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Dubai Adds 58 Public Schools Including 20,000 Students To Dtc School Bus App



Dubai Adds 58 Public Schools Including 20,000 Students To Dtc School Bus App

The subsidiary of the Roads and Transports Authority (RTA) Dubai, The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) has launched a new plan of integrating 58 government schools which comprise more than 20,000 pupils into the school bus application – DTC School Bus App.

This initiative is introduced as part of DTC’s plans to expand its services to government schools throughout the city.

This app is beneficial to both parents and drivers and for the safety of students

The Director of Digitization and Commercial Development of DTC, Mr. Abdullah Ibrahim Al Meer reported that the DTC School Bus App provides several services including the registration of students and the registration of parents to permit them to track the motion of buses to and from schools.

The application forwards notifications to parents instantly as soon as the students hit the school or when they are dropped off at home after school.

School Bus App

Not only the notification regarding reaching destinations are sent but also any unexpected traffic jams or delays are notified too.

This app is helpful in plenty of ways, allowing parents to save time as they can report the absence of their children, which in turn allows the drivers to proceed according to the demands of the situation in the event of any impact on the journey of the buses.

This app is also beneficial for the drivers of these school buses. The bus drivers are able to monitor the technical details of the vehicle, like the kilometers the bus traveled, and also to contact the control centers.

The drivers will be alerted by the notifications in the event of any unexpected traffic congestion, bus breakdown, or any alteration in the schedules of pupils boarding or leaving the bus in addition to sending notifications to the control center in case of any emergency.

These measures make sure that the services conducted are in accordance with the highest safety standards and also in alignment with Dubai’s surveillance systems.

Mr. Al Ameer also explained that the Dubai Taxi Corporation is more than ready to equip the school buses with the latest and most advanced technologies which comprise high-end surveillance systems to make sure that no student is left in the vehicle in addition to electronic trackers of buses and the pupils using the devices installed on board.

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Al Ameer shared that these approaches are taken in accordance with the most advanced and highest safety and security standards to make sure that the children are safe and sound and the parents can easily check on them throughout their conveyance.

Currently, DTC School Bus offers transportation services through around 800 routes.

The Dubai Taxi Corporation offers training programs specifically crafted for drivers to ensure that they are practicing safe and responsible habits while driving.

These training programs are curated so as to instill in drivers the quality and standards that the Road and Transport Authority stipulates, which associate paramount importance to the safety and security of students.

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