4 healthy meal plans in Dubai

We get it, you’re a busy person. But instead of using that as an excuse to eat junk food, order a meal plan from one of the regions many health food specialists and get your nutrition delivered to your door.

1. Kcal
Kcal offer plans for those looking to lose weight, get fit, manage diabetes, maintain weight and even build muscle. As the name suggests, all meals are calorie controlled, and you can have a chat with an advisor about your preferences and goals beforehand. Meals include the likes off egg white omelette with low fat cheddar and tomato for breakfast, and prime beef steak with cherry tomato and broccoli for lunch.
Price: From AED155 per day
Contact: +971 4 434 4111,

2. 77 Veggie Boutique
Eat great food packed with nutrients which are, you guessed it, 100 percent veggie. There are different packages to suit those looking for a quick office meal, or the New Year’s Resolution crowd who want a complete detox. The lunch or dinner programmes are AED900, giving you one low carb meal per day.
Price: From AED1,699 for lunch and dinner
Contact: +971 4 422 4116,

3. MySixPak
They specialise in plans for those looking to shape up their bodies to a chiselled form. Every part of the plan is customisable, too. They also cater to vegans, vegetarians, those with gluten and or diary intolerance as well as pescatarians.
Price: AED171 per day
Contact: +971 58 528 1083, website

4. The Lunchbox Low Carb 
These are the low-carb experts that deliver delicious dishes like cheesy black bean chili, cauliflower rice and chickpea butternut squash stew anywhere in Dubai via their very nifty app. You can order drinks and sides too. If you’d rather order online (we know that your phone’s memory storage is precious and limited), you can do so here.
Price: From AED193 per week
Contact: 800LUNCH (58624), website

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