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UAE President Shares Memorable Photos Of Sheikh Zayed On The Occasion Of Zayed Humanitarian Day



UAE President Shares Memorable Photos Of Sheikh Zayed On The Occasion Of Zayed Humanitarian Day

His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan who is the President of the UAE took to Twitter to share some memorable snapshots of the Late Sheikh Zayed. These photographs were shared by the President in order to commemorate the eve of Zayed Humanitarian Day which falls on the 19th of Ramadan every year.

Late Sheikh Zayed has always been an inspiration to the entire nation of the UAE. In fact, he is remembered as the father of the nation by the entire emirate. His values and generosity continue to govern the efforts of the country to uphold the moral, human, and constitutional rights of the residents of the UAE.

Zayed Humanitarian Day honors Late Sheikh Zayed’s humanitarian efforts

The President of the UAE posted a heartfelt note on Twitter to remember Late Sheikh Zayed. He mentioned and enumerated the compassion of the legendary Sheikh Zayed. He went ahead to quote his merciless nature and his immense love for humanity. Late Sheikh Zayed had been a pivotal leader who respected every human and deeply cared about their dignity.

He was the most extraordinary personality who continued to channel the efforts of the Government to create a better world for marginalized communities. It was because of him that the humanitarian movement was pulled off successfully in the UAE.

Zayed Humanitarian Day honors Late Sheikh Zayed's humanitarian efforts

His values and his beliefs have transcended down the line of descent and the younger generations follow his steps. His readings motivate and encourage every person to serve the community with a selfless attitude. 

Late Sheikh Zayed has left a legacy behind him. His values have been translated into modern forms of living. The occasion of Zayed Humanitarian Day allows the people to remember such a great nobleman who dedicated his life to community service.

This day is specially dedicated to celebrating Sheikh Zayed’s innumerable achievements for the welfare of the world at large. He was the one who worked to provide equal rights to people from every community and religion.

In fact, he always focussed on spiritual development and urged people to connect their souls with the supreme natural power. He helped to mitigate the sufferings of those who were religiously, socially, and politically persecuted. 

His efforts continued to uplift the deprived. In fact, a wholesome amount of Dh 90.5 billion was spent from 1947 to 2004 in offering humanitarian aid.

This aid was distributed not only in the Emirates but also across 117 countries in total. It was under the vision of the Late Sheikh Zayed that the Abu Dhabi Fund was developed in order to sponsor the welfare and infrastructural projects for the people of Dubai.

It was in the year of 1992 that Zayed inaugurated Zayed Charitable and Humanitarian Foundation. This foundation helped to develop humanitarian work as the way of life in the UAE to strengthen its efficiency in giving. Humanitarian activities were now defined as a way of life and civilized behavior in the UAE. 

Late Sheikh Zayed has played an important role in promoting the mushrooming growth of charitable institutions throughout the country. In fact, around 40 of the world’s most premium and renowned charitable organizations and institutions originate from Dubai. These institutions enjoy a worldwide reputation for supporting underdeveloped countries of the world.

They actively participate to improve the quality of life of the citizens across various countries. In addition, they assist the regions at the time of war or natural calamity. Their roles are very magnificent. Over the years, the UAE has allocated more funds to these charitable organizations to extend a helping hand to any region in need.

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The country of the UAE has actually set an example for the world at large. All of this is because of the Late Sheikh Zayed’s efforts. 

The President of UAE while penning an emotional note on the occasion of Zayed Humanitarian Day expressed his gratitude towards Sheikh Zayed for always acting as their guiding spirit. In fact, the President also shared that the virtues of humanitarianism have been deeply rooted and that they do not need a special occasion to practice their virtues as every day is a humanitarian Day for them.

The UAE has launched various initiatives and programs to enforce the spirit of humanity. These initiatives have been helping out millions of people in distress.

All of these initiatives are in line with the aim of the Dubai Government to improve the quality of life. The government is focusing on the development of the weak communities so that their basic rights are not violated at the hands of the powerful. 

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