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17 great car deals in Dubai this Ramadan



Won’t worry, we’ve all been there – wading through the internet with one million tabs open as we try to find the best offers on a new motor. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if all of the 2018 Ramadan car deals were in one handy location? If the preamble wasn’t indicative enough for you to work out, ShortList is here to help.

We’ve collected the leading manufacturers’ offers and come up with a complete guide so you can easily compare them. So jump right in, your new chariot awaits…


The American car giant is keeping it simple and exciting this year with offers across its entire range. So if it’s a Focus, Mustang or an F-150 that tickles your fancy, now’s the time to head to Al Tayer Motors or Premier Motors.
The deal

  • Five years warranty and roadside assistance
  • Three years’ service and maintenance
  • Plus a free iPhone 8 or iPhone X on selected models


Get yourself a vehicle from the Japanese manufacturer and you’ll rarely have to worry about buying another car. Stylish, comfortable and durable, Nissan is giving you the lot. X-Trails, Kicks and the parking space gobbling Patrols are all on the receiving end of a great offer.

The deal

  • Four years’ interest-free payments
  • Extended warranty
  • Service contract
  • Free insurance
  • Free add-ons (on selected models)


The 2018 models of the Charger, Challenger and Durango have all had a small price drop in preparation of Ramadan. There really has never been a better time to own one of these muscle-machines.
The deals

  • Up to 20 percent dealer down payment contribution
  • Free one year insurance
  • Six years 120,000KM service
  • Six years 120,000KM warranty


The brand is steadily growing in popularity throughout the UAE, so Caddy is hitting the Ramadan offers in a big way to capitalise it. The excellent ATS, CTS, CT6, XT5 and Escalade all come with…
The deals

  • The first 12 instalments paid by Cadillac
  • A whopping ten years’ extended warranty


Deals on the overall price tag? That’s more like it from Chevy. Get up to AED10,000 off the 2018 Malibu, AED20,000 off the 2018 Silverado and up to AED30,000 off the 2018 Tahoe. Bargain.
The deal

  • Discounts on the price of select 2018 models


Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple. We get it. We see you Toyota, and we’re into it.
The deal

  • Free registration
  • Free Service
  • Free Insurance


Well, this is interesting. Infiniti is giving buyers the chance to win back the value of their car simply by purchasing a vehicle at one of their showrooms. Of course, not everyone will get the cash prize, but it’s enough incentive to make us think twice about getting one.
The deal

  • Win up to your car’s value back
  • One year free insurance
  • Full down payment paid by Infiniti
  • Five percent VAT paid by Infiniti
  • Five year extended warranty


Exclusive offers on the brand’s premium range are being offered. So if you’re looking for a new Terrain, Acadia or the get-your-whole-family-and-your-grandma-in Yukon, there’s definitely something for you here.
The deal

  • Five year/100,000KM service on Denali models
  • Three year/60,000KM service on Acadia and Terrain (SLE and SLT trims)
  • Three years/100,000KM warranty


Coincidentally, the South Korean company is celebrating “30 years of success” in the UAE. As a result, they’re going all out with a trio of Ramadan offerings on the likes of the Rio and Optima.
The deals
Option 1: Kia will pick up the VAT and will give you a service contract for two years
Option 2: One year’s free insurance and service for three years
Option 3: A cash discount


They might not be the most stylish vehicles around, but you can trust a Volvo to be reliable. Their Ramadan deal is equally as sturdy.
The deal

  • Volvo will pay 10 percent of your down payment or give you 10 percent cashback on all purchases
  • Extended service contract of up to 60,000KM
  • Unlimited kilometres warranty

Mitsubishi Motors

You can always rest assured that Mitsubishi will come up with a super-bargain. They have deals on nearly all year round, so in Ramadan it’s their time to shine. OK, so the cars aren’t the most glamorous on the road, but the Pajero
and Lancer will never let
you down.
The deal

  • Free five years/100,000KM warranty
  • One year’s insurance
  • Free service up to 30,000KM
  • Two percent trade-in on bonus on any car
  • Llumar tinting and scotchgard


There’s something endlessly cool about buzzing around town in a Mini, and there’s never been a better time to buy one than now. It’s the mix of funky colours and its cartoonish looks that really appeals to us.
The deal

  • One year free insuranceDown payment contribution of 15 percent
  • Three years/60,000KM Mini service package
  • 2.5 percent cashback on the amount funded by Mini Financial Services


With monthly instalments starting as low as AED444, Honda is making a great case for why you should pick one of its vehicles this year. The award-winning Honda Pilot starts at just AED119,900 while the nippy Civic 1.6 LX Sport is AED69,900. Pretty great, right?
The deal

  • City from AED44,900
  • Civic 1.6 LX Sport from AED69,900
  • Pilot EX 2WD from AED119,900
  • CR-V LX 2WD from AED79,900|
  • Jazz from AED59,900
  • Five years unlimited mileage warranty
  • Roadside assistance


The German car maker is trying to give a little back with its Ramadan deals this year.
The deal

  • 15 percent down payment contribution
  • Free one year insurance
  • Extended service and repair for five years
  • Finance buyers can claim 2.5 percent back on selected models


If it’s an off-roader you’re looking for this summer then look no further than Jeep. With the Wrangler starting at just AED1,939 per month, you could be dune bashing all year round.
The deal

  • Up to 20 percent down payment contribution
  • Free one year insurance
  • Six years/120,000KM service
  • Six years/120,000KM warranty


If you’d like to switch things up from the brand’s classic Golf, opt for their all new Volkswagen Teramont or the Touareg.
The deal

  • Buyers receive seven-years of free servicing during the Holy Month of Ramadan


Get yourself a pick-up truck of the highest order with Ram’s incredible line-up. There are two big offers to choose from…
The deal

  • Ram 1500 Regular starting from AED2,019 per month
  • Ram 1500 Crew Cab starting at AED124,999
  • Up to 20 percent dealer down payment contribution
  • Five years/100,000KM service
  • Five years/100,000KM warranty

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Ramdan expected to start on May 17

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