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Dubai Police Handled Many Calls During Recent Rains Due To The Unstable Weather



Dubai Police Handled Many Calls During Recent Rains Due To The Unstable Weather

According to a recent report from the Dubai Police Department, a total of 41,221 phone calls were attended from January 6 to 8 during the recent rains in the city.

Colonel Muhammed Abdullah Al Muhairi, Director of the Dubai Police Command and Control Center, said that out of the total 41,221calls, 37,945 calls were made to the emergency hotline number (999) of the Police department, and the remaining 3,276 calls were attended by the Dubai Police Call Center (901) which is meant generally for non-emergency and general enquiries.

No Serious Accident Reported

Col. Muhairi said that the Dubai Police Force is always vigilant and ready to deal with any kind of emergencies occurring in the mountainous areas or areas that have the risk of flooding. The force has also stepped up its safety precautions in the desert areas also since the winter season is attracting more visitors to that area. He also advised the general public to stay away from water sources like pools and valleys during rains and unstable weather. Motor vehicle drivers are also requested to not venture out into the desert areas, especially after the rains. 

Unstable Weather

Last week’s rains and unstable weather conditions haven’t caused any serious accidents in Dubai or its nearby mountainous regions. But at the same time, the Hatta Police stations together with Dubai’s Municipality, Roads and Transport Authority, Dubai Corporation of Ambulance services, and Dubai Civil Defense have increased the level of preparedness in the mountain areas of Hatta.

The authorities also assured that frequent patrols have been assigned to the area near the dam and they are ready to deal with any kind of emergencies that may arise. These special patrolling teams are equipped with the necessary equipment for emergency rescue and vehicles that are able to move around in rugged areas.

They also have modern smart devices and communication channels that can communicate swiftly with the command and control center at the headquarters for immediate rescue support and assistance.    

The UAE’s Ministry of Interior issued an alert notification last Friday urging the residents to be cautious about the unpredictable weather conditions existing in the country. According to weather experts, the nation can expect cold weather in the coming days with chances of moderate to heavy showers accompanied by thunderstorms in different parts of the region.

Temperatures are expected to drop to 4 degrees Celsius. The authorities have asked the residents to take caution of the weather and not to venture outside if the weather is not friendly. Motorists were also asked to drive safely and with reduced speed on the roads if there is rain and to avoid valley areas where there are chances of water flow.

The UAE Ministry of Education allowed some schools to switch to remote learning if needed last Friday because of the weather conditions. The schools that were operating under the Ministry’s curriculum in Fujairah and other eastern regions were closed and operated remotely on the weekend.

The Ministry of Interior had released six precautions for the general public.       

  1. Always listen to real-time weather updates from official sources before planning to venture outside. 
  2. Vehicle owners must always remember to check the working condition of their vehicle’s headlamps, wipers, tires, etc. 
  3. People who have to go outside must always keep their vehicle speeds at lower levels so as to avoid any unprecedented accidents due to bad weather. 
  4. Drivers should keep note of the important instructions given out by the concerned authorities while driving. 
  5. The residents should always take the necessary precautions and drive calmly when the weather is not friendly. 
  6. The residents and visitors are also asked to stay away from valleys and other regions that have a risk of flooding or waterlogging. 

The authorities have also asked the residents to maintain a proper safe distance while driving so that the vehicles don’t face any sort of mishaps on the road. The UAE is known for its unpredictable weather and flash floods.

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One month back, a father and son lost their lives when the son fell into a water hole and the father also drowned while trying to rescue him. Last year in July, there was a massive flood in different regions of the UAE claiming the lives of seven people, and more than eight hundred people were rescued and taken to temporary shelters in Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, and Fujairah.

The Wadi streams in the valley regions of Ras Al Khaimah were overflowing and the Dubai Police officers were sent to offer assistance to the rescue and relief efforts in Fujairah.

So this time, the authorities are taking special precautions to avoid a tense situation like last year. Even though floods can’t be avoided, efficient rescue measures and timely action can prevent the loss of any more lives. The UAE administration has created a connected network with all the concerned authorities on the ground level like the municipalities and police force to make a timely intervention and offer rescue efforts in case of any sort of emergency.       

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