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Chef Masterclasses at Taste of Dubai



Nathan Outlaw not only has one of the best names in the British dining scene, he also has one of the most solid reputations. The seafood expert has earned two Michelin stars across his family of restaurants, where he has put his experience of working alongside the likes of Rick Stein and Gary Rhodes to good use. This weekend (March 10-12) is his first visit to Taste of Dubai, but he is looking forward to showing off his skills.

“I have done Taste of London before and I know the ‘Taste’ team, so I know what I’ve let myself in for!” he says. “I am actually really excited to be coming over, Dubai is an impressive city and I’m excited to look around and get to know it a bit more. I’ve eaten in some impressive restaurants there, like Coya and Jean-Georges Kitchen, so I know it’s a strong dining scene.”

Nathan will be making regular appearances throughout the weekend, notably in the Chef’s Theatre, where he will be serving up some of his fish-based expertise. He’ll also be taking part in the Cooking Challenge, where members of the public can see if they can follow the instruction of a leading chef and serve up a gourmet meal of their own.

“The Chef’s Theatre will mainly be about preparing fish, which is a crucial component of any seafood dish, and then cooking a couple of simple dishes. For the challenge, I think I’ll be doing scallops poached in coconut milk, which is typical of the kind of food I cook – things that I like to eat myself. It is taken from my latest cookbook, too, which is very much about creating easy-to-follow dishes at home.”

One thing is for sure, though, it won’t be his last visit to Dubai – and he’s not ruling out the possibility his name might appear above a restaurant in the near future. “I have looked at a couple of opportunities already and visited quite a few kitchens to see what ingredients they use, where they source their fish. I can’t believe the quality of the seafood they’re able to get hold of.”

Electrolux Chef’s Theatre
Nathan Outlaw will be appearing at the following times

Thursday, March 10
Time: 6:30pm

Friday, March 11
Time: 10:30pm

Saturday, March 12
Time: 1:30pm

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