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A story often told about the beginnings of pizza says that Neapolitan pizza maker Raffaele Esposito made a very special dish for the Queen consort of Italy, Margherita of Savoy. Of course, he calls it a Margherita pizza, topped with tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil to represent the colours of the Italian flag. Sounds more fantasy than fiction, doesn’t it? Well, that’s only one story that might be true, as its origins also date back to the Romans and their flatbread, along with the Americans getting a taste of a tomato-topped bread back in WWII in Italy and bringing the dish home to put glorious cheese on top. Who really knows what’s true? The point is, much like its origins, arguably the best dish in the world is made in a host of different ways. While a slice of cheesy goodness is never bad, the way these pizza joints across Dubai whip up a pie is simply ‘bellissimo’.

Akiba Dori
Who said Japan only knew how to do sushi? Those who haven’t been to pizzeria Tokyopolitan in Akiba Dori, clearly. This little slice (no pun intended) of Tokyo in Dubai whips up super-fast pizzas – as in under 60 seconds fast. Using Japanese dough along with Italian toppings, your choice of pizza (we recommend the “Diavola” topped with beef sausage and Greek olives) is put into the wood-fired oven and is ready to serve in a slightly elongated blink of an eye.
Where: Dubai Design District
Contact: +971 4 770 7949

ECCO Pizza & Pasta

When the main aim of a restaurant is to spread a little bit of Italy all over the city, how do you think they do it? Through authentic Neapolitan pizza, no less, all made in a cosy yet classy hub in Dubai Marina. With thin bases so you can fully taste each topping, along with bulging fresh crusts, each pizza is a delight. You’ll want to go for the margherita classica for that original cheesy taste, but if you’re looking for something completely different, the folded fried “Ripieno Fritto” pizza is right up your alley.
Where: Princess Tower, Dubai Marina
Contact: +971 4 240 7100

Yes, we know Pizza Express is a worldwide chain and their pizzas can be seen in the frozen goods section in supermarkets, but come on – live jazzy beats, suave interiors and very good value slices? Dubai’s Pizza Express branch in JLT simply makes the act of eating pizza that much more fun. It shines brightest at its Bee’s Knees brunch every Friday from just AED150, dishing out four hours of unlimited pies, from chicken toppings to classic pepperoni. Oh, and all that jazz.
Where: Cluster A, JLT
Contact: +971 4 441 6342


It isn’t tagged as “the best of Italy” for any old reason. We know Italy has more to offer than just its iconic pies, but Luigia’s pizzas hit a home run each time we dig into a slice. It really makes a difference when using 100 percent Italian grain flour for a base, and the chic restaurant naturally ferments its dough, proofed between 56 to 72 hours. Slow and steady wins the, erm, taste.
Where: Rixos Premium Dubai JBR
Contact: +971 4 349 6950

Technically, Pinza! shouldn’t be on this list, as it’s a “class of its own.” That’s certainly believable, as the restaurant created it’s own fresh dough that delivers less calories than your average pizza. It’s light, bubbly and lets foodies taste all the delicious high-class ingredients Pinza! has to offer. If you haven’t had the “Pinzafied” margherita or fan-favourite pepperoni yet, make them the next two dishes you have for dinner.
Where: Business Bay; Jumeirah Village Circle
Contact: 800 74692

Pitfire Pizza
We dare you to get any 15-inch pizza at Pitfire and not finish it in one sitting. With cheese so gooey it barely hangs onto the slice and a soft base that soaks up all the tomato sauce, you’ll be picking up slices one after the other. Pitfire is one of those hipster places filled with quirky art, from its interiors to its takeaway boxes. Pizza choices are much the same, with a heap of variations including the aptly-named potato topped “Spudnik”, along with the “Hawaii Five-Oh!” for pineapple fans.
Where: Cluster D, JLT
Contact: 800 7483473

Rossovivo Artisan Pizza

The suave Italian pizza joint in Business Bay takes pizza seriously, using the original process developed in Naples to create a masterpiece thanks to its Forno Tradizionale Napoletano oven. You’ll want to check out Rossovivo’s signature raffaello with mozzarella, pistachio, bresaola and basil. Simply delicious.
Where: Millenium Tower, Business Bay
Contact: +971 4 427 2477

Via Vita

What do you prefer, red or white? Via Vita isn’t asking about your grape choice. Splitting its brilliantly authentic Italian pizza options right down the middle, this is where foodies can opt for something with more cheese, from burrata to gorgonzola, or slices that are all about the sauce and meaty toppings. Both will impress.
Where: Cluster V, JLT
Contact: 800 8428482

The Best of…
From the healthiest crust to the biggest base, look no further than these pizza pies

Cauliflower Crusts

Naturally higher in vitamin C and K, and lower in the carbs department – cauliflower crust is guilt-free with a capital F.
Price: From AED25
Where: Various locations

The Zarina

Why does “the most expensive pizza in JBR” cost so much? It’s topped with prime caviar and king crab. Erm, yum?
Price: AED660
Where: Luigia, Rixos Premium Dubai
Contact: +971 4 349 6950

XL 28” Giant Party Pizza

They put “Party Pizza” as its name for a reason. Do not try to tackle this beast by yourself…
Price: From AED180
Where: Russo’s New York Pizzeria, The Springs Souk
Contact: 800 787767

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