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7 Dubai pizza delivery places to save in your phone



There’s a really quick way to spark a heated debate among friends, family and work colleagues. Simply mention who delivers the best pizza in Dubai and you’ll be plunged into a vortex of angry opinions as everyone makes their case for why their favourite is actually the best around. From the safety of our office, we’re about to step in, pull the pin on an argument and saunter off as we announce our pizza delivery picks that will never let you down.

Freedom Pizza
The modus operandi of this Dubai favourite is simple: if we don’t know where the ingredients come from, they don’t go on our pizzas. The same goes for gnarly additives such as the hormones they pump into chickens and cheese-like compounds that share more similarities with your smartphone than the dairy product. No, Freedom Pizza prides itself on knowing its ingredients and suppliers intimately. The result is a tremendously flavourful slice every time you tuck into one.
Our pick? Go for the Saatchi& that comes with three cheeses – cream, mozzarella and cheddar – onions, buffalo chicken and topped with a sweet pimento chilli that finishes the whole thing off brilliantly. Extra kudos goes to Freedom Pizza for their social media safety campaign aimed at protecting its delivery drivers.
Price: From AED33
Where: All of Dubai
Contact: +9714 4371692

Freedom Pizza Dubai
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