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Expo City Dubai Will Transform The former World’s Fair Site Into A Residential District



Expo City Dubai Will Transform The former World's Fair Site Into A Residential District

Expo City Dubai developers intend to transform the former world’s fair site into a thriving residential district, with homes starting at Dh1.2 million ($330,000). Construction on the Dubai South location has already begun, with plans to complete the first phase of villas and apartments by January 2026.

Expo Valley’s first phase includes 165 units, including five-bedroom villas, four- and five-bedroom semi-detached homes, and three- and four-bedroom townhouses.

Villas next to a nature reserve, with wildlife and hiking trails, and only available to Expo Valley residents, are expected to start at Dh12 million.

Ahmed Al Khatib, chief development and delivery officer at Expo City Dubai, believes that Expo Central and Expo Valley will redefine sustainable urban living and use the best elements of Expo 2020 Dubai to build joyful and connected communities. Expo Valley, adjacent to the main Expo site, will include lakes and wadis in what is now desert land.

Expo City Dubai will create an independent free zone area with the goal of creating sustainable residential spaces

Car-free lanes and dedicated bicycle tracks will be built to make Expo City Dubai more accessible to pedestrians and cyclists. All Expo City attractions will be accessible via a pedestrian, bicycle, and autonomous vehicle corridor.

The residential area will be completely pedestrianized, with underground parking accessible to cars via tunnels in all villas, townhouses, and apartment blocks.

Expo City Dubai will create an independent free zone area with the goal of creating sustainable residential spaces

Expo Central, located in the heart of World Expo, will feature apartment clusters with views of Al Wasl Plaza and Jubilee Park, as well as easy access to attractions like the Surreal water feature within a five-minute walk. Mangrove Residences, the first cluster to be launched, will consist of three towers with 450 residences starting at Dh1.2 million.

One- to three-bedroom apartments, four-bed loft apartments, and three-bedroom townhouses with access to podium-level gardens and sky terraces will be accessible.

Expo City Dubai will be at the forefront of the development of an independent free zone area with a focus on creating sustainable residential spaces. Expo will now apply the knowledge gained from building attractions for the world’s fair to improve residential living.

The project’s main goal is to “green the desert” by planting trees and reusing natural landscapes to create a wadi with green spaces throughout the neighborhood.

There are plans for an adventure cycle track, a regular bike path, and a 10km walking path, which will provide residents with a unique and exclusive experience. According to Ahmed Al Khatib, Chief Development and Delivery Officer at Expo City Dubai, the wadi area in the Expo Valley will serve as a green lung between all of the villas, with a 1km link that offers hiking opportunities.

The main reserve area will include gazelles, water bodies, and various outdoor activities, as well as landscaping, trees, and the birds they attract, resulting in a complete ecosystem. 

Expo City Dubai is in discussions with a school, and construction is expected to begin soon, with an official announcement to follow. Expo City Dubai’s overarching goal is to redefine sustainable urban living and create happy connected communities.

This goal is reflected in the emphasis on sustainable living, natural spaces, and outdoor activities.

During the six-month World Fair, the infrastructure for Expo City Dubai, including roads and metro connectivity, was already established and tested. This infrastructure’s success has laid a solid foundation for the development of residential spaces in the area.

Expo City Dubai’s developers hope to reduce the use of cars on the site by promoting alternative modes of transportation. Residents will be able to navigate the community without relying on cars thanks to the availability of buggies and electric scooters.

This not only lowers the carbon footprint but also encourages a healthier lifestyle. Expo City hopes to establish a sustainable and healthy living environment by creating a community that encourages walking and cycling.

Expo City’s towers have balconies and floor-to-ceiling windows, providing residents with breathtaking views of the Expo sites. A 960sqft one-bedroom apartment starts at Dh 1.3 million.

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The location of Mangrove Residences, located in the heart of the Expo site, is highly desirable, according to Ahmed Al Khatib, chief development and delivery officer of Expo City Dubai.

Residents will be within walking distance of attractions such as the Surreal water feature and Jubilee Park, as well as the Sustainability Terra pavilion and Al Wasl Plaza. 

While Expo City Dubai is already a popular tourist destination, the addition of Mangrove Residences will create an entirely new living experience.

Expo City Dubai aims to prioritize sustainability by installing solar panels on roofs, using recycled water for irrigation, and building with environmentally friendly materials.

The goal is to turn the desert into a green community complete with trees, outdoor activities, and a net-zero commitment. All units will also include smart home technology.

Potential buyers have responded positively, with many expressing interest in the sustainable concept as well as the location’s proximity to schools, transportation, and tourism.

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