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DXB Maintains Position For the 9th Time Of Worlds Busiest Airport



Dubai International Airport (DXB) Retains The Title Of World’s Busiest Airport

According to the Airport Council International (ACI), the Dubai International Airport (DXB) has been maintaining the title of the world’s busiest airport for its traffic in international passengers for the past 9 years. It has been recorded a massive increase in the number of international passengers in the year 2022 after the covid-19 pandemic, which crossed over 66 million. The Dubai International Airport expects to increase this passenger rate to 78 million in the year 2023.

Dubai International Airport (DXB) Retains The Title Of World’s Busiest Airport

The CEO of Dubai Airports, Mr. Paul Griffiths said that the Dubai International Airport has showcased excellent performance in 2022 with a huge leap in the number of passengers towards the latter part of the year. He further added that considering the performance, this achievement of retaining the position as the world’s busiest airport for the ninth year does not bring them much surprise. 

dubai worlds busiest airport in 2022-2023

He also emphasized the dedication and hard work put in by each and every worker in achieving this. The year 2022 was a bit challenging for the Dubai International Airport with the whole world trying hard to recover from the loss faced during the covid-19 pandemic. The thorough planning and preparation taken by each member of the DXB community helped them to achieve this position despite the increasing demand for air travel. 

As a result of the combined effort from all sectors, the Dubai International Airport was well equipped to serve the needs of the passengers. This readiness from the part of the airport helped them to handle the sudden increase in demand and also provide better service to the 66 million passengers in the year.

On Wednesday, Airport Council International unveiled its annual ranking of the world’s busiest airports. The data from the reports show that the number of passengers was nearly 7 billion which was a 53.5 percent increase from the year 2021 and a 73.8 percent increase from the year 2019. 

When the Dubai International Airport continued to maintain its position for the ninth year continuously the other airports in the top five list were, Heathrow Airport of London with 58.243 million passengers, Amsterdam Airport with 52.46 million passengers, the Paris Airport with a record of 51.76 million passengers and the Istanbul Airport with 48.5 million passengers.  

The report says that about 10 percent of the world’s airline traffic belongs to the top ten airports in the list. This data clearly indicates an increase of 51.7 percent from the year 2021 and an 85.9 percent increase from their performance in the year 2019.

According to the ACI data, out of the top ten airports in the world, five belong to the US. The domestic travel of the US airports which have seen a strong recovery accounts for this performance. The domestic passenger traffic data of the airports in the US falls between 75 to 95 percent, which contributes a major share to the recovery of the airline industry. 

The ACI report and rankings were made by compiling preliminary data from airports all around the world. The data taken includes both the international and domestic markets of the world’s airline industry. By considering the total number of passengers for both domestic and international travel, the Dubai International Airport has been given the fifth position. 

The data released by the Council indicates that the first place in the list was achieved by the American Atlanta Airport with a number of about 93.7 million passengers. The Dallas-Fort Worth Airport in the US came in second position with 73.36 million passengers. The third position was bagged by the Denver Airport in the US with 69.2 million passengers.  

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The Singapore Airport is shown to have recorded the highest growth in international passenger traffic with a record of 952.9 percent in the year 2022, says the ACI data. London Gatwick Airport with a record of 501.5 percent, Heathrow Airport with 230.5 percent, the Madrid Airport with 136.2 percent. Paris Airport with 128.9 percent and the Dubai International Airport with a record of 127 percent follows the list. 

The Director General of the Airport Council International of the world, Luis Felipe de Oliveira said that the recent rankings mark a significant step towards the goal of the pre-pandemic level, as the airline community of the world is marching forward carefully amid the several challenges that could make an impact upon the recovery of the airline traffic.

He also added that China is believed to be the second largest market in the aviation sector after the US, and it is expected that the reopening of the market will bring progress in international and domestic travel. 

He also said that as a means to ensure the flow of goods, people, and services, the ACI will continue to urge the governments to take off the travel restrictions and to follow the data. As a result of which the passengers will get more options to travel and also support the overall recovery by fostering tourism and trade.   

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