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Fashion trends in Dubai you may have missed



Fashion trends in Dubai you may have missed

Aquatic bliss
It’s a shared dream: to wear garments so stylish that they draw in the kind of enthralled passers-by usually found at the tourist attractions of the Dubai Mall. Well, how about becoming one of those tourist attractions? The new Aquarium Collection from dunhill is the answer. Inspired by some iconic aquarium-style lighters taken from the brand’s archives, this is one of its biggest launches of 2019. Vintage is very much “in right now”, as the kids say, so we’re ecstatic about this new drop from dunhill. The Dubai Aquarium is no match for such artful attire.

The collection is characterised by intricate underwater illustrations on bold backdrops. Salmon pink and algae green pieces provide a more pastel palette, while the azure of other garments promises a perfect pop of colour. This is statement-making at its most refined.

Creative Director Mark Weston has really outdone himself when it comes to the shirts, shorts and accessories in this capsule. The classic two-in-one makes a comeback with reversible bomber jackets (a.k.a: a built-in outfit change so the Insta pics can keep flowing). For another nod to street style, nab yourself a belt bag (the perfect mixture of practicality and style that will make your dad proud) or a casual drawstring backpack for on-the-go.

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