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King Charles Net Worth, Age, Income, Wife, Job, Family & Other Stuff!



King Charles Net Woth

King Charles will be inheriting $500 million worth of assets from Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ, added to his net worth of $100 million making his total net worth $600 million. King Charles, the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ, became Britain’s new monarch on September 8 following the death of his mother. King Charles, at the age of 73 is the oldest monarch ever to ascend to the throne.


King Charles is the eldest son of the late Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, and the late Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ. He became the heir apparent to the throne at the young age of 3. He is the constitutional monarch of the 16 realms of the Commonwealth of Nations, the Head of the Commonwealth, and the Supreme Governor of the Church of England. He now controls $28 billion worth of assets and owns two castles, the Sandringham House and Balmoral.

King Charles Income 

King Charles had a net worth of $100 million before inheriting his mother’s assets, and most of it comes from a real estate trust he owns, the Duchy of Cornwall. This trust established in the year 1337 provided income to the Prince of Wales and his family; on average King Charles earns around $20-30 million from this trust most of it coming from rents and agricultural sales. The trust owns properties including seaside estates, countryside manors, cottages, barns that are converted to homes, and other rental properties.

King Charles earns about $20 million from the Crown Estate, he gets this as a share of its profits. He doesn’t own any properties or assets in the Crown Estate. The Crown Estate is not owned by him or the government. The Sovereign Grant pays for family expenses such as traveling costs, housekeeping and IT costs using 25% of income produced by the Crown Estate. King Charles possesses the Royal Collection Trust, which holds around 7000 paintings and other art and priceless works. There are around 1 million such artworks which include paintings of Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt. The Royal Collection Trust is worth more than 1 billion.

The Duchy of Cornwall Trust owns 133,000 acres of land spread across 23 countries, the land is worth more than a billion. Charles uses the $20 – $30 million earned from this trust to provide a salary for his wife and children. 

King Charles’s Service In The Military

King Charles had served in the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy following the footsteps of his predecessors. It was during his second year in Cambridge that he received Royal Air Force Training upon request. He served on HMS Norfolk, a guided-missile destroyer from 1971 to 1972 and on the frigates HMS Minerva during the years 1972-1973, and HMS Jupiter in the year 1974. He qualified as a helicopter pilot from RNAS Yeovilton in 1974 and joined the 845 Naval Air Squadron on HMS Hermes. Charles commanded HMS Bronington during the last ten months of active service in the Royal Navy.  This after he gave up flying in the year 1994, after a crash landing that happened in Islay an island in Scotland. It was in February of 1976 that he took command of the HMS Bronington. 

King Charles Philanthropy

The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Foundation, a charitable organization founded by King Charles is known as one of the largest independent charitable foundations active in the United Kingdom. He is patron of over 400 charitable trusts and president of over 16 charitable organizations he established along with the Prince’s Trust which was established in the year 1976.

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