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Emirates Adds Two More Services to Australia Due To High Demands



Emirates Adds Two More Services to Australia Due To High Demands

Air travel is currently witnessing great travel demands, in the world where almost all countries have opened up their borders after lifting Covid-19 related restrictions, and people are now keener to make international travel plans than ever before.

Owing to the super-high demands, Dubai’s flagship Emirates Airlines, have ramped up its services to Australia by adding new services to two major cities of the country: Melbourne and Sydney.

Currently, there are two daily services to Melbourne, which start from Dubai and have a stopover in Singapore before reaching the final destination at Melbourne. The new additional flight to Melbourne, scheduled to start operations on March 26, 2023, will follow the same route.

Emirates will restore Australian capacity to 100% pre-pandemic levels by mid-year

The additional service to Sydney will commence starting May 1, 2023, and will be a direct flight from Dubai.

Both the new services will be operated using the Boeing 777-300 ER aircraft with a three-class configuration, offering passengers the option to choose between economy, business-class, and first-class seating options.

Emirates will restore Australian capacity to 100% pre-pandemic levels by mid-year

The newly announced flights to Sydney and Melbourne come in addition to the daily double flights to Brisbane that were announced earlier. The new Brisbane flight additions are scheduled to begin operation starting from June 1, 2023. All the new routes and flight additions to Australia are part of the Emirate’s objective to grow its service to various key destinations in the country.

As per the plan, by mid-2023, Emirates will have 63 weekly services to various parts of Australia, offering a seating capacity of over 55,000 throughout all the flights. The flights to and from Sydney and Melbourne will be reinstated to the pre-pandemic levels, which will further help bolster Emirates flight operations to Australia.

In addition to the passenger capacity, the service additions also mean that the flights will be able to collectively carry freights weighing over 22 tonnes to and from Australia, further boosting the business and trade opportunities as well.

Talking about the new service additions, Adnan Kazim, Chief Commercial Officer at Emirates Airlines, said “Since operating the first flight to Melbourne in 1996, Emirates has over 25 years of service experience in Australia. Over the years, the airline has been able to transport more than 40 million people from and to Australia and even continued to offer its services during the times of pandemic as well. As we enter the post-pandemic world, there is a significant increase in demand for flights to and from Australia. Thus, we are offering more options for people interested to travel to Australia, as well as for people in Australia interested in traveling to other parts of the world.”

He also mentioned that “By adding a third Emirates service on a daily basis to and from Sydney and Melbourne, we will be able to provide an additional 500,000 additional seats to and from the cities in one year. Also, the Australian services will soon also get the “Premium Economy” configuration added in its flight configuration, thus making the Australian routes one of the first in the world to receive this new class configuration from Emirates.”

Lorie Argus, Melbourne Airport CEO, said about the service additions that “The team at Melbourne Airport are quite thrilled hearing about Emirates enhancing and focusing on its commitments to the city of Melbourne. With the new flight addition, Emirates will now have three daily flight routes to Melbourne, and a flight from Melbourne to Singapore on the way back. With all these services in place, the operations will return to the pre-pandemic level in terms of capacity.”

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Argus further added that “The new flight service additions to and from Melbourne is good news not just for passengers, but for Victorian good exporters in Australia as well. Considering that the Boeing 777-300 ERs will be making the transport, its added freight capacity can help exports from Australia into the Middle East and Asia, thus further improving the business opportunities in the country as well.”

On a similar note, Geoff Culbert, CEO of Sydney Airport said that “The additional capacity from Dubai to Sydney and back is much welcomed by the authorities and the people alike. The move will help people in Australia to get easy access to the other parts of the world, thanks to the extensive globally-connected services that Emirates operates.”

Culbert also stated that “The extra flights to and from Australia’s popular destinations will ensure that we’re taking another essential step in the recovery of international aviation. Moreover, considering the huge travel demand into Australia that exists, the higher number of passenger carrying capacity will ensure that more people, both tourists and business people alike, have the opportunity to visit the country.”

Emirates has one of the biggest and most extensive networks of flight operations, both passenger and freight, around the world. Apart from Australia, the airline had also recently announced its plan to ramp up operations in China, which is another of its key global markets.

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