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Tried & Tested: eMatrix 2 at EuroMed



What I tried: The eMatrix 2 with Rebecca Treston Aesthetics at Euromed in Dubai

What it does: As we age, the collagen levels in the skin deplete, resulting in the appearance of loose, lax skin. But with the Syneron eMatrixE2 – to use its technical name – this process can be reversed. The machine uses bipolar radio frequency technology to place heat into the lower level of the skin, called the dermis. This heat “injures” the skin, which elicits a healing response. The collagen and elastin that is produced will make the skin look younger.

What I expected: What most women expect when they undergo a beauty treatment, to be utterly transformed into something resembling my former self. Happily, we also know this is not realistic, so I was hoping for something that, if not dramatic, then at least visible. I would only trust very few people to carry out this kind of mini-invasive treatment on me, and Rebecca Treston is one of them.

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