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The Emirates Flight To Dubai Cancelled Due To Technical Fault



The Emirates Flight To Dubai Cancelled Due To Technical Fault

An Emirates flight from Manchester to Dubai was cancelled due to certain technical complications. The flight was supposed to fly on Monday and was canceled prioritizing the safety of the passengers.

The emergency slider was inflated to get the passengers out of the flight safely as soon as the technical problem was identified. The Emirates airline made an official statement on the cancellation and said that the affected passengers were being provided with the necessary assistance. The passengers were also given a replacement aircraft that took off on Tuesday early morning. 

The Emirates airline made an official statement on the cancellation

As part of the expansion efforts of Emirates Airlines, the company increased the number of services to the UK. The Airbus A380 flight has also been reintroduced to meet the increased demand of passengers.

The rate of travelers to and from Dubai increased drastically after the pandemic lockdowns.

The Emirates airline made an official statement on the cancellation

These travelers, mainly tourists, are part of a trend called ‘Revenge Tourism’ where people who are fed up with all the pandemic lockdowns and the lack of social activity are going to tourist destinations around the world in short breaks. This phenomenon is creating a lot of buzz in the UAE, especially in the Dubai tourist sector.

Emirate airlines have cashed in on this great opportunity and as the largest airline company in the world, it is only obvious that the company would want to expand.

The president of Emirates, Tim Clark, said that the year 2023 will see more tourist influx and in order to meet the demand, Emirates will be ordering new aircraft and also reintroducing their all-time favorite Airbus A380s. Emirates owns almost half of the total produced jumbo jet, the A380.

These are huge double-decker aircraft that can accommodate a large number of passengers on a single flight. According to reports, Emirates owns around 117 total A380 aircraft and among them, eighty are operational right now.

The remaining also will be fully functional by next year’s end as the airline is working on some renovations and interior restructuring.  

However, the A380s are also known for their inefficient engines as they accommodate four large engines that are not fuel or power efficient as the engines of the new age aircraft. This is one downside of the A380s and also they are heavy aircraft which also adds to the lack of fuel efficiency in them.

The Emirates is planning to keep the A380s operational till the mid of 2030 and that would provide them ample time to get hold of newer, more efficient aircrafts. 

The UK has been facing some tough weather in the past weeks and a number of flights were diverted from landing in certain parts of the UK because of the bad weather. An Emirates flight had to be diverted to Amsterdam airport last week because of bad winter at Gatwick Airport.

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This coming week also, weather experts have forecasted rainy and cold weather spread across different parts of the UK. Although the freezing temperatures have improved and rain has set in, it wouldn’t be too friendly weather. 

Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Dubai will be the most sought-after events of this year’s end and thousands of people will be flocking to Airports in the UK and elsewhere. Emirates always tries its best to provide maximum customer service on all its flights.

The minor hiccup caused by the Manchester-Dubai flight is regretted by the company. Most of the people from the international community who came to watch the FIFA world cup in Qatar have chosen to stay back in Dubai to celebrate their Christmas and New year too. This will make the 2022 New year bash an event to remember as the whole world will be in Dubai for a major celebration, especially after the pandemic phase.   

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