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UAE: Sheikh Mohammed Explores And Asks For A Study On ChatGPT



UAE Sheikh Mohammed Explores And Asks For A Study On ChatGPT

The UAE government has expressed its curiosity to understand the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) services like ChatGPT and how the use of AI can be implemented in government-related services. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President, Prime Minister of the UAE, and Ruler of Dubai observed that the assessment of AI-based technologies would help understand the effect of these technologies on sectors like media, health, education, etc. 

The decision to initiate the study was taken at a cabinet meeting chaired by Sheikh Mohammed on Monday. ChatGPT is a new AI-based service that can efficiently emulate human writing styles. What does this mean?

It means that the AI tech inside ChatGPT will analyze the input that is given to it and creates a stream of results that are closer to how a real human would respond in terms of context and content. The application that was created by the California-based company OpenAI has been trained to analyze millions of online data and words that would enable them to create efficient content including blogs, essays, application emails, business letters, cooking instructions, etc.

ChatGPT has sparked a new revolution in AI-based content creation

The extent of the capability of ChatGPT is evident in ways that it can even create poems! The company OpenAI is backed by the tech giant Microsoft Corp and this led to the AI application being released to the public free of charge from last year’s end. This has opened up a new revolution in the content creation industry as people are discovering numerous possibilities for using AI applications to enhance their work. 

ChatGPT has sparked a new revolution in AI-based content creation

There are concerns about the loss of jobs because of the arrival of AI but this is an unwanted fear as human decision-making and organization can’t be mimicked by machines as of now. So more than AI applications taking over your jobs, the possibility is high that an individual who knows how to operate an AI app can take over your job.

This is similar to how a manual offset method creates a print and how an individual creates a digital printing using the software. The latter is more efficient and less time-consuming and it can also create more copies in a small amount of time. 

The cabinet had approved a new policy through which AI technologies would be used for improving the efficiency of government services. Its goal is to create a new narrative around the use of AI and how certain standards and guidelines can be implemented around the safe use of the technology. It is important to understand how AI technologies can help increase the productivity and efficiency of multiple sectors in the UAE.

It will be a booster for the economy as competitiveness will rise together with the quality of services. The cabinet approved the national policies for IoT security, cloud security, and cyber security accreditation. A national committee was also formed to identify and neutralize cyber attacks.    

Together with the advantages of ChatGPT or AI based applications, there are voices of concern from all around the globe on its effect on the future of education and its related services as students can get the help of ChatGPT to submit assignments or other work that needs originality and human intellect. There are individuals who believe that the current mode of education which basically works on memorizing or procuring grades through answering questions might be rendered useless by apps like ChatGPT. 

According to them, a new order of education should be formulated which focuses on developing the critical skills of the students rather than promoting memorizing and reproduction of information. Machines have attained a certain level of operational efficiency that they can now replace humans in being storage device that retrieves data as and when required. The human brain can now be used for more advanced and rational purposes than for reproducing stored information. 

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In a way, machines have substituted this work which was laborious and time-consuming for the human brain. Certain educational institutions have already banned the use of ChatGPT to counter plagiarism as the content produced through the application can have certain patterns of repetitions or reproductions.   

AI technology has been used not only in text-based applications but in other areas too. There are AI websites and software that can efficiently correct images, edit them and even draw them. AI can create paintings on their own that look so much like a human-drawn painting. There are AI features in video calling software that can cut down background noises and also enhance the central subject in multiple ways.  

Smart Economies like the UAE can make use of the growing AI technology to enhance the services offered in different sectors. The productivity scale and possibility of innovation also increase with the adoption of such technology into our everyday lives. The wise leadership of the UAE has recognized this opportunity and the new study on ChatGPT will have pathbreaking results for the future of the UAE economy.     

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