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Jordan Hands Over Wanted Terrorist To The UAE



UAE Receives Wanted Terrorists From Jordanian Authority

On Tuesday, the government of the United Arab Emirates took custody of a wanted criminal from the Jordanian Authorities. The terrorist Khalaf Abd Al Rahman Al Rumaithi was charged with 15 years imprisonment by the UAE’s Federal Supreme Court in the year 2013.

Khalaf Abd Al Rahman was sentenced to imprisonment in the 2013 case

Al Rumaithi is a Turkish-Emirati, who was punished after he was found establishing a secret criminal organization that carries out terrorist activities affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood which targets violating the foundational principles of the government of the UAE.

UAE takes custody of wanted terrorist from Jordan

In accordance with the agreements and arrest warrants issued on legal and judicial cooperation by the Arab Interior Ministers Council, which is responsible for the prosecution of criminals on the run in Arab nations, the terrorist was handed over to the government of the United Arab Emirates.

Case No. 79/2012, in which Rumaithi was charged in 2013, the Federal Supreme Court declared verdicts accordingly. 94 Emiratis were convicted of various charges, out of which 25 people were freed from any charges and the remainder were sent to prison for 15 years.

As per the Criminal Procedure Law, Khalf Abd Al Rahman Rumaithi will be facing trials again, by the legal provisions, which elucidates that if an accused person is apprehended again upon whom a judgment was declared upon the person’s absence or if they turn themself in, the accused will be retried on the same charges against him.

Rumaithi’s case has attracted the concerns of various human rights activist groups like the Human Rights Watch and the Gulf Center for Human Rights stating that he was among the 94 critics of the government who had to go through unfair mass trials that led to the imprisonment of 69 people. A researcher at Human Rights Watch, Joey Shea said that the defendants of that case have been suffering in the Emirati prisons unjustly.

Human Rights Watch reported that Jordanian authorities detained Khalf Abd Al Rahman Rumaithi, aged 58, at Amman’s International Airport on the 7th of May, after his return from Turkey, where he had been staying in exile.

The United Arab Emirates government is adamant about maintaining the nation’s sovereignty and stability, and the safety and security of its residents. The government is willing to go to any extent to chase the wanted for justice and scrutinize them under the law and prosecute in a fair judicial process.

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The society of the Muslim Brotherhood commonly called the Muslim Brotherhood was a Sunni-Islamist establishment founded in Egypt by an Islamic scholar and school teacher Hassan al-Banna in 1928. The movement started as Pan-Islamic, religious and charity works. They built hospitals, taught the illiterate, and set up businesses. Later they transcend into the political sector. As of 2015, this organization was deemed a terrorist by the governments of the United Arab Emirates, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Egypt, and Bahrain.

The sources reported that on Wednesday 17th of May 2023, Al Rumaithi had been received by the authorities from Jordan.

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