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UAE Issues Licence For First Electric Cargo Aircraft



UAE Issues Licence For First Electric Cargo Aircraft

The United Arab Emirates is working to the best of its capacity to sustainably develop the country. In furtherance of this objective, it has recently issued the first license to operate an electric cargo aircraft.

This electric cargo aircraft would be a considerable addition to the transportation and logistics network of the country. With this, the country has achieved yet another milestone in reducing the emission of carbon and therefore promoting a green environment.

The aim behind the introduction of these electric cargo services is to redefine the future of logistics by making a move towards sustainable transportation.

This move will certainly reduce the dependence on non-renewable and conventional sources of energy. It depicts the potential utilization of technology to solve a global problem.

The country of UAE is committed to building a Green World and has taken various initiatives under this head.  A spokesperson of the Government acknowledged the licensing of electric cargoes to be a great step toward the realization of the long-term goals.

The adoption of electric cargo aircrafts will help to reduce the carbon emissions

The license has been granted by the UAE Regulations Labs at the General Secretariat of Cabinet. It has been issued only after due compliance with the regulations promulgated by the Executive Officer of the Ministry of Transportation.

The adoption of electric cargo aircrafts will help to reduce the carbon emissions

This license has been issued on a temporary basis in order to conduct a trial for confirming the efficiency of this mechanism.

United Parcels Services, which happens to be an American shipping and supply chain management company is supporting the vendors and developers of such aircraft to test the vehicle’s takeoff before commercializing their use. 

The Crown Prince of Dubai had dreamt of Dubai becoming a forerunner in contributing towards the global efforts for building a sustainable world. The Emirates, therefore, had rolled out various programs and initiatives for implementing eco-friendly measures that mitigate the harmful effects of industrialization and urbanization on the environment.

All of these measures aim to balance economic development and environmental preservation. The Ministry of Forest and Environmental Protection is constantly working to devise strategies for achieving this goal as early as possible. The idea behind the licensing of electric cargo aircraft stems from such a motivation.

The Government of UAE has spent considerable amounts of resources and hired the best technical personnel for the development of electric aircraft cargo. It has been designed in a way to reduce carbon emissions into the environment during the process of combustion. It works on electricity which is again generated from conventional sources of energy such as hydropower.

The Emirates has also launched a national mission in association with the RegLab. RegLab is a scientific lab that constantly works to unleash the true potential of technology and artificial intelligence. It offers innovative solutions to conventional problems in an economical way. 

The said move has been applauded by International bodies. This initiative has been in alignment with the UAE’s commitments under international agreements and conventions. The UAE has recently become the first signatory to the Scale 360-degree Operation by the World Economic Forum.

This initiative aims to fast-track the implementation of environmentally friendly measures for enabling the countries to achieve their Sustainable Development Goals. The recent licensing of electric cargo aircraft will significantly help the country to make a shift towards greener and cleaner fuels.

Until now, the logistics and transportation sector of UAE was highly driven by heavy vehicles which loaded goods from one place and delivered them to the other. These vehicles included trucks, lorries, and aircraft. All of these vehicles were run on scarce fuels.

With the growth of industrialization and urbanization, the logistics sector already experienced exponential growth.

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Therefore, the burden of this growth was to ultimately fall upon the non-renewable resources which take millions of years to replenish themselves. The introduction of electric cargo aircraft is indeed a laudatory move taken by the UAE. 

The first temporary license has been approved in September 2022. The Crown Prince of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum who happens to be the Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE, said that this small change will change the future for the betterment of not only the present but also the future generation.

Many other logistics companies have started applying to the authorities for the issuance of the license.

This initiative will certainly help to protect the environment and at the same time boost the efficiency of the supply chain management thereby resulting in a better customer experience. This would be making a significant contribution to the gross domestic product of Dubai in the coming times.

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