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Dubai Police Emergency Response Time Is 2.34 Minutes



Dubai Police Emergency Response Time Is 2 Minutes 20 Seconds!

The Dubai Police is one of the most renowned police forces around the world with a strong 17,500 members. It is part of the United Arab Emirates and was founded in 1956. According to a recent report released by the Dubai police, they have reduced their emergency response time to an impressive 2 minutes and 20 seconds in 2021. This is an improvement from the previous year’s average and the percentage of emergency calls that were answered within ten seconds also increased from 99 percent to 99.6 percent. 

Police Patrol Reach in 2 Minutes 20 Seconds!

During the annual inspection, the department also revealed that their new Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects also showed promise as this would help officers on the field to identify vehicles and their history through mobile scanning.

Dubai Police Emergency Response

The department is also looking at upgrading its CCTV cameras throughout the emirate nation. The Major General of Dubai police Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri warned that citizens should be careful while dialing the police hotline numbers as different numbers are meant for different purposes. 999 is the hotline number for emergencies and 901 can be used for non-emergencies. 

The UAE police department has a terrific record for maintaining law and order in the Emirates. They have been continuously ranked among the top positions by the World Justice Project’s Rule of Law Index. The general law and order atmosphere in the emirates is considered to be safe from violence and other instances of delivering justice were also prompt and are not interfered with by outside forces. 

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According to another report, the Dubai Police had reported around 545 crimes that involved huge amounts of money in 2021. The total money was valued at around Dh2.2 billion and this report was released as part of the effort of the Dubai police to curb finance-related thefts and frauds across the UAE. Several campaigns were also done by the police department to sensitize people regarding sharing their private details with strangers so that any suspicious activity should be immediately reported to the police. The Executive Office of Anti-money laundering and Counter-terrorism mentioned a crime where the fraudsters had used the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to mimic the sound of a company director transferring $35 million. The Dubai police also known for their drug bust operations have received a lot of compliments from around the UAE.  

The emergency operations of the police department are one of the core functions that dictate a lot of professional acumen and presence of mind. Most of the emergency calls received by the department need swift action and even seconds are valuable. Two days before there was news of multiple motorists being fined by the Dubai Police after they were seen drifting and driving their vehicles on wet roads following the rain on Tuesday. The vehicles were seized by the Dubai police after the video of the incident went viral. The police officers said that these motorists were risking their own lives and also putting other lives in danger as one of the drivers can be seen ramming into another vehicle during the stunt.   

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