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Dubai: Hospital Condemns Andrew Tate ‘Cancer’ Leak In Media



Dubai Hospital Condemns Andrew Tate ‘Cancer’ Leak In Media

The King’s College Hospital London in Dubai has discouraged the recent disclosure of Andrew Tate’s medical reports in the Media. This leak has been condemned on the grounds of being against public policy. The controversial release has pointed out the presence of a lesion on the upper side of the right lung.

Andrew Tate who is currently imprisoned in Romanian custody on grounds of being indulged in human trafficking, rape, and other forms of organized crime, has not confirmed any of these alleged ailments. 

His medical condition has become a matter of discussion and has spread like a forest fire on social media platforms. It paved the way for increasing online speculation.

Andrew Tate is suffering from incurable lung cancer which is serious enough to take a toll on his health

Medical experts who analyzed the alleged reports however are worried as the ailment seems to be worse than depicted.

It is purely a case of chronic lung cancer, admitted the senior surgeon at the King’s. Accordingly, even if there is an iota of veracity in the leaked reports, the matter seems to be urgent and grave. 

Andrew Tate is suffering from incurable lung cancer which is serious enough to take a toll on his health

The King’s College London in Dubai got a chance to scrutinize the leaked reports after they became widespread on social media platforms. However, the doctors have expressed their concern over the seriousness of the situation.

The findings have been specifically referred to as non-specific and erratic. It has been further evaluated that the current diagnosis suggested by the reports includes hamartoma. 

But this treatment is inconsistent with the findings of the experts. They went ahead to unravel that the existing size of the tissue and the nodules are too big to be treated with Hamartoma.

The readings of the infiltration of the tissue surrounding the clot are more suspicious. There is a possibility that the clot is carcinogenic and a much more aggressive version of a neoplastic lesion. 

The doctors are worried about the kind of treatment which the prison authorities are currently providing to Andrew Tate. The release of medical reports without consent is strictly against the privacy of an individual and is seriously discouraged.

But if the reports reveal the true state of affairs, then it is a red flag that showcases the poor quality of healthcare Andrew is receiving in jail. The authorities are currently undertaking a detailed investigation in order to plug the loophole in the system which causes such disclosures in the media. 

Contrary to what has been stated in the reports, Andrew Tate took to Twitter to deny the veracity of the truths. He admitted that he has quitted smoking and is under proper health surveillance.

He also revealed that he isn’t suffering from lung cancer at all and all his medical reports are fine and do not pose any cause of worry or danger. He has appealed to the public not to believe in such Statements until the same has been made by some recognized authorities. 

Andrew Tate had recently undergone treatment at the King’s. As an institutional hospital, King’s regards the confidentiality of the patients in utmost good faith and does not breach this obligation at any cost.

The recent leak of the medical documents of one of their patients has put their integrity under the radar. Immediately after the social media platforms brimmed with the leaked documents, the administration of the King’s uploaded a public notice on their website. 

The notice acknowledged that Andrew’s medical reports have been revealed at the instance of their doctor and they are undertaking an investigation so as to discover who that doctor was.

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Subsequently, another notification was published revealing the name of the doctor who was the mastermind behind the entire cause. Dr. Ali Razak, who currently heads King’s Dubai Marina Medical Center, had been identified by the hospital and the hospital has also apologized for this misconduct. 

The authorities have clearly denied any involvement at their end and expressed this to be an individual act undertaken beyond the course of employment. The unethical conduct of the culprit is under investigation and disciplinary proceedings are already underway.

The King’s Hospital has reaffirmed its role in providing the best medical treatment to patients by resorting to patient-friendly practices. Maintenance of confidentiality is a key part of the doctor-patient relationship and must not be overlooked at any cost. 

The authorities have assured that this would be the first and last incidence of infringement of confidentiality and that strict action would be taken in order to avoid deterring any such actions in the future. This has become the need of the hour. An official apology on behalf of the hospital has been issued to Andrew for medical negligence and breaking the confidentiality code that a patient expects from doctors. 

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