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AED400 Discount On Electricity Bills Has Been Announced For UAE Nationals



AED400 Discount On Electricity Bills Has Been Announced For UAE Nationals

The UAE has adopted many initiatives that contribute to meeting the requirement for a decent life. Considering the development of the nation, the UAE has announced AED400 discounts for water and electricity bills. Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, supreme council member and the ruler of Sharjah, directed the Sharjah electricity water and Gas Authority (SEWA)  to provide an ADE400 discount which will be a benefit for the UAE nation. In order to support the people of the Emirates, the authority has touched on various projects such as the electric sector, which has developed many power plants in terms of expanding the ways that contribute to the smooth generation of more power in the upcoming years.

Water And Electricity Bill Will Be Reduced

He also said that Dh20 million will be allotted to the emirates for the renovation of the homes and to install eco-friendly technologies which help to save electricity and water. 

Water And Electricity Bill Will Be Reduced

To improve electricity efficiency, UAE encouraged people with discounts and packages, this is the reason that the UAE is considered the prime example of the government’s efforts to improve the development of the nation. The new laws created a huge effect on the national economy of the UAE. 4,500 UAE nationals benefit from the decision.  

According to DEWA, Dubai consumes the most electricity between the time of 12:00 pm and 06:00 pm during the summer. It is considered as the peak period of electricity consumption and this particular time is known as the peak hour loads. The authorities of DEWA suggest that consumers limit the use of non-essential appliances during the peak hours such as avoiding the use of iron boxes, washing machines, water heaters, and electric ovens in the peak hours to decrease the usage of electricity. According to the experts, the appliance on standby consumes 5% more electricity in this period of time so consumers should switch off the device when it is not in use. There are many guidelines provided by the government of UAE to optimize the use of electricity which includes trying air-dying clothes, keeping the air conditioner clean and tidy, switching to energy-efficient lights and appliances and many more. 

Apart from the electric and water sector, UAE has various plants for various fields to boost the economy of the nation this year. According to Sheikh Sultan’s educational programme “Teachers and Proud”, aims to appoint teachers to government cadres and assign them to private schools and turn their salaries to the government. Ali Al Hosani, Director of the Sharjah Private Educational Authority said that the programmes were scheduled in phases and the first phase was implemented under the directives of the Sharjah Ruler. The first phase appoints teachers of the Arabic language and religious education from the country. In the previous days, the Sharjah ruler announced to approve of the amount of AED 76,755,000 to clear the debt of 134 cases within the 23rd batch. 

The ruler of Sharjah always mentioned that he gives more importance to the employment project and is eager to provide opportunities to job seekers of the nation. The UAE provides chances for fresh graduates in order to utilize the facilities provided by the authority, which helps to enhance the ability of job seekers and also develop the nation economically. 

The development of infrastructure in every field in all the regions of Sharjah, especially in electricity, water and gas is considered the key priority, where the nation is preparing itself to construct a strong and sustainable environment that will be beneficial to the people of emirates and also the people who visit and migrate to UAE. 

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