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Dragon Mart Dubai Guide- Shopping Tips, Location, And More



Dragon Mart Dubai Guide- Shopping Tips, Location, And More

Have you recently considered visiting Dubai as your next big holiday destination? But due to it being one of the most prominent tourist places around the world, the number of places people can visit during their time in Dubai is immeasurable.

However, one of the things for which Dubai is quite famous among tourists and even the local people living there is the variety of malls and shopping centers.

Dragon Mart Dubai Guide- The Biggest Chinese Market In Dubai

People often need clarification on which shopping mall could be ideal for them to complete their shopping exquisitely. It offers a blend of luxury and affordable shops, open to everyone visiting. 

Hence, if you are looking for a place in Dubai that could be the perfect destination to complete all the shopping and also get many additional things visiting it, then dragon mart mall could be the one for you.

Here in this mall, as required, you can purchase a wide range of products, from toys to household items. And, after reading this complete guide about dragon mart Dubai you will be able to learn everything about them.

A Brief About The Dragon Mart Dubai

One of the world’s largest Chinese markets and hubs outside its country in Dubai is named Dragon mart. Considered a marvel, an exorbitant building standing tall in the international city of Dubai Dragon mart is 150,000 sqm.

A Brief About The Dragon Mart Dubai

All types of products, including household items, food, furniture, textiles, clothes, and shoes, can be found in Dragon mart. The mall is divided into two large sections: Dragon Mart 1 and Dragon Mart 2. Both collectively comprise at least 6000 shops in them that specialize in providing dining and entertainment to the masses. 

History Of The Dragon Mart Dubai

Dragon Mart was opened to the general public in the year 2007 and has kept on playing a significant role in strengthening the bilateral trade and cultural values between the two countries Dubai and China.

It operates on B2B and B2C channels, making it a more sustainable and exciting place for all the wholesalers to engage in. It has kept growing year after year, which is why now it attracts about 40 million people.

Things To Explore In Dragon Mart Dubai

Due to it being such a large mall, Dragon mart is considered one of the famous places where you can find a lot of premium Chinese attractions at half their original price. However, if you don’t have a lot of idea about the things that you can enjoy in dragon mart Dubai, are: –

Shopping at Dragon Mart

1. Shopping

Shopping is considered one of the primary reasons why Dragon mart is quite popular among customers worldwide. There are approximately 3500 outlets selling products of more than 45,000 varieties.

Two types of Dragon Mart sections are present within the malls, and Section 1 contains furniture, household items, electronics, and fashion. Whereas dragon mart 2 offers 4 sections to the customers for purchasing general goods, building materials, home appliances, and different machinery items.

You can even buy some plants you can later put inside their suitable soil.

Suppose your budget for purchasing different items falls to the initial cost that was supposed to be enough for shopping.

Hence, if you want to avoid any difficulties with purchasing items of your choice, Dragon mart in Dubai might be the best for you. 

2. Entertainment

Malls are one of the few places that can offer you the shopping experience and provide a few places for entertainment. Visiting the dragon mart section 2 will expose you to some of the best places of entertainment through which you can enjoy some leisure and relaxing time.

The Novo cinemas are one of the largest theatres in Dragon Mart Dubai, featuring at least 12 screens displaying movies in languages ranging from Pakistani, Indian, Sri Lankan, and English.

Along with this, Fabyland is another popular spot of entertainment present in section 2 of dragon mart. It is a futuristic indoor family gaming spot that is suitable for all groups of ages.

Some of the games or fun activities it offers to the people are bumper cars, roller-coasters, and a few arcade games. Also, dragon mart has its own customizable indoor football field for children to enjoy. 

3. Dining

More than 52 restaurants comprising Dubai’s top cafes and eateries offer their services in dragon mart. For instance, the mahal Turkish cuisine is one of the most popular out of all the others there. Some other restaurants you can find in dragon mart are Al Arrab, Al Farooq, Maraheb, and Kababak.

In the food court section, you can find some of the most popular fast food chain corners like KFC, Subway, Pizza Hut, Mcdonald, etc. However, if you are looking for some beverage options, then shops like a second cup and café frappe can offer you those. Keeping aside all this, you can find small food stalls selling snacks and ice creams at affordable prices. 

The Dragon Mart Dubai Location

The mall of dragon mart is located on Al Awir Road towards Hatta, just off Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Interchange 5. The building is next to the international city, approximately 20 minutes from Dubai international airport and 40 minutes off Jebel Ali Port. 

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How To Reach The Dragon Mart Dubai

Reaching dragon mart, Dubai, is quite an easy task where you don’t have to worry about getting lost. However, you need to follow specific right directions for it, which are mentioned exquisitely below: –

  • Taxi

One of the easiest ways to reach dragon mart is by catching a taxi. It is the most inexpensive option available, which can also be located easily from hotels and called from everywhere in Dubai. If you are looking to reach dragon mart from Dubai International Airport, then taking a taxi will take up to 15 minutes to reach; however, from Sharjah, it is a trip of 30 minutes. 

  • Metro

Now, if you are looking to travel through the metro, the nearest metro station to dragon mart would be Rashidiya metro station and Etisalat. 

  • Bus

You can also choose the bus as your preferred vehicle as it will benefit you economically. There are two bus stations present in dragon mart. One is located at the rear entrance where bus no.50 arrives at the interval of 30 mins. And, in front of the GB section, opposite Mahal restaurant, where the same bus arrives at 30 mins intervals.

  • Car

The last option would be to take a car from Al Awir road or its surrounding places.

Best Time To Visit The Dragon Mart Dubai

When you are looking to visit one of the world’s largest malls, it is best to know the best time to visit it so that you don’t miss any exciting things happening in it. According to most people, the best time to visit the mall is during the morning hours, like around 11 am.

Best Time To Visit The Dragon Mart Dubai

It is a preferred time by many people as the mall is primarily empty and allows you to roam around freely. You can easily dine, spend some relaxing time across the cafeterias, and make many unique memories. 

The working hours of the mall are between 10 am to 10 pm. While from Sunday to Wednesday the timings are usual, from Thursday to Saturday it stays open from 10 am to 12 am. The mall is usually quite crowded from 8 to 10 pm, so avoid visiting during those times as it will be more hectic to move around freely. 

Is There Any Entry Fee In Dragon Mart Dubai?

No, there is no entry fee charged in dragon mart Dubai. You can quickly enter the premises and shop around or do whatever you want for as long as possible without anybody stopping or putting restrictions on you.

Mall Services In The Dragon Mart Dubai

Being one of the largest Chinese malls in Dubai, dragon mart offers some of the most exciting services to its customers. Let us look at those services one by one: –

  • Valet parking

For the most convenient shopping experience, you can enjoy valet parking services in front of the entrances of dragon mart.

Valet parking
  • Limo service

Suppose you want to add a luxurious feel to your shopping experience, then you can use the services of an elegant royal limousine. They are available at an affordable, fair rate to help you ride in style and glamour.

  • Cart to car

It may be troublesome if you don’t want to return your shopping items to the vehicle. In that instance, you can opt for the service of the cart to the car using this. You can have your shopping cart moved to your vehicle for directly loading the items into the car.

  • Taxi

Lastly, you can choose the services of EZ taxi from within the dragon mart, which will save you a lot of time and effort and make your whole shopping experience much smoother than expected.

Shop Online In The Dragon Mart Dubai

Suppose you are not willing to cover the distance and shop physically from dragon mart Dubai; instead, you want to opt for the online option. Then dragon mart also offers this choice to their customers effectively and efficiently.

After much thought, dragon mart finally decided to launch its eCommerce platform, providing more chances to customers who want to shop from the comfort of their homes. It is known to deliver all its 45000 different products to its customers in the shortest time possible.

1.Home Decoration And Furniture Items At Discounted Prices

Dragon mart offers some great daily offers on items of furniture and home. People can find any furniture, upholstery, and home décor items at a discounted price every time they visit the platform. This item will add a unique personality to your interior, so purchasing them at affordable prices will allow you to buy more.

However, finding the item that suits your interior would take a lot of work. But, upon seeing the collection of dragon mart, you can decide which item is perfect for your room.

2. Warranty From Top Brands, Even At Low Prices

You will be able to find some of the top branded products available to buy on the official website of dragon mart. Even the categories of the products are in a stage of expanding with eye-watering prices being tagged on them. Dragon mart also ensures the items are correctly delivered at the right time to your doorstep with ease of convenience. 

Some products even have hallmark features added to them, making them preferable to the customers. You can quickly get all the products you want from a single click of your device. Also, dragon mart even offers a long-term product warranty, saving you from paying an extra cost for them. Suppose the product you have bought is starting to show some dysfunctionalities. In that instance, availing of the warranty will save you from paying any money needed for its repair or replacement. 

Things To Be Considered While Visiting Dragon Mart Dubai

Now, if you are considering visiting dragon mart Dubai to experience its beauty and shop for some new products. Let us look at some of the things which you need to consider before visiting dragon mart for your convenience

  • The dragon mart in Dubai is one of the largest Chinese malls. Hence, choosing to wear the most comfortable shoes might be the ideal choice for you. Because the area dragon mart covers are more extensive than any other mall in the country, you would need to walk a lot to cover the distance.
  • Due to the mall’s large size, you might find many shops offering the same products at different prices. Therefore, you need the best bargaining skills to land the product at the lowest price possible from the seller. If you don’t bargain properly, it might lead you to face some unnecessary loss through it.
  • Now, if you want to shop around peacefully without facing any rushes or pushes, visiting the mall during the morning or even the weekdays is the ideal choice. You wouldn’t want to push others to make the road clear ahead of you in such a big market.
  • Here in dragon mart Dubai, you can find some good quality and reliable products at the best cost available. However, if you are expecting to find some specific or well-known ones in the market, you might be disappointed.
  • Ensure you park at the proper parking spot and remember the place effectively. After completing your shopping spree, it will help you easily identify the spot and make your way toward it. As parking is larger than the usual parking lots, identifying the car becomes a difficult task for anybody involved.

Shops At The Dragon Mart Dubai

Let us now go through all the active shops that are operating inside dragon mart Dubai and get to know some essential details about them: –

All are open 10 am to pm / Sunday to Thursday

10 am to 11 pm from Friday to Saturday

Hotel trading0503977523
Dalian sunshine FZCO0502733263,0526190020
Julia trading co LTD0552045666
Kandi international co. LTD055637494
Al Warda Al Zarqa Flower0552525823
Chenxi express0585963988
Peak international trading FZCO0527420888
So so garments trading FZCO.0558151848
My vapery0501549743
Ruiping Trading FZCO0502953353
Sun tour group FZCO0503630711
Swallowtail and jimmy trading0523401888
Sheng da trading co. LTD050879266
CHMS home appliances trading co. LTD0527811993
Tianyi International Trading FZCO0527301888
Lasting long enterprise co. LTD043687068
Philex hong kong LLC (Prolab)045147906
MAF printing0586363125
Hong Yu Garments Trading FZCO0521051688
Pyrotek Hong Kong Limited0553618262
Tai Zhan FZCO0527790355
Jian Ya International Trading branch 10509131909
Buy textile trading0568166511
Yue Jinzhao international trading0551447868
Bastaki International general trading co.0526421801
Wan sheng0555345597
Rong sheng supermarket0569039347

These are everything that you need to know about dragon mart Dubai. Soon after you visit the mall, you can clearly understand what the place offers. Hopefully, after reading the article, you now have explicit knowledge about everything related to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is dragon mart famous for?

Dragon mart is famous for being one of the largest shopping malls in Dubai, and it is also one of the biggest in the whole world, which helps strengthen the ties between UAE and China to new levels.

2. Is dragon mart 1 or 2 better?

The dragon mart has been divided into two sections, 1 and 2. The first part of the original part of dragon mart specialized in selling Chinese products at the least price possible. However, section 2 of dragon mart is famous for selling some of the best glamorous products.

3. How long is dragon mart?

Dragon mart is said to be approximately 1.2 kilometers long and is one of the largest shopping complexes or retailers situated outside of China.

4. What can you buy in dragon mart?

Dragon mart possesses an impressive list of 3500 shopping outlets, making it one of the most diversified markets worldwide. People can buy products ranging from office and home furniture, essential equipment, sports gear, fashionable items, and many more.

5. How long does it take to deliver from dragon mart?

It takes 24-48 hours approximately for an order to be delivered once it has been purchased from its online shop. Expect Friday. All other day’s items would be delivered to your location.

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