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UAE Ruler Sheikh Mohamed Orders $817m In Housing Support 



UAE Ruler Sheikh Mohamed Orders $817m In Housing Support 

The United Arab Emirates President Sheikh Mohamed  Bin Zayed Al Nahyan ordered $817m (AED 3bn) to disburse housing loans for 1,900 citizens in Abu Dhabi to ensure adequate, safe, residential services for its citizens. During the 51st National Day Celebrations, President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan mentioned the third housing package of 2022. 

Financial Support Of UAE

Housing packages of the year were valued at a total of AED7bn ( $1.9 bn) and were beneficial for more than 4000 citizens. The initiative will cover the peoples who are eligible to receive housing loans from the Sheikh Zayed housing programme according to the criteria demanded by the authority. The third housing package of 2022 reflects the government’s efforts to ensure welfare and social stability by enhancing citizens’ living standards and facilities. 

Housing Support 

Building up a strong base for the nation through strong and stable families will benefit in the future. The Ministry of energy and infrastructure is responsible for organising the projects of the housing sector. For residential lands, UAE citizens can apply through the Housing Allocation Committee at Presidential Court. The UAE president already waived over $146 million of debts for approximately 1,214 Emirati citizens. 17 banks and financial institutions are assigned by the authority to implement the project.

The housing financial programme aims for 13,000 resolutions worth AED 11.5 billion from 2022 to 2026. The first housing package was ordered by the president in April 2022 at the Eid Al Fitr celebrations. Worth Dh2.36 billion and benefitted almost 1,347 citizens from Dubai. The president announced the second housing package in 2022 June during the time of Eid Al Adha celebrations. That was worth Dh 1.5 billion ( $ 410 million ) and benefitted more than 1,100 citizens from Abu Dhabi. 

Sheikh Zayed housing programme

It’s a governmental programme.

Providing housing assistance for UAE nationalists only.

Sheikh Zayed’s housing programme mainly supports divorced women, orphans, widows, and the section of people who are not able to build a good house that satisfies their needs.

It has units in Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, and other emirates.

Housing support

Grants for houses.

Housing loans are available.

Retirees and families of deceased mortgagors are omitted from the loan repayments.

Offices of the Sheikh Zayed housing programme

Ras Al Khaimah – Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed road

Fujairah – sakaman road

Dubai – Marrakesh street

Eligibility conditions for the Sheikh Zayed housing programme

The applicant must be a UAE national

You must be a person without a suitable house for your family.

You are not a person with the capacity to afford a house at your own cost.

Your income is not enough to find an appropriate house.

Women who are married to non-UAE citizens and without proper, adequate housing infrastructure.

Never received any aid in the former years from the government.

Women who are widow and has children.

Divorced women.

Women without parents and income producer

Women who are unmarried, reach 30 years and are without parents.

Where can you apply to the programme?

Apply through any of the programme branches

Apply through the official website of the Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme

Submit the application to the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure

Three types of assistance by the housing programme

Housing loans

Utility housing

Housing assistance

Services available on the official website of Sheikh Zayed Housing Programmes

Request for housing assistance

Request for residential assistance cancellation

To postpone instalment

Update housing assistance data request

Housing decision request reconsideration

Ways to benefit from the housing programme

Completing the house or constructing a new house

Buy a new house

House maintenance works and renovation

Steps to register for the Sheikh Zayed housing programme

Open official website

Click on Registration


Press on the applicant option

Fill the appropriate columns with the appropriate information

Then you can get an OTP of your registered mobile number on your application.

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