10 Things You Should Be Doing For Your Skin

Show us a person without skin problems and we’ll show you a liar. OK, that’s a bit harsh, but everyone has their off days. Dryness, pimples, oil, fine lines – whether male or female, young or old, you need to take care of your specific skin type.

There are, however, ten things that everyone should be doing for a flawless complexion. No excuses. We spoke to Dr Lina Miles, co-founder and chief formulator of derma e, to get the lowdown on fresh faced beauty.

1. Feed your body nutritious foods, and limit your intake of refined sugars, flours and other dicey substances such as caffeine and alcohol.

2. Stay hydrated from the inside out – drink a full eight to ten glasses of fresh, pure water every day.

3. Get regular exercise. It increases blood and nutrient flow to all parts of the body including the skin and aids in eliminating toxins as the body sweats.

4. Use a soap-free, natural cleanser on the face and neck that removes dirt without stripping skin of its natural oils and moisture (remember that the natural moisture protects the skin).

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5. Use a pH balanced toner containing natural astringents such as witch hazel. Toners help restore the pH balance of the skin, preparing it to receive maximum benefits from your treatment or moisturizer.

6. All skin types require moisturising, even blemish-prone skin. Using a moisturiser containing nourishing vitamins and herbs ensures that the skin receives beneficial nutrients than cannot be obtained from diet alone.

7. All skin types should also be exfoliated at least once a week, though some may benefit from more frequent exfoliation. Exfoliation helps to remove the build-up of dead cells and waste from the surface of the skin, unclog pores, and stimulate cellular renewal, leaving behind the new, healthier cells and allowing the skin to function at its optimum.

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8. Hot weather, make-up, sweat and dust can lead to excess oils and build-up leaving pores clogged, potentially causing future breakouts. To avoid the same it is advised to carry chemical-free cleansing face wipes (preferably the ones that contain Tea Tree) in your handbag – they are a quick and convenient way to remove impurities and refresh over-heated skin

9. The sun’s UVB rays can quickly burn skin and its UVA rays can cause visible signs of ageing such as brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles. Therefore it is highly advised to use natural sunscreen rich in antioxidants and mineral Zinc Oxide on a daily basis.

10. Lastly, don’t forget to protect your skin from the sun! Wear protective clothing – a hat with a large brim, a lightweight scarf to protect your neck, a long-sleeve blouse to protect your arms and lightweight cotton pants to protect your legs.

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