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UAE Visa Rules Changed: How They Affect On Work Permits?



UAE Visa Rules Changed How They Affect On Work Permits

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation ((MoHRE) has identified four types of violations that suspended the new work permits for the companies, according to a newly announced resolution. 

According to the decision, the four violations include the breaches stipulated in the cabinet resolution No. 21 which is related to the service fees and administration fines by the ministry and its amendments. The second violation is according to the provisions of the Ministerial Resolution No.44 of 2020 which is regarding occupational health and safety and labor accommodation.

There Are 4 Violations Lead To The Suspension Of New Work Permits On Companies.

The failure of the company to provide required labor accommodations resulted in administratively suspending the company file and the suspension will remain until the company provides the necessary accommodation facilities to the employees. The third violation is related to human trafficking allegations, a company that violates the rule is suspended until it is proven innocent.

Visa Rules

The fourth violation is related to the abuse of electronic powers granted to the company to get access to the ministry’s procedures. The company’s file will be administratively suspended for six months from the date of proven violation. According to the resolution of the ministry, the suspension will be valid to the company’s owner/ owners after six months of the date of suspension. 

More undersecretary for human resources affairs Khalil Al Khoori said that new directives are made to ensure the balanced rights of both parties engaged in work relationships and at the same time cross-check whether the private company follows the Labour Relations law and its executive regulations.

He also stressed the UAE labor market’s productivity, competitiveness, and attractiveness. The ministry also focuses on the continuous and sustainable development of the business industry and efforts are made to improve the infrastructure of the buildings to bring the UAE to the top of the economy of world. 

The resolution also authorized administrative suspension for any company that fails to follow the rule and provided that it violated any provisions of Federal Decree-Law No. 33 of 2021. And the resolution cancels both Ministerial Resolution No. 851 of 2001 and Ministerial Resolution No. 703 of 2013 and its amendments.

The announcement indicates that no need to obtain a work permit from the ministry if the foreign worker employs in the same profession, in any of the branches of the company owned by the same employer, and licensed to practice the same activity. If the work permit is obtained from the ministry with relevant regulations, the permit is allowed to a foreign worker in any other company owned by the sample employer (not a branch) even if the worker is not registered on it. 

The MoHRE said that in case any company fails to comply with the procedures, it is considered a violation of cabinet resolution No.21 of 2020 regarding service fee and administrative fines and their amendments. Until the company doesn’t pay the fine the suspension will be continued. 

The visa rules are aimed to improve the quality of life and make the experience of living, working, and investing in the UAE pleasant and happy. The authorities focused on discovering more about the opportunities in various fields and attracting people and inviting them to be part of the development.

There are no special provisions for lower-income and lower-skilled workers to secure special visas. The primary aim was to attract young talent and skilled professionals and recent graduates from the world’s top 500 universities. The abolishment of sponsors or hosts for a visit visa will be a big step to bring young individuals to the UAE and explore new opportunities.

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