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UAE’s First Specialized Women’s Team for Special Operations



UAE’s First Specialized Women’s Team for Special Operations

Dubai Police is setting another great example and standard of their service by establishing the first specialized women’s tactical team for special operations in the country. 

Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chied of Dubai Police, stated that the Dubai Police force is proud of its female cadres, a group of well-trained, ambitious, and specialized women who are eager to join the Dubai Police and help conquer difficult challenges, the ones that are usually only dominated by men.

This Special Operations Team was Established Under Dubai Police

Strong determination, will-power, and hard work are the factors that helped this group of young women to conquer such a great achievement, and in all stages of the training have proven their efficiency to carry out highly challenging tasks with supreme efficiency, thus earning their name of “special operations tactical team” members.

Special Operations Team

Lt. Gen. Al Marri welcomed and congratulated the women for their achievement in a special ceremony conducted in the Dubai Police Officers Club. Attendees of the event also included several directors of police stations and public departments.

The dignitaries present at the event also praised the effort of the team in the Police Championship for Specialized Teams No. 6, which is an event organized in the Al Ruwayyah Square by the Ministry of Interior (MOI UAE) along with the cooperation from the Dubai Police General Command.

Brigadier General Rashid Al Falasi, Acting Director of the General Department of Bodies, Facilities, and Emergency Security stated that there were lots of female soldiers within various ranks in the force from various police statements and public departments who applied to join the specialized women’s tactical team, who then underwent several tests by specialists and trainers.

The selected few that are currently on the team were the best bunch that were picked by the selection committee based on the various test results.

Speaking at the event, Brigadier General Obaid bin Yarouf Al Ketbi, Acting Deputy Director of Security of Bodies, Facilities, and Emergency, and the Chairman of the UAE Tactical Teams 2023 Organizing Committee said that the selected women had to undergo several specialized training programs in order to complete their induction process.

The training included tactical shooting, sniping, raiding, endurance, and storming, which helped them gain experience to stay prepared for any type of difficult task that may come their way and also reach the ranks that they now hold in the force currently.

Lieutenant Latifa Abdulaziz Al-Salman, Head of Crew and a Safety Factor, put forward the gratitude of the entire female crew to His Excellency Lt. Gen. Al Marri, and also praised his continuous and limitless assistance that led to the support and growth of the female workforce in the Dubai Police force. She also mentioned that the General Department of Security for Bodies, Facilities, and Emergency, offered all the required facilities and assistance that helped the selected women to complete their training in an efficient manner.

She ended by saying that she and her entire team feel proud to be a part of this achievement and that the whole team is well-prepared to carry out any responsibilities that are put forward to them.

Dubai Police supporting women is not something new. In fact, the first Emirati policewoman, Tofaha Salem Khamis, joined the Dubai Police back in 1960. Seven years after that, an official batch of female police officers joined Dubai Police and received training for four months in the Dubai Police training school located in Jumeirah.

Today, there are female officers in all the elite units of Dubai Police including the K9 unit, the Dubai Police Horseback Patrol unit, and the Luxury Patrol unit. Seeing female officers riding luxury cars from Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mercedes, Aston Martin, etc. is a common sight, especially in the Downtown Dubai area.

The Dubai Police has also received several awards for its initiatives to increase the number of female officers in the force.

The Dubai Police Women’s Council won the Future Workplace 2021 “Best Entity” award for the initiatives taken under its Women’s Leadership Programme, the Middle East Women Leaders Institute’s 2020 “Best Entity” award for supporting and developing women’s talent in the force, the Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak Motherhood and Childhood Award in 2018 under the “People of Determination” category, The International Quality Management EFQM in “Diversity, Inclusion, and Gender Equality” award in 2021, and much more.

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The Dubai Police force has also set up several objectives and programs to allow more women to join the force by taking up adequate educational qualifications and training.

For instance, scholarships are provided for women interested to specialize in the fields of biological sciences, law and politics, AI, communication, and criminal sciences. In fact, scholarships are provided for women interested to specialize in any of 73 different fields that are essential for the advancement of the police force.

Similarly, the Dubai Police Academy has also offered bachelor’s degree courses in “Security and Criminal Science” as well as “Law and Political Science” since 2016, wherein interested female candidates can take up the course with chances to receive employment within the Dubai Police force upon successful completion of the course.

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