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Dubai Ranked The Second Best City In World For Expats In 2022



Dubai Ranked The Second Best City In World For Expats In 2022

When you think about moving out of the country, into a new city, and new opportunities, which place comes to your mind? According to a recent ranking survey done by InterNations, a global community of expats, Dubai is the second-best city to move into in the world. Valencia, a city in Spain was ranked first in the list as it offered a lot of advantages like the quality of life, public transport, and other recreational facilities for people who moved into the city. 

Who Else In The List?

Mexico City was ranked third as most people liked the city for its minimum expenses and overall affordability.  New York City, interestingly, was ranked at the sixteenth position even when people around the world are known to consider New York City as one of the greatest cities.

Mexico City

When we are thinking of migrating to a new city or a country, we keep in mind multiple factors that can possibly make our future safe and provide career growth with more opportunities around us. People always want a place which will offer them all these and more comforts. So many of these top-ranked cities are very much capable of providing these benefits to the expats. The general culture of these cities, if it’s a global village type of culture like Dubai or a cultural-specific place like Valencia, both of these have their own advantages. 

Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates and is ruled by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. It is a predominantly Muslim state with Sharia law as its official law. But comparatively, Dubai follows a more liberal approach to its residents when compared to other neighboring Arab countries like Saudi Arabia. There are certain public restrictions like not being able to drink alcohol in public although it is not entirely banned. The climatic condition of Dubai is also on the hotter side and it can take a while to adjust for people coming from cold regions.

One of the major upsides of Dubai is that it’s a major tourist destination and this makes its culture vibrant and happening. It has a variety of food cultures because of its tourism and demography consists of residents from all around the world. Another important factor is safety as Dubai is known to be one of the safest cities in the world. Dubai police is considered to be efficient upholders of law and order with the most advanced safety tech in the world. The Emirati Dirham, the currency of Dubai has a strong footing and remains stable throughout because of its five percent annual economic growth and still expanding infrastructures, service sectors, etc. 

One of the major economic benefits of moving to Dubai is that it’s a tax-free city. The government doesn’t levy taxes on its citizens or expats. This will enable you to increase your savings and stabilize your quality of life. The public systems offered by Dubai are also top-notch. The health service sector is also dependable as a lot of experts from different countries are serving under it. The expenses in Dubai are on the higher side but this is justified as the city is one of the most sought-after from a global economic standpoint. Post-covid, Dubai was one of those few cities which stood back on its feet without creating a tear in its economy. 

Considering all these factors, the InterNations ranking seems to be on point when it comes to expats moving into Dubai. It is a city that is buzzing with spirit and has a lot more to offer than we can imagine. So next time, when you plan to shift to a new place to give your life that much-needed boost, Dubai can be your ally.               

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