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Benefits Of Opening ADIB Ghina Savings Account In UAE – Guide



ADIB Ghina Savings Account Draw Guide

Who would want to pass up on an offer to be a millionaire by just opening a savings account?

Now anyone can be a part of this exciting lucky draw that picks a winner every 4 months, who gets to go home with prizes worth AED 3 million! 

It is as simple as opening Ghina savings account with ADIB to earn your spot in the draw and becoming the one lucky winner of AED 3 million every 4 months, amongst other prizes given out monthly. 

What Is The ADIB Ghina Draw? How Can We Calculate The Profit On Adib Ghina Savings Account?

Ghina savings account draw is a grand campaign conducted by the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) that awards a few lucky savings account holders of their bank with cash prizes worth AED 3 million. It is a massive campaign that was started close to a decade ago and has participants from all around the world. 

The grand prize worth AED 3 million is awarded every 4 months, while AED 10,000 is awarded to at least 10 participants every month. 

ADIB Ghina Savings Account Draw Guide

Only customers with an initial savings account deposit of AED 20,000 can participate in this draw and you can make multiple entries by saving multiples of AED 20,000. 

ADIB offers several other banking products as well that are all Sharia compliant and gives customers a chance to win many prizes. ADIB Ghina savings account is Sharia compliant as well and based on the principles of ‘Mudaraba’ for gaining profits. The bank is renowned for its supreme customer service offered through 80 branches established in the UAE.

The ADIB Ghina draw was started in 2013 where AED 10,000 cash prizes were distributed to winners. 

How To Participate In The Ghina Draw And Grand Draw?

The Ghina Draw (AED 10,000) is awarded every month to 10 lucky winners,  and the Grand Draw (AED 3,000,000) is awarded to one lucky winner every 4 months. You need to collect Ghina draw coupons to participate in this event. 

  • First, you need to open a Ghina Savings account with ADIB with a minimum deposit of AED 20,000 to receive your first entry in the draw.
  • You can get one extra draw entry every month for every AED 20,000 in the Ghina Savings Account that you are maintaining.
  • If your total deposit in the account exceeds AED 250,000 in a month, then you will get an extra Ghina draw coupon for every four coupons. 
  • Make sure the minimum funds in your savings account do not drop below AED 20,000. You will lose all the collected Ghina draw entries and welcome draw entries if you fail to maintain the minimum amount for participating. A new Ghina draws entry calculation cycle will start afterward.
  • To participate in the Ghina grand draw, participants should have collected at least four Ghina draw entry coupons. (Grand draw entries are limited to 1000 coupons per participant)
  • Once you have participated in the Grand draw, your Ghina draw entries will be reset to zero and a new calculation cycle will start. 

Who Is Eligible To Participate In Ghina Savings Account Draw?

Anyone with an ADIB Ghina savings account is eligible to participate in the draw. However, if you are an old customer, you may need to transfer your funds into a new savings account to register your participation. 

Both UAE residents and expatriates are eligible to open an ADIB Ghina savings account. 

You need to submit the following documents to open the account and register for the Ghina draw:

  • Original passport (for UAE nations, residents, and non-residents)
  • Valid Emirates ID (for UAE nationals and residents) 
  • An initial deposit of AED 20,000 minimum

How To Apply for ADIB Ghina Savings Account? 

The bank provides multiple ways through which you can open your Ghina savings account including online applications, branch visits, and telephonic applications. 

Online application: You can visit the official banking website of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank where you must fill out the application form and submit your details. A banking representative from ADIB will contact the applicant at the earliest to assist with the account opening process.

Visiting the nearest branch: ADIB has over 80 branches in the UAE. You can search for the nearest branch from your place on their official website or you can google them. Bring all the necessary documents you will need and submit a filled account opening form as instructed there.

Telephonic Assitance: You can dial up their customer service line where you will get in touch with the banking personnel who will guide you in the process. 

Contact in info:  Local – 600543216, International – +97126100600

Benefits Of Opening ADIB Ghina Savings Account

Other Features And Benefits Of Opening A Ghina Savings Account:

Apart from the monthly and quarterly rewards that you can win, the Ghina savings account is a good option if you are looking to open a new savings account. Some of the best features include: 

  • Attractive profit rates: ADIB Ghina savings accounts offer one of the best profit rates in the market. 0.31% for savings between AED 5,000 to 10,000, 0.32% for savings up to AED 25,000, and 0.33% if your savings exceed AED 25,000.
  • Minimum Account Balance: The minimum account balance that you need to maintain on average each month is considerably lower – AED 3000, to avoid penalty charges. However, you won’t receive the Ghina draw coupon if your savings fall short of AED 20,000.
  • Instant funds made available: A free Visa electron debit card is provided along with instant access to your funds. You can use this card in all ATMs and pay for all your purchases in the UAE normally like other cards.
  • Quarterly Profit Payments: At the end of every quarter an expected profit amount is calculated and paid based on monthly statistics.
  • Mobile banking: You can make use of the ADIB mobile app for convenient banking facilities. The ADIB app is made available across all mobile platforms and provides secure and instant access to your accounts.
  • Standing Instructions Management: You can schedule bill payments, installments, and other recurring payments to be paid automatically with the standing instructions feature.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What if my minimum savings fall below AED 20,000?

A: Although you won’t be charged anything until it falls short of AED 3000, your Ghina draw entries will be retracted and a new cycle started after you get it over AED 20,000 again.

Q: When is the next Ghina Draw in 2022?

A: The next Ghina draws are scheduled on the 10th of November where 10 winners of AED 10,000 will be chosen. The next Ghina Grand Draw is scheduled on the 8th of December, where 1 person will be chosen as the winner of AED 3 million plus 10 winners of AED 10,000 each. 

Q: What are my chances of winning this draw?

A: That depends on how many ADIB customers participate in the program. You can of course try to increase your chances of winning by saving more and collecting more entry coupons. The longer you maintain your savings, the more chances you will have of winning. 

Q: What if I deposit the money in the middle of the month?

A: The program calculates your balance starting from the 1st of every month. Say if you deposit 20,000 on the 25th of May, you will immediately receive the welcome entry and earn 1 coupon during June which will be credited at the beginning of July. 

Q: How do I register my entries for the draw?

A: All draw entries are Electronic and entered automatically every Tuesday that comes before the second Thursday of the month. All the entries collected before the final draw will be entered in the raffle. After the final draw, all entries including the final draw will be dropped except for the Welcome entry. 

Q: Is the ADIB Ghina Savings account Shariah compliant?

A: Yes, the ADIB Ghina savings account is a demand deposit account where the customer either reaps profits or bears losses. It is based on the Mudaraba and the whole program has been reviewed and approved by Shari’a Board. 

The Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank is one of the most innovative savings programs in the region. It was voted the Best Savings Account in the UAE at the Banker Middle East Product Awards ceremony. 

They have over 80 branches in the UAE and are well known for their high level of customer service, for which it has been recognized by Ethos Consultancy as the best bank in UAE for customer service. 

The institution also aims to raise awareness about the importance of saving in the community. 

“At ADIB we are committed to encouraging all our customers to actively lay the foundations for their future,” said Philip King, Head of Retail Banking, UAE at ADIB. “We have developed this unique savings account with this aim, particularly in mind. It supports our SmartMoney financial education program, through which we seek to raise awareness of the importance of saving and to help our customers and the community at large, realize their ambitions and carefully plan their finances”. 

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