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RAK Police Upgrades To The Advanced Drones For Enhanced Aerial Photography



RAK Police Upgrades To The Advanced Drones For Enhanced Aerial Photography

The Commander in Chief of Ras Al Khaimah Police introduced a platform for the latest drones for the best Aerial photography experience as per the directives of the Ministry of Interior.

The ministry has released such a directive to keep up with the advanced and state-of-the-art technical and technological development which will aid in enhancing the services at all levels offered by the Operations Department. 

The new unmanned aerial vehicle for aerial photography was inaugurated on Thursday

The vehicle is all set with a high-resolution wide-angle camera, making it easier for the police to view a larger area and click high-quality images with precision.

The platform is equipped with a GPS (global positioning system) device for tracking location with utmost precision. This makes it a lot easier for authorities to track targets easily within time.  

The new unmanned aerial vehicle for aerial photography was inaugurated on Thursday

A police statement was recorded that said that this move from the department is a testament to the authority’s keenness to acquire and use the latest and modern equipment and devices that weave an effective upgrade in the police work and security systems that work towards excellence and success.

The aerial drone camera is capable of being easily stationed during any special mission. The drone camera is capable of withstanding any extreme weather conditions. It is also equipped with sensors that can detect water, moisture, heat, and vibration.

An unmanned aerial vehicle ( UAV) is most commonly known as a drone. This is the kind of aircraft with no human, pilot, crew, or passengers boarding them. These drones were manufactured for carrying out complicated and dangerous military missions in the 20th century. Now they are precious assets to security forces. Nowadays drones have wide applications.

Some of them are Aerial photography, monitoring forest fires, environmental monitoring, inspecting infrastructure, delivering products, drone racing, precision agriculture, river monitoring, surveillance tasks, and as policing aids, and even in the entertainment sector.

Various police departments throughout the United Arab Emirates have been applying drones to detect crimes, monitor traffic situations and make sure that the public were adhering to covid regulations during the time of the pandemic.

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Drones are used for search and rescue missions and aerial patrols and various other roles that are typically carried out by police aircraft equipped with a qualified crew. They are also efficient surveillance tools by fitting them with camera systems capable of scanning license plates, taking thermal imaging, and various other sensors.

 The Commander in Chief Major General Ali Abdullah bin Alwan Al Nuaimi inaugurated the equipment in the presence of other senior officers.

He stressed that the launch of this innovative platform is a shred of solid evidence of the leadership’s never-ending efforts to search and find and deploy the latest appliances and tools that help in boosting the safety and security of the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah.

Al Nuaimi also underlined that this platform is targeted to advance the quality of the police and the security operations which will eventually lead to success and excellence.

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