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How To Stay Hydrated In UAE: Useful Tips



How To Stay Hydrated In UAE Useful Tips

Summer has already begun. One may easily picture the difficulties encountered during the heat, particularly in a desert. The dilemma is similar in the country of the United Arab Emirates. Summers are not always pleasant, and they can be harmful to one’s health.

The blazing heat of the sun becomes unpleasant and frequently results in dehydration. If left untreated, dehydration is likely to have a negative impact on the body. As a result, it is necessary to follow the best strategies for staying hydrated during the summer.

Common Causes of Dehydration in the UAE

Dehydration refers to the state wherein a quantity of fluid inside the human body falls below a certain level. It causes nausea, fatigue, and drowsiness.


The energy levels of the body usually remain low. There are many causes of dehydration in the UAE. 

  • It is caused due to the high temperature of the surroundings which causes excessive sweating.
  • A person may end up feeling dehydrated if he fails to consume the fluids in the required quantity.
  • Excessive physical activity can also be a reason for dehydration in the UAE. 

Tips for Staying Hydrated in the UAE

The best way for staying hydrated in the UAE is to consume an adequate amount of water. Most of us drink water only when we feel thirsty.

However, our body needs water irrespective of our thirst. Water is an essential component of human life and there is no doubt about it.

Drinking water in the desired quantities helps one to stay fit and active even during the hot hours of the summer. Let us explore some of the very common tips that will help to stay hydrated in summer:

1. Drink water just the moment you wake up

As we sleep, our body still continues to function and use energy. Therefore, in order to replenish the lost energy, the first thing in the morning must be to drink an adequate amount of water. It helps to stay fit and prevents dehydration throughout the day.

2. Drink more water when you sweat

The heat of the sun activates our sweat glands through which we lose a huge quantity of water every day. Sweating is usually more in summer.

It can also happen when one is working out or exercising. Therefore, in such a situation,  drink more water in order to compensate for the loss of fluids lost.

3. Always carry a water bottle

Many times, we forget to drink water just because it is not available to us. In such a case, always carry a water bottle along with you in the UAE. one can easily buy a reusable water bottle from a nearby store. This helps to track the total amount of water drunk during the day.

4. Add flavors to the water

Drinking water may be mundane at times. However, you can definitely make it much more exciting. One can add flavors to the water in order to make it taste amazing. If you enjoy drinking your water, then there is no chance that you will ever forget having it.

There are many natural and organic flavors available in the UAE. these flavors not only contain micro-enzymes but also at the same time make the water tasty.

5. Drink safe water

Merely galloping water is not enough. One must be very conscious about the quality of the water that is generally consumed.

Safe water is beneficial for the body and unsafe water may invite various health diseases. Installation of a water processing machine or reverse osmosis shall filter the water and make it fit for drinking purposes. 

6. Eat Fresh Fruits

Eating watery fruits and vegetables during summer is actually helpful to fulfill your water intake easily. They not only control your appetite but also make you feel hydrated.

7. Never consume excessive sugars and salts

The excessive consumption of sugars and salts during the summers can be another reason for feeling dehydrated in summers.

Consumption of artificially flavored sweet and savory drinks may quench the thirst for the moment. But these fluids are not at all healthy in summer. Instead, one can try coconut water which is an excellent source to avoid dehydration.

8. Reduce the consumption of Caffeine 

Many of us are addicted to caffeinated drinks such as coffee and tea. However, the consumption of these drinks in the summer may not be a good idea.

They absorb the water from the body and make a person feel dry. In fact, coffee is a well-known stimulant of dehydration among men and women in the UAE. 

In light of the tips which have been mentioned above, it is important to note that staying hydrated is very essential for a healthy life.

This is the first key step through which one can remain active even despite the scorching heat of the sun. Dehydration can invite various other problems as well. Therefore, one must avoid such situations at every possible cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the maximum temperature in the UAE during summer?

It may be as hot as 50 degrees Celsius 

2. Can one drink bottled water every day?

Always carry a good quality water bottle and avoid drinking water from low-grade plastic bottles.

3. What is the minimum amount of water that one must drink every day?

A person must drink around 4-5 liters of water in such weather.

4. What is the amount of water one loses with sweating and urination?

A person may happen to lose around 2-3l of water through these processes.

5. What is the purpose of drinking water?

It helps to stay hydrated in the summer.

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