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UAE Visit Visa 2023: New Rule Changes , What To Know?



UAE Visit Visa 2023 New Rule Changes

According to recent reports, the UAE visit visa rules have changed. In this article, we will discuss the six most recent changes in visit visa. Continue reading to learn the most recent information about it.

Do you have any plans to take a trip to the United Arab Emirates? The country is beautiful and has many places to experience. Here people come with the purpose of entrepreneurship, investment, and education. But before you start preparing an itinerary; the first thing you need to do is know everything about the visit visa.

With time, every country introduces some changes to its visa process, extension, suspension, and other rules. These new rules in have changed some things related to residence permits, entry into the country, expansion of the Golden Visa, and more. Here is everything you should be aware of –

Latest News Regarding Visa Rules for UAE

The cabinet of UAE is focused on strengthening its country’s position as the perfect destination to invest in, work, and live in. Owing to this, the cabinet has approved some of the executive regulations put forward by the Federal Decree-Law regarding the Residence of Foreigners and Entry.

This is the Advanced Visa System. Under this; UAE has launched 10 new kinds of entry vias and resident permits. It has also expanded the categories of the Golden Visa. This new system of entry and residence has already come into effect so that visitors are attracted to the country.

UAE Visit Visa 2023

Their approach would also help in retaining global talent and workers that are skilled from around the world. This would support flexibility within the job market and competitiveness. A better sense of stability among all the families and residents in the UAE would be created.

Apart from this, the new rules of entry and visa have been implemented to provide an incentive and empower the SMEs of UAE. This would enable the establishment of new businesses in the country.

The country has also introduced the latest service within the ICA system where visas would be issued for families visiting the UAE for the purpose of travel or treatment.

If someone is accompanying a patient and there would be multiple (or even a single trip within 90 days) trips within 180 days; then the visa would be granted for the same.

6 New Changes Introduced in the UAE Visa System

Here are the 6 new changes introduced in the UAE visit visa.

1. 5-year Multiple Entry Visa

When a tourist has a visa, he or she can easily enter the country several times through self-sponsorship. The tourist can stay in the country for up to 90 days with every visit and the visa holder can get it extended for a further 90 days without the requirement of leaving the place.

As per the authorities, this visa allows family members to come and stay with their people for a long time without any inconvenience.

Tourists who apply for this 5-year entry visa have to submit their official documents. They include proof of health insurance by the UAE, and past 6-month bank statements with a minimum balance of $4,000, or else the same amount in foreign currency.

Apart from that, a copy of the flight ticket and residential proof such as an invitation from family or friends (living in the UAE) have to be submitted.

There won’t be any extensions of visa from the country: Those visitors who have a visit visa cannot extend it beyond the term mentioned beforehand while living in the country.

Visitors who have a visa and want to extend their stay in the UAE have to exit the country first and then apply for a new visa. Once the visa is approved, they can enter again. Talking about the same, the Managing Director of Smart Travels – Afi Ahmed said that the visitors can extend their visa for a month and have to pay a cost for that. Once the cost is paid, they have to exit the country and re-enter.

2. Fee increase

The fee that is levied for visa and ID of Emirates has been increased and this new cost is applicable for every service that is offered by the Federal Authority. As officially confirmed by a reliable representative, this includes citizenship, identity, and ICP (customs and port security).

According to the new rules introduced, the Emirates ID that used to cost Dh270 would be for Dh370. Fees for issuing a visit visa for a single month have been increased from Dh270 to Dh370.

A 60-day visa is continued: With the new changes implemented, one of them is that a 60-day visit visa can be provided to tourists. Before that, there was a 30-day visa. But if someone wants to stay in the country for a longer time then he/she can get a 60-day visa.

Fine for an overstayed visit: If a visitor overstays his/her visit then there would be an overstay fine levied. The visitor has to pay that amount and get a leave permit or an out pass by paying an extra amount. This payment has to be done before leaving the country.

As informed by a spokesperson for Deira Travels – the fine is applicable for those visitors who are leaving through Dubai. If a visitor is leaving from any other UAE country then an out pass is not required.

Entry permit is given to visit friends or relatives: According to the recent amendment, any visitor can apply for an entry permit if that person has a friend or relative in the country.

2023 Golden Visa

The categories for the Golden Visa have been expanded and some amendments have been added. As per the Director of Operations; Mark Dorzi – Golden Visa will give the holder the right to work and settle down in the Emirates.

This visa can be granted to exceptional talents, investors, scientists, entrepreneurs, skilled workers, and graduates.

This would allow the holders to sponsor others, including their kids and spouses; irrespective of age. They can also sponsor domestic workers without any limit.

2023’s Green Residence

There have been some major improvements seen in the Green Visa of the UAE. This includes a residence track for 5 years that include skilled professionals, talents, entrepreneurs, investors, and freelancers.

Apart from simplifying and facilitating the requirements of every type of resident, many other benefits have been offered. This includes a flexible and long grace period that can go up to 6 months. The resident can stay in the country once the permit has been expired or cancelled.

Job Exploration Visa

A job exploration visa has been introduced to attract skilled professionals and young talents and help them explore new job opportunities that are available in the UAE. This visa would not require any sponsor or host. It will be granted to the visitor when the applicant meets these criteria –

  1. Graduate from one of the 500 best universities (worldwide)
  2. Classified in first to third skill level according to the Emiratisation and Human Resources Ministry
  3. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent should be the minimum education level

So, if you are planning to visit, make sure that you comply with the norms.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the benefit reaped through a visa extension?

If you get to extend your visa, you can avail of various benefits like changing the visa status on that particular day. You can also travel to a neighbour’s house while waiting for the new visa.

2. Which documents are required for the visa extension?

In case of an extension, here are the documents that are required to be submitted –
The documents of a sponsor, such as an Emirates ID, bank statement, passport copy, or contact information (if applicable).
👉Copy of the passport
👉Scanned copy of a passport photo (coloured on a white background)

3. What is a Golden Visa and what is its tenure now?

The Golden Visa is especially used to attract foreign expertise and investment in the country. It comes with several benefits, including access to high-quality education, the ability to work and live there, and healthcare. It is not valid for 10 years, irrespective of the category.

4. What is the fee for visa extension according to the new rules?

For the purpose of tourism, the extension fee is 600 AED. This includes 100 AED as a request fee and 500 AED as the fee for issuance. The visitor has to pay via his/her credit card.

5. What are the new rules for an unused visa in 2023?

In 2023, the rules related to an unused visa have also changed. Visitors who wanted to go to the UAE but couldn’t due to any reason had to cancel their visas. This can be done by paying the fee. The cost of the same depends on the travel agent through which you got the visa. The approximate cost is AED 300. If the visitor doesn’t want to cancel the visa, he/she can extend the entry by 2 months. A fee of AED 200 has to be paid for that.

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