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Prey Movie Review, Cast, Summary, Tickets & Audience Feedback



Prey Movie Review

Every few years, a new edition of the Predator series has been released, although most viewers would undoubtedly admit that the classic 1987 film, which starred everyone’s beloved Austrian actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, is by far the best one. 

The series may require hearing the term “original,” so it appears just like brilliantly named Prey will provide the franchise with a breath of new air at last. The forthcoming movie is being marketed as a prologue that picks up many years before the events of the initial one and tells the tale of the first Predator species’ arrival to Earth.

Prey has indeed been kept a closely-guarded secret as per filmmaker Dan Trachtenberg’s request, but details about the movie have gradually started gaining their way into the headlines. Below is all we currently know regarding Prey.

A few words About Prey 

During the process of filming 2018’s “The Predator”, director John Davis was contacted by Dan Trachtenberg who was best recognized for his work on 10 Cloverfield Lane and his writer Patrick Aison with a proposal for a new Predator movie. In the beginning, there was a bit of confidentiality because they couldn’t begin filming a new movie until the last one was completed. Fox permitted Trachtenberg and Aison to carry on working on the script, which they did. 

After they had written a few scripts, they managed to meet Juanita Pahdopony, a Comanche woman who assisted them in understanding the movie and refining the storyline. They next hired Jhane Myers, a different Comanche woman, to develop the movie. When Trachtenberg chatted with Jhane, he noticed that the main protagonist and Jhane shared a lot of similarities.

But when Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, Trachtenberg became concerned that the movie might not be made as planned. When he realised that the issues and the way the Predator connected to the character were better in the Predator multiverse, he pondered taking the tale and not turning it Predator-related. The prey then switched to the Hulu video platform. The Predator from 2018 has a larger budget than this online movie, according to the filmmaker, but it is still not as large.


On 5 August 2022, the very first quest will start in earnest. It would be the first screenplay in the history of the franchise to be entirely streamed. Despite the fact that Disney now serves as the parent company of the Predator series, the body peeling and head removal is perhaps too graphic for the kid-friendly Disney+ platform. Therefore, Prey will now reside on the Hulu platform, a much more adult-oriented network owned by Disney and Fox. 

Prey won’t be released in theatres at the moment. Prey has been designated as a “Hulu Original,” despite the fact that 20th Century Studios has been responsible for the movie’s creation. That indicates that the movie will only be available on the Hulu streaming service, making a cinema distribution doubtful.


Amber Midthunder, who is well known for her portrayal of Kerry Loudermilk in the movie Legion, is the protagonist of the cast in the leading role of the character, Naru. Dakota Beavers, Stefany Mathias, Dane DiLiegro, Julian Black Antelope, and Stormee Kipp will also appear with her in the apparently small cast.

Viewers may have noticed that the majority of the actor seems to be of Native American heritage; this was probably done to reflect the Comanche individuals in the location as truthfully as feasible. According to the synopsis of the preview, creator Jhane Myers, a Comanche Tribe citizen herself, is primarily responsible for the positions being cast suitably. Naturally, the film’s depiction of the unique culture won’t really be verified until it is eventually released, but thus far, all the indications are positive, and the movie will certainly introduce cherished individuals from a society that deserves much greater involvement in the cinematic world.

The talk on social media and Review

When the news about the new part of the Predator film got released, the audience had a lot of expectations. And yes, the movieโ€™s preview certainly exceeds them as written in the tweets by the fans. Letโ€™s look at some of the tweets made by the Predator series fans.

โ€œDo not ever sit on the movie Prey. It’s a really cool expansion of the Predator series. Harsh, effective, and precise. Despite not being a copy, it maintains the excitement and sensation of the classic.โ€ 

โ€œWow, just happened to watch Prey. I had reasonably high hopes going in, but it completely exceeded them. One of my favourite films I’ve watched this entire year, and without a doubt the finest Predator film ever since the original.โ€ 

โ€œI recently visited the global premiere of the latest Predator film which is PREY, and I certainly cannot emphasise how excellent it is. It’s straightforward, creative, and completely brutal. This was masterfully executed by the crew and the cast.โ€

What do we expect in Prey?

Prey transforms the Predator Concept into a story set in a setting three hundred years into history, far even before the happenings of the first movie. The story follows a teenage Comanche fighter called Naru as she hunts down a mysterious enemy that is threatening her tribe in pre-colonial American times. 

Naru has no idea that the attacker is a Yautja, a super smart and technically sophisticated alien known to the general public as a Predator, which targets the most deadly animals in the universe for entertainment.

In addition, filmmaker John Davis has revealed that this marks the first occasion in which the legendary creature has declared Earth its own private hunting area, roughly three millennia before another such Predator engaged in combat with a disorganised squad of warriors in Central America.

Episode Guide

As you are already aware of that the movie โ€œPreyโ€ is the fifth film in the Predator franchise. So in order to know a little more about the character, we advise the viewers to stream all the other parts before streaming the upcoming one. Although Prey is the prequel of all the other parts, if the viewers want to revisit the other instalments then you can watch them on Hulu platform in this order: 

1987 – Predator 

1990 – Predator 2

2004 โ€“ Alien Vs Predator

2007 โ€“ Alien Vs Predator: Requiem

2010 โ€“ Predators

2018 โ€“ The Predator


In The month of May 2022, we received our first look inside the extraordinary universe of Prey. The brief 45-second preview basically focuses on a young American woman running from a jungle before she meets a companion Comanche who instructs her to seek cover. Just before a familiar multiple dotted reticle emerges on one of their foreheads, the pair stare into the deserted forests. After then, the lead protagonist Naru and an unseen Yautja engage in a heated encounter, as seen in the teaser and that’s the end of the teaser. The movie’s official trailer, which debuted in June 2022, contains a lot of additional details and even gives viewers a glance at the famous Predator of the film. Let’s take a look at them.

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