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Emirates Unveils New Signature Livery For Its Fleet



Emirates Unveils New Signature Livery For Its Fleet

Emirates, the world’s largest international airline, recently updated its signature livery. The new design aims to modernize the airline’s brand while preserving its distinct identity and history.

The importance of an aircraft’s livery as the most instantly recognizable brand real estate for any airline has been emphasized by Sir Tim Clark, President of Emirates Airline. The livery is a visual representation of an airline’s distinct identity that is proudly displayed in all cities where the airline operates.

Emirates chose to update its livery in order to remain modern and relevant while retaining key elements of its identity, such as the UAE flag on the tailfin and Arabic calligraphy.

These elements have become synonymous with the Emirates brand and are immediately recognized by customers and aviation enthusiasts around the world.

Airline unveils updated livery with 3D effect UAE flag, boldened gold lettering, and red-painted wingtips

Plane enthusiasts and Emirates airline fans will notice some noticeable changes in the airline’s new livery design. The Emirates tailfin now has a dynamic and flowing 3D effect artwork of the UAE flag, as well as red-painted wingtips with the Emirates logo in Arabic calligraphy, creating a “popping” effect in reverse white.

Airline unveils updated livery with 3D effect UAE flag, boldened gold lettering, and red-painted wingtips

Passengers sitting near the window can see the UAE flag colors painted on the wingtips facing the fuselage.

Furthermore, the iconic gold “Emirates” lettering, which is written in both English and Arabic, has been boldened and increased in size by 32.5% across the main body of the aircraft.

The airline has also maintained its iconic red branding on the plane’s belly, which was first introduced in 2005. The website URL “” has been removed from the new design, which is notable.

The new livery uses a darker shade of blue, which the airline believes is more sophisticated and modern. The aircraft’s lettering has been enlarged to make it easier to read from a distance. Besides that, the Emirates logo has been updated to make it more visible and easy to recognize.

The livery update is part of a larger brand refresh for Emirates, which has also included new uniforms for cabin crew and ground staff. With a distinctive beige and burgundy color scheme, the new uniforms are modern and elegant.

Emirates has updated its official aircraft brand colors for the third time. The original livery, which debuted at the airline’s inception in 1985, was refreshed in 1999 with the delivery of the first Boeing 777-300 at the Dubai Airshow, and this is the third iteration.

Emirates’ latest livery design debuted on its first aircraft, A6-EOE, an Airbus A380 that was recently overhauled at Emirates Engineering. On March 17th, the newly refurbished aircraft will take off for its maiden flight, flight EK51 to Munich.

The new livery will be gradually applied to the existing Emirates fleet, with 24 aircraft, including 17 Boeing 777s, expected to adopt by the end of 2023. Moreover, all new Emirates aircraft, beginning with the first Airbus A350 scheduled to join the fleet in August 2024, will be outfitted with this updated livery design.

Negus & Negus, a UK-based design firm, created Emirates’ original livery design in 1985. Following that, the airline’s in-house design team was in charge of creating subsequent aircraft colors.

Emirates has presented a variety of colorful and striking livery designs over the years, some of which were created specifically to foster sponsorship brand association or commemorate special occasions.

The airline’s bespoke aircraft livery, for example, has been used to promote sponsorship of major sporting events, such as the Emirates-sponsored Arsenal football team. In order to demonstrate national pride and commemorate significant national events, the airline has also painted planes with a livery design featuring the country’s national flag.

Emirates has also unveiled special livery designs for special occasions such as the UAE’s 50th Jubilee, which featured a gold color palette, and Expo 2020 Dubai, which featured vibrant blue and orange hues. These bespoke designs have shown the airline’s dedication to innovative and eye-catching livery designs that promote the airline’s distinct identity and heritage.

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Over the years, Emirates has proved an ongoing commitment to refreshing and updating its livery designs, from the original design by Negus & Negus to the most recently refreshed design.

This emphasis on visual branding reflects the airline’s commitment to providing its passengers with a seamless and unforgettable travel experience, from the moment they see the iconic Emirates livery at the airport to the moment they step off the plane at their destination.

Emirates’ new livery demonstrates the company’s commitment to modernizing its brand while maintaining its distinct identity and heritage. The airline’s attention to detail can be seen in the gradual implementation of the new livery across its fleet, ensuring seamless integration.

The update is a subtle yet significant change that will be easily recognized by passengers and aviation enthusiasts around the world, and it will remain a source of pride for Emirates and its employees.

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