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Emirates Flight Diverts To Amsterdam Due To Heavy Snow



Emirates Flight Diverts To Amsterdam Due To Heavy Snow

An Emirates flight to the UK was diverted to Amsterdam due to bad weather. The flight EK009 which was scheduled to land at Gatwick Airport on Sunday had to be sent to Schipol Airport in Amsterdam.

The London Gatwick Airport had been facing hostile weather and heavy snowfall because of which the flight was not able to land on the runway. Authorities had initiated measures for snow removal and the status would be updated at the earliest so that passengers to the UK can get back to their destination at the earliest. 

Despite the cold weather, all other UAE flights to the UK are still scheduled to take off

Emirates Airlines had put up an official statement apologizing for the inconvenience caused. They also said that the passengers have been accommodated in Amsterdam for the time being and the weather situation is being monitored.

Despite the cold weather, all other UAE flights to the UK are still scheduled to take off

The London Gatwick Airport also put out a notification on Twitter that the Airport is fully functional except for some minor hiccups caused by bad weather. However, the passengers who are planning to fly down can confirm the status of their flights with their respective airlines.   

According to stats, Emirate airlines operates 3 A380 flights that travel to Gatwick from Dubai. It has several other flights to major UK points like Heathrow, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, and Newcastle. As per recent information, none of the other Emirates flights to the UK has been canceled.

But a lot of other flights from different countries have been canceled because of the winter in the UK. London’s Stansted Airport’s runway had to be closed and flights were suspended because of the weather. A general caution has been communicated to all passengers who are traveling to the UK to check the status of their flights as the weather conditions aren’t friendly. 

A yellow warning has been issued for places like England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, etc. as there is a forecast of snowfall and ice in most parts of the UK. The officials have asked citizens to stay back at home and reduce traveling by road because of the hostile weather that can cause major disruptions in the coming days.

People are also advised to keep their vehicle speed to a possible minimum keeping in mind the conditions of the roads. A lot of transportation services throughout the United Kingdom have been delayed or canceled. 

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According to weather forecasts, the sub-zero temperatures will be continuing till Thursday with Katesbridge recording the coldest temperature of the year in the UK of minus nine degrees. Multiple traffic collisions happened on Sunday because of the heavy snowfall and there were instances of vehicles breaking down.

Officials have asked people to take a blanket and a fully charged phone if they are planning to venture out in their vehicles as there is a possibility of breakdowns. Railway trains across the country have also been facing difficulties as services have been canceled or delayed. Southeastern railways have lifted their restrictions for travel but passengers should check their route status before traveling.

Around twenty percent of the total rail line network will be operational between 7:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Authorities have asked people to travel only if it is really necessary as snow and icy patches can cause difficulty in traveling during the next few days. 

In a shocking accident, three boys died when they fell into a frozen lake in Solihull, which is around a hundred miles from London, and the fourth boy is admitted to a hospital in critical condition. A ten-year-old boy who was among the three deceased is being hailed as a hero because he had jumped into the lake trying to save the others.

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  1. Bruce Walker

    December 15, 2022 at 5:21 pm

    I was on EK009 Sunday, and was diverted to Amsterdam. We were treated very poorly. No accomodation was available. No blanket available. We had to ask for water. We spent 20 hours on the floor of arrivals or on seats in departures. The airport was very cold. We couldnt buy a hot drink until 6am as all the shops were closed. We were advised not to leave the airport incase we couldnt get back in as we had only DXB to LGW boarding passes. The end to our vacation was awful. It has spoilt a very expensive Maldives vacation. We are not ill from being very cold for 20 hours. Emirates said online on several platforms that we were all given accomodation.
    This is incorrect. NOBODY was offered accomodation. It was awful.
    As a bonus, we were travelling Business class so expected to be treated respectfully.

  2. Brian Fraser

    December 16, 2022 at 3:20 pm

    Bruce’s comment is absolutely correct. We were told that 300 hotel rooms were available for our flight however this was wholly untrue. We were then told that all airport hotels were fully booked which was again untrue. I took my family to the Schiphol Ibis at 02:00 and they had plenty of accommodation.

    Emirates repeatedly made false statements and by the time passengers had worked out what was really going on, it was impossible to find anything online.

    For an airline that considers themselves to be world class, this is utterly disgraceful.

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