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Dubai’s RTA Opens Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Street To Ease Traffic



Dubai's RTA Opens Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Street To Ease Traffic

Dubai’s traffic management has been one of the best and as part of further ease and accessibility for road traffic, two new bridges have been opened by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). These bridges will serve to reduce the traffic at Silicon Oasis and Academic City.

The bridge that extends to a length of 120 meters is constructed as part of the Sheikh Zayed bin Hamdan Al Nahyan street improvement project and this further adds an additional three kilometers from the intersection of the Dubai Al Ain road to the Academic City roundabout.

The new traffic management efforts are part of the larger development agenda of Dubai 

Both bridges will have four lanes in a single direction and this will help increase the traffic capacity to around 14,400 vehicles per hour in both directions. 

This project will improve the accessibility and traffic around the Dubai Silicon Oasis which consists of over 25 educational institutions and a total student strength of 27,500 together with other development projects in the area. 

The new traffic management efforts are part of the larger development agenda of Dubai 

In the future, the RTA is planning to develop the area from the Academic Sector to the intersection with Al Awir Street belonging to Sheikh bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street. Mattar Al Tayer, Director-General, Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of the Roads and Transport Authority said that the new improvements that have been made in the Sheikh Zayed bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street are part of the larger directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai to speed up the road development projects in Dubai so that it can keep up with the overall development scale of the Emirate City. 

Al Tayer also noted that the new project is part of a master plan to improve the road transportation channels across Dubai so that the traffic can be kept under control and can also provide easy accessibility through the city. It aligns with the strategic planning of the RTA in creating a developmental infrastructure for Dubai’s road and public transport networks.

It will aim at constituting safe and integrated traveling solutions for both the road and marine networks in Dubai. On a larger scale, this would encourage investments and development parallelly boosting the demographic growth and development plans too.

The project would be looking at creating better accessibility for the entrance and exit of Sheikh Zayed bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street and this can be achieved by connecting the intersection with the Dubai- Al Ain Road and widening the street road to four lanes in each direction and this would be extended for a distance of three kilometers.

A signalized intersection will be constructed beneath the two new bridges for serving twenty-lane road traffic that handles about 8000 vehicles per hour. This would make the traffic between Dubai Silicon Oasis and Zayed University smoother and safer. 

The eastward development of the Sheikh Zayed bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street towards the Al Awir also goes hand in hand with the plans of RTA to widen the street to four lanes in every single direction that extends to a total of 25-kilometer stretch from the Dubai Al Ain Road to the roundabout at Al Yalayes Street. 

As part of the effort to make the whole street more accessible, a flyover has also been constructed at the intersection that connects with Latifa Bint Hamdan Road which is near the entrance of the Global village.

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This will help regulate the inbound traffic from the Emirates road together with the addition of a signalized roundabout at the Al-Qudra intersection and another signalized surface junction at Hessa Road. Al Tayer specifically confirmed that these are just temporary traffic solutions that have been set up for controlling the traffic and a final project will be implemented in these areas in the near future. 

The Dubai RTA has been continuously working towards improving the urban traffic management in the Emirate city and their efforts have been considered some of the best in the world. Dubai traffic seamlessly integrates itself from highway lanes to the streets inside the city without traffic congestion.

This development criterion has been continuously improved by the RTA as traffic increases year after year and in another ten years, Dubai will witness a huge growth in its overall demography.

So under the guidance of wise leadership, RTA has started to initiate small projects within the city spaces to make accessibility across different streets easier. They are planning to improve the overall sustainability of the transport systems across Dubai as COP28 will be held in Dubai this year.

This will be a great moment in the history of the city as the whole world will get to witness the efforts made by Dubai and the UAE in creating a greener and more sustainable economy.                                                                           

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