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Ramadan 2023: Dubai Police Arrested 88 Illegal Street Vendors



The Dubai Government has ordered the Police authorities to arrest all the street vendors who are indulged in anti-social activities during the Holy month of Ramadan. It has been two weeks since the Dubai Police have been arresting street vendors who illegally sell fruits and vegetables that do not conform to health and safety standards.

The aim behind such a drive is to eliminate unruly and unethical behavior in order to uphold the spirit of the festivities. The Dubai Police is trying its level best to offer the highest level of safety and security to the residents during the month of Ramadan.

The Dubai Police have decided to undertake these surprise inspections regularly. Over the period of time, there has been an increase in the availability of unauthorized sellers in the market who are indulged in selling artificial, expired, and adulterated food products.

The Government of Dubai is committed to improving the quality of the lives of the citizens. Protecting the health of the people is very important and therefore, the Government is resorting to every measure in order to prevent these low-quality food products from reaching the public. 

Police Seized The Goods And Send to the Investigation Department

The Infiltrators Control Department in the General Department of Criminal Investigations has collaborated with the Dubai Police in order to protect the residents of the country from being a victim to any of such unscrupulous conduct which has a grave impact on health.

Dubai Police Seized The Goods And Send to the Investigation Department

The Police Department has undertaken a drive of arrests and seizures since the beginning of the Holy Month of Ramadan and has arrested around 88 street vendors. Their goods have been seized and sent over to the investigation department for unraveling their origin and sources. The Government of Dubai has recently expressed its concerns over the availability of low-quality food products available in the market. These street vendors have become the primary sources of supplying these products to the public. Therefore, arresting them became important.

Infiltrators Control Department Director in the General Department of Criminal Investigations Colonel Ali Shamsi also issued a warning to the public to make them aware of the dangers of consuming these substandard products. The warning clearly advised the people against consuming vegetables, fruits, and packed and processed food items from unlicensed street vendors parked on public roads.

According to the sources, the street vendors who sell the consumables on the public streets of Dubai without a license cannot be trusted. Time and again, they have been accused of selling products of unknown origin that have either expired or do not adhere to food safety standards. These food products affect the health of the public. Therefore, to ensure public health safety, the Dubai Police have arrested these street vendors to deter others from indulging in these activities. 

The Dubai Police has organized regular campaigns to ensure that people during Ramadan get good quality food to eat. The Government has been aiming to improve its services for the betterment and welfare of the residents. Safety of human health is one of the most important objectives that the Government is dedicated to accomplishing at any cost.

That is why these street vendors have been directly arrested. According to the sources, the number of unlicensed street vendors has increased beyond 10,000 from last year. With this, it can be safely assumed that the market of low-standard consumables has also increased and many people unconsciously consume these food items. In fact, medical health data has revealed that there has been a 5% increase in the number of food infection cases over the recent two years.

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The officials of the Police Department in a press release have appealed to the public to protect themselves against such vendors. Instead, the public can communicate any such violation directly to the police authorities. The Government has already released an official form. Any person who witnesses such illegal activities or is himself a victim can report to the authorities immediately by filling out the form.

The Dubai Police will continuously monitor the situation and ensure that no such unscrupulous activities are ever detected. International organizations have applauded such a move by the Dubai Police. This is technically the best way to detect these activities as soon as possible because they will have a rigorous impact on the health of the people.

This would be nothing but a compromise of the sustainable development goals which the country is committed to fulfilling. These measures are in line with the greater objective of protecting the lives of the people and ensuring a better lifestyle over a period of time.

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