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DP World’s Overseas Logistics Investments Since 2012 Cross $10 Billion Mark



DP World’s Overseas Logistics Investments Since 2012 Cross $10 Billion Mark

The leading industry consultants have recently published a report releasing data on the quantum of Foreign Direct Investment in the logistics sector. It has brought forward the contribution of Dubai’s leading conglomerate, DP World to the global logistics sector. According to the report, DP World has invested more than  USD 10 billion in the last 10 years.

With this contribution, it has ended up becoming one of the top five overseas investors in this domain. This has basically elevated the position of Dubai globally. The Government of Dubai has been working towards easing the regulations in order to promote industries to invest in global markets without any limitations so far. 

DP World has strategically contributed to enhancing the global availability of goods and services and has left no stone unturned to make this happen. The investment made by the company so far has helped to strengthen the infrastructure and boost the economic ties between the different nations altogether.

They have significantly contributed to improving the supply chain of businesses around the world. They have adapted themselves to the challenges posed by globalization and have been successful in meeting the expectations of the global markets. 

DP World aims to unlock the trade potential of the continents through better logistics

DP World recently commissioned a study in the month of January, and the same was evaluated by the leading economists so far. The study revealed the emerging trends in globalization that continue to govern the logistics sector.

Accordingly, DP World planned to revise its policies and strategies. DP World is currently pooling its funding for the development of manufacturing houses near the home countries in order to safeguard the multinational companies against the perils of the protectionist policies of the emerging trade blocs.

DP World aims to unlock the trade potential of the continents through better logistics

In addition to this, the overseas investor has planned to invest USD 300 million in the latest project undertaken in association with India’s National Infrastructure Investment Fund as well. 

DP World has channelized a total investment of USD 10 billion over a period of 10 years in multiple projects so far. Ever since the beginning, it has been planning to strengthen its relationship with the Asian and African continents.

It has currently contributed around USD 1 billion to the development of the Port of Ndayane and the Port of Senegal.  It is also uplifting the Dakar port located at the eastern end of Africa. The officials of the DP World are already in deliberations with the Dominican Republic and Peru for the reconstruction of their pivotal ports.

It will also expand the Callao Port and connect that to the Western Coast of the African continent. This investment in the African continent has been the largest round undertaken by the DP World so far. 

Followed by Africa, DP World has also invested 8.99 million Dirhams in the United Kingdom. This has not only resulted in the generation of livelihood for the Englishmen but also boosted the gross domestic product of the country. It is working on the development of a Roll Roll Terminal adjacent to the Port of Constanta.

This terminal is a critical route in the Black Sea and its development would be helping businessmen to send their goods overseas. It has further invested USD 350 million for the construction of the London Gateway which will improve the trade relationships of the United Kingdom with the neighboring countries so far.

Around 5-6% of the total investment by the DP World has been channelized to countries like Romania for interlinking the trade channels with each other. 

DP World has also launched a mission titled, Transition to Trade. Under this mission, it has partnered with global competitors to boost the level of infrastructure in under-developed and developing countries.

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It has also signed and executed a memorandum of understanding with the Governments of Peru and Columbia for developing the logistics sector there. Until now, the investment by the company had been very fruitful in raising the global standards of transportation. The accessibility of businesses and multinationals have improved significantly and they can now access the global markets without any hindrance. 

The Group chairman of the DP World, Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, recently expressed his satisfaction after being adjudged as one of the top five overseas investors so far. He shared that the company has always worked towards uplifting Dubai’s position on the international platform.

With all this investment, it is very evident that Dubai has marked its presence in the growth of the logistics sector for the past 10 years now. All of this has added to Dubai’s reputation in the international sphere. The company has already prepared a roadmap for the future course of action. This would be changing the dynamics of the sector for sure. 

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