of paint are the hallmarks of this exhibition by Philip Mueller. Black flamingos and swans are juxtaposed with obscure objects, while tones of blue are interrupted by white flecks that act as distorted symbols of daylight. “It is just a dream”, he reminds you. And it will end.  Just use your imagination.
Until: March 6

White Cube… Literally
Curated by: Amanda Abi Khalil
Gallery: Isabelle van den Eynde, Alserkal Avenue
In 1936, Alfred H Barrs revealed the first white cube art display in his exhibition Cubism and Abstract Art when he was the director of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. It has since become a common artistic meme and, in Amanda Abi Khalil’s curated exhibition, a number of artists’ own white cubes have been collected in one place. As a result, the exhibition offers its own challenge to modern art by quite literally presenting white cubes within a white cube gallery space.
Until: March 3

Avega -The Passion and The Arrival of Vasco da Gama
Artist: Pushpamal N.
Gallery: 1X1, Alserkal Avenue
Pushpamal uses theatrical costumes and settings that make reference to 20th century cinema and narrate the dramatic Hindu tales of passion, intrigue and abduction. Amongst her photography, Pushpamal adds an installation space, which includes a school chalkboard that explains celestial navigation discovered by an Indian Navigator in the 15th century. Europeans were relying on maps and charts during this time and ‘were ignorant of navigating uncharted seas’. The artworks are displayed against deep dark reds, rendering a theatre’s red curtain.
Until: 28 February

100 Bunnies
Artist: Hunt Slonem
Gallery: Cuadro Gallery, DIFC
Bunnies make their return having first opened the Cuadro’s DIFC Gallery in 2008. Hunt Slonem bunny portraits are internationally acclaimed with permanent collections in public institutions such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Guggenheim and the Whitney Museum of American. This January they are back gracing the walls of Cuadro Gallery in stunning 19th century gold frames, making reference to the salon style of hanging. If you are hopping mad about animals like our artist in question, don’t miss out!
Until: January 28 (smaller version on display until March 1)

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