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Visitors Are Left Trapped In The Sky After A Ride Malfunctions At Dubai Global Village



Visitors Are Left Trapped In The Sky After A Ride Malfunctions At Dubai Global Village

Happened Tuesday as it’s on a busy day on the calendar for the authorities.

Dubai has been a must-visit country on every wanderlust bucket list. The country lives up to that title through its hospitality and attraction. Infrastructure and many other factors of the place.

When it comes to entertaining tourists, Dubai itself is on top of the recommendations chart.

Their satisfaction has been the number one priority for the authorities and natives. The global village is one of them being in their major lists of ‘Places to visit.

Dubai Global Village Ride Leaves Visitors Unpleasant As One Of The Rides Malfunctions In Between

The latest news suggests that the fun ride there malfunctioned as several people on the ride were left in the sky. This isn’t a new thing and similar accidents have happened before which even caused death.

Visitors Are Left Trapped In The Sky After A Ride Malfunctions At Dubai Global Village

The Ferris wheel which led to the death of a person hasn’t been restarted since as a part of respect by the authorities.

One of the major and most visited attractions in Dubai is the global village. The place puts to gather a combination of cultures from more than 90 countries along with shopping, foods from around the globe, and fun activities for families and kids.

Numbers claims that it has been visited by more than 7 million people in a year. Despite these reputations, it has been a rough patch since the incident took place.

The attraction is named Shang High a tower estimated to be 85meter high from the ground which is a ride to show the beauty of the ground from the top view.

Up to 32 people can be seated on this ride at a time and 32 of all was ought to experience an unpleasant incident. This has been the 27th season for the dream place for tourists but a disappointing experience for the ride.

The reason for the malfunction has not yet been confirmed by the officials and the people have been safely bought to the ground.

They have stopped all fun rides and decided to look more into the issue and investigate it. The event has gained attention throughout the world especially a drawback for people who are planning to visit Dubai’s Global village in the near future and a video of it recorded by tourists strolling has been shared all over the internet and media.

There has been no word from the officials on it yet but the people are waiting for a response required to assure the safety etc for the time ahead.

Everything isn’t perfect, having fun, and that too in challenging rides like that of course not everyone’s cup of tea.

But it’s also important to know the pros and cons and be mentally prepared for certain circumstances in order to not blame ourselves and the people on the other side who didn’t even intend to cause such trauma.

Regardless of the incidents, Dubai would be the tourist’s favorite spot. People are furious but yet no injuries to people are a great relief and the tourists expect a better approach to the events to avoid further catastrophe.

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