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Dubai Police Imposes Ban Fireworks And AED100,000 For Illegal Use



Dubai Police Imposes Ban Fireworks And AED100,000 For Illegal Use

The Dubai Police launched a new campaign to create awareness among the public about the dangers of using fireworks.

This campaign was launched as a part of the annual awareness campaign program to raise awareness among the public about the risks associated with using fireworks. It was launched by the Dubai Police under the slogan “Remember… Fireworks are more dangerous than you think”. 

The Security Awareness Department of the General Department for Community Happiness, in connection with the General Department of Organisation Security and Protective Emergency, launched this initiative to inform the public about the risks associated with the use of fireworks and the need for professionals in such circumstances, especially during celebrations and important community occasions, to ensure the safety of all attendees.

About Annual Awareness Campaign

Upon imposing certain regulations on the use of fireworks in the city, the Dubai Police reminded the public that illegal use of fireworks can lead to a fine of AED 100,000 and a prison sentence. The campaign also emphasizes the importance of keeping children and untrained individuals away from using fireworks.

In educating the public about the dangers of using fireworks, the authorities in Dubai warned that inappropriate use could result in long-term problems that can be life-threatening.

About Annual Awareness Campaign

The Director of the Security Awareness Department, Butti Ahmad bin Darwish Al Falasi, outlined the dangers that firecrackers will bring. He said that this is the second time that the Dubai Police is launching an awareness campaign to make the public aware of the risks associated with using fireworks.

To reach as many individuals in the community as possible, the Dubai Police has planned that the campaign will raise awareness using social media sites, outdoor advertisements, and direct email messaging.

The campaign, which has been planned to continue until April 23, aims to educate and inform the public about the dangers of using fireworks and encourages them to report anyone who sells, owns, or uses fireworks unlawfully by calling the Dubai Police call centre at 901.

The use of fireworks can result in permanent disabilities, burns, and amputations. According to scientific research, about 15 percent of eye-related injuries, 16 percent of face and ear injuries, 6 percent of chest injuries, 10 percent of forearm injuries, 30 percent of hand injuries, and 23 percent of leg injuries are caused due to the use of fireworks.

The fireworks fall under the definition of explosives under the federal law governing weapons, ammunition, explosives, military equipment, and hazardous materials. In the Federal Decree-Law No. 17 of 2019, an explosive is a chemical compound or a mixture of chemical compounds that, when exposed to favorable conditions, react with one another to produce pressure, heat, and a specific speed, causing an impact or damage to the immediate environment, including fireworks.

According to the law, a license or a permit must be obtained from the licensing authority or the concerned entity before you can purchase, possess, import, export, re-export, transit, ship in stages, trade, manufacture, repair, transport, or dispose of the explosives.

Furthermore, as per Article 54 of the decree-law, anybody who trades in fireworks imports, exports, manufactures within the nation or introduces them into the nation without a license will get a minimum one-year prison sentence and a maximum fine of AED 100,000, or both of these punishments.

Fireworks are an important element of every special occasion in Dubai. During the new year and on every special occasion, public spots in Dubai host fireworks to attract public attention. Before the upcoming Ramadan, the Dubai Police has now relaunched the annual awareness campaign intended to educate and inform the public about the dangers associated with the use of fireworks.

As keeping and trading fireworks without a proper permit and license is punishable in the country, the campaign aims to warn the public about the risks associated with the use of illegal fireworks that can be potentially dangerous.

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It is advised by the Dubai Police to seek and ensure the assistance of a professional when using fireworks for special occasions and celebrations to ensure the safety of the public, as they can cause life-threatening damages if handled carelessly.

The program was launched by the Security Awareness Department in the General Department for Community Happiness under the UAE government in collaboration with the General Department for Organisations Security and Protective Emergency.

The campaign is being introduced to the public by the Dubai Police to ensure public well-being.

The campaign once again reminded people of the rules and regulations related to the trade and handling of fireworks in Dubai, thereby imposing certain restrictions on the use of illegal fireworks.

The officials also warned that those who try to violate these can get a punishment fine of AED 100,000 which can even lead to a prison sentence. People were also encouraged to report any illegal use, trade, or possession of fireworks as a means to ensure the public’s safety.

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