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The Ultimate Guide To Ejari Dubai: What It Is And Why You Need It



Ultimate Guide To Ejari Dubai

Are you planning to rent a property in Dubai? Then you need to know about Ejari Dubai. Ejari is a system for registering and documenting tenancy contracts in Dubai. It is mandatory for all rental contracts in Dubai to be registered with Ejari, and failure to do so can result in legal penalties.

In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to Ejari Dubai. We will explain what Ejari is, why it is important, how to register your tenancy contract with Ejari, and more. So, let’s get started!

Dubai is becoming one of the world’s fastest-expanding cities. It is a developing immigration hub with ultramodern facilities and career opportunities. Everyone, whether an investor, student, entrepreneur, or anyone else, is flocking to Dubai to take advantage of these changes. It’s a positive thing since more people means greater consumption and demand.

And increased demand leads to an increase in revenue. However, increased immigration presents new challenges. Increased immigration means more strain on public spaces to accommodate them. Much more significant is the regulation of their residential dwellings.

Those who come to Dubai more often will require a place to live. As a result, they would look for properties to buy or rent. Given the urgency of the accommodation needs, there is a good chance that a property leaser will abuse them.

As a result, there was a perceived need for a site that could investigate people’s property leasing agreements with landlords. This resulted in the creation of the EJARI system, and today’s lecture will cover all facets of it.

What is Ejari Dubai?

Ejari translates to “rent” in Arabic. Dubai RERA came up with the notion of launching a property leasing platform after being inspired by the significance of the term. As a result, the EJARI site was formed.

What Is Ejari Dubai

Ejari’s web portal is a robust system that systematically governs the rental market. Ejari serves as a centralized platform for all of these features. It reduces the need for lease parties to run to multiple organizations to accomplish different functions. It investigates legal disputes, leasing renewals, property transfers, agreement termination, and more.

The Ejari platform will help to regulate and simplify rental agreements between tenants and landlords. Furthermore, the portal requires the registration and listing of all leasable properties. The landlord’s listing accomplishes two things. For starters, it aids in tracking the demand for urban housing and the total revenue from rents. As a result, the Ejari authorities can assist the government in developing taxation policies. Second, the Ejari portal clarifies the lease process. It does away with the present leasing procedures for gaps.

For example, there could be widespread rental fraud. Or if the landowner/property owner may have taken advantage of the opportunity to impose high rents under the guise of housing. With Ejari in place, such malpractices will be reduced, making it easier for tenants to live with reasonable rental payments.

Importance of Ejari Dubai

As previously stated, Dubai is a veritable melting pot of opportunities. People from all around the world will come to take advantage of these opportunities.

Importance of Ejari Dubai

They’ll need a place to stay when they arrive. This would result in interaction between the landlord and the tenant. The state had to ensure this engagement did not jeopardize either party’s rights. As a result, the Ejari system strengthens the relationship between the leaser, the renter, and the state. With the Ejari system, the tenant receives a suitable property without breaking the bank.

On the other hand, the leaser will get a good tenant and the proper amount of rent out of the deal. Between now and then, the Ejari portal will allow RERA authorities to amend Ejari standards based on interactions between the tenant and the leaser. As a result, it forms a good trifecta, which is a win-win situation for all three parties. There are further reasons for the presence of Ejari portals, which we have listed below:

  • Service delivery uniformity
  • All parties are afforded legal protection (landlords, management companies, tenants)
  • Robust payment contract design with transparent terms and conditions
  • Creating e-receipts for enhanced record keeping.
  • Standardizes rental terms throughout Dubai
  • Creates a structured and open real estate atmosphere
  • Provides fast access to the most recent leasing terms
  • Protects the rights of the parties involved
  • Lease contracts are audited regularly.
  • Reduction of leasing blunders and fraud.

How to register for Ejari Dubai (Step by step guide)?

If you’re wondering how to sign up for Ejari, the process is simple and quick. You only need basic computer skills and information about your rent and landlord. If you have these details, then proceed as follows:

How to register for Ejari Dubai -Step by step guide
  • You must have a REST app. This app can be downloaded by following the link on the Ejari website or going directly to Google Play.
  • Look for the ‘Services’ menu after opening the app.
  • It will give you several options, but you must tap/select ‘RERA.’
  • It will display a tab for Ejari once more. You will be taken to the Ejari signup page when you click this tab.
  • You must submit all the relevant information and upload qualifying documents here.
  • Examine all of the material and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Following a last edit, click the “Submit Application” button to complete the submission.
  • Following that, a request is generated for Landlord/Leaser approval.
  • The leaser may examine the request’s contents and facts before clicking on the approval page in the Dubai Rest application.
  • Following this, you must pay a small Ejari Fee. Your registration process is completed after this charge is paid.

Now it’s time you live your fantasies in Dubai without worrying about rental agreement complications.

Offline registration for Ejari

There is no need to be concerned if you lack computer abilities. You can still manage your Ejari registration by hiring workers from typing centers. This personnel will correctly complete all procedures and assist you in registering. However, have your landlord’s contact information ready if you need to call for detailed confirmation quickly. Also, bring the appropriate paperwork for Ejari registration.

Fee for Ejari Registration Online

The overall cost for Ejari registration is subject to change. Whether you hire a typing center staff or do it yourself is up to you. You must pay at least AED 120-200 if you hire a typing center to perform the Ejari registration (VAT and service tax included).

Fees for Ejari Registration Online Dubai

If you perform your online registration , the Ejari registration will cost no more than AED 120. Deconstructing the Ejari online registration cost reveals that AED 120 contains AED 10 for each innovation and knowledge fee. Register for Ejari using your Android/iOS phone or computer system.

Ejari Dubai and Tenancy Contracts

The primary point of contact for allowing tenancy agreements between the tenant and the leaser is Ejari Dubai. It functions as a platform via which you may register, track your rental portfolio, cancel and renew contracts, and file complaints against your tenants.

register ehari dubai

As a result, it has aided in the digitization and legalization of tenant agreements. If you are new to Dubai and want to finish the Ejari formalities, you must first learn about the documentation. The following Ejari registration documents are required for registration:

  • If you are a tenant registering, you must have your Emirates ID.
  • In addition to your documents, you must provide copies of the landlord’s passport.
  • You must also include a copy of the rented property’s title deed.
  • Keep the DEWA Premise Number available, as it will be needed during registration. If not, you can also present copies of DEWA bills for the same.
  • If you are coming to renew your Ejari, you must have your previous DEWA bill and Ejari with you.
  • You must provide your trade license if you rent a commercial property for business purposes.

Ejari Registration Benefits: 

With an Ejari registration, you can access the following advantages:

Ejari Dubai and Tenancy Contracts
  • The registration of Ejari creates a documented contract between you and your landlord. As a result, in a future dispute, the Ejari contract will be used to resolve difficulties.
  • Ejari registration necessitates legal compliance on the side of both parties. It indicates that none of the parties, particularly the landlords/leasers, can violate the tenancy contract.
  • Ejari registration irons out the tenancy terms and conditions. It, therefore, aids in the removal of ambiguities and hidden charges associated with tenancy or property rental.
  • If specified in the Ejari agreement, the tenant may benefit from the guaranteed facilities and insurance.
  • Ejari registration, as a formal agreement, aids in distributing tenancy obligations between the tenant and the landlord. It specifies specific responsibilities for each side.
  • While Ejari stops wrongful evictions, it aids in fostering a sense of home security among the renters.

Renewing Ejari Dubai

It is crucial to emphasize that the Ejari tenancy agreement is not a permanent arrangement. It is more of a transitory one with an expiration date.

How to Renew Ejari Dubai

When the license expires, Ejari must be renewed. You must continue your Ejari whenever:

  • You are moving to a new/different apartment or address.
  • Your previous Ejari lease has expired.

Furthermore, landlords must keep their Ejari portal updated with each new tenant. Compliance with the renewal helps both parties to have a trouble-free renting experience.

To renew your Ejari, use the same application you used to register. You must also give equivalent documents and information. We’ve included it again here for your reference:

  • If you are a tenant registering, you must have your Emirates ID.
  • In addition to your documents, you must provide copies of the landlord’s passport.
  • You must also include a copy of the rented property’s title deed.
  • Keep the DEWA Premise Number available, as it will be needed during registration. If not, you can also present copies of DEWA bills for the same.
  • If you are coming to renew your Ejari, you must have your previous DEWA bill and Ejari with you.
  • You must provide your trade license if you rent a commercial property for business purposes.

You must repeat the steps mentioned above for each Ejari renewal. Hence, if you are not accustomed to utilizing the Ejari Portal, we advise that you become comfortable with it. If you’re wondering how much it costs to renew your Ejari, it’s the same as the registration charge, which is AED 120.

Consequences of Ejari Non-renewal

If you fail to renew your Ejari, your tenancy agreement automatically terminates. This means you are not protected by a lease and may be evicted without cause by your landlord. Furthermore, it may result in legal problems you prefer to avoid.

Failure to renew Ejari agreements would expose landlords to legal action. There is a chance of being investigated by Dubai’s RERA authorities. To avoid this uncomfortable situation, renewing Ejari contracts on time is best.

How To Cancel Ejari Registration In Dubai?

The landlord is responsible for canceling Ejari. As soon as their tenants leave/move out of your rented house, they must start Ejari cancellation. You must visit the Ejari office or utilize the Ejari Dubai online to cancel your Ejari registration.

How To Cancel Ejari Registration In Dubai

You must produce prior lease contracts as well as a NOC. The complete canceling process costs nothing more than AED 30 and is a short process.

As a result, landlords must complete the cancellation process as soon as possible since it is nearly straight. Also, Ejari cancellation will allow the landlord to move quickly on with future Ejari registrations.

Ejari Dubai and Disputes

Ejari Dubai is a legal and transparent link between the renter and the leaser. It establishes clear ground rules for both parties to follow.

In light of this, there are few odds of a tenancy dispute between the parties. However, if a dispute arises, both parties can use the Ejari portal to resolve their grievances or conflicts. It contains both parties’ past Ejari records. The parties can achieve an acceptable solution and fix the underlying issue using these records.

Ejari Offices in Dubai : Location , Timings & Contact Number

Ejari Offices In Dubai
  • Falcon Vision

Address: Amer Beside Union Insurance, Near Enoc Petrol Station, Al Ittehad Street

Timings: 09:00 am-05:00 pm

Contact details: +971 4 239 9498

  • Amer Centre DIFC

Address: DIFC CL-73, Central Park Towers

Timings: 8:00 am-8:00 pm

Contact details: +971 50 550 0893

  • Arabian Business Centre

Address: Shop No. 9 & 10, Sheikh Rashid Building

Timings: 8:00 am-8:00 pm

Contact details: +971 4 325 6111

Ejari Dubai Official Website and Contact Number

  • Ejari Website:
  • Phone number: +971 – 8004488
  • Email: [email protected]

Ejari settlement is critical for the rising tenant-landlord relations in Dubai. The legal system acts as a check and balance system. Furthermore, rental spaces are becoming one of the most valuable commodities in Dubai.

If it is not regulated, the government may fail to maintain a competent policy for its preservation. As a result, one aspect of Ejari Dubai has been confirmed. Its legal structure and online platform are favorable to all parties involved in Dubai’s real estate. It eliminates ambiguity and guarantees that each party receives their fair share of benefits from leasing agreements.

Frequently Asked questions

1.Is it a must to sign up for Ejari?

Yes, it is a must to sign up for Ejari. It will help you live in better tenancy conditions.

2. How much security money must I provide for my Dubai rental?

The amount of the security deposit lies at the owner’s discretion. Therefore, you must clear it with your respective leaser/landlord.

3.Does Ejari provide rental insurance?

Yes, Ejari enables rental insurance for better residential security.

4.Is the Ejari system just available in Dubai?

Yes, Ejari registration is exclusive to Dubai. You may need help finding the Ejari settlement portal for living outside Dubai.

5. Can registration and typing centers be used to register for Ejari?

Yes, you may utilize the typing centers for Ejari registration. We have mentioned a few typing centers in Dubai above.

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