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Festival City Mall In Dubai Encountered Fire: Emergency Services Battling The Flames



Festival City Mall In Dubai Encountered Fire Emergency Services Battling The Flames

The festival city mall in Dubai has encountered a fire recently. The firefighters arrived quickly to tackle the issue.

According to reports provided by the people who have been there at the moment says the fire outbreak occurred on the south side of the mall near the Lulu Hypermarket entrance to the mall.

Emergency Services Officials Keen To Find The Reason

The mall consists of popular outlets of specific brands and the incident might to a huge drawback for them. The authorities arrived and took the necessary measures to put out the fire.

Festival City Mall In Dubai Encountered Fire Emergency Services Battling The Flames

They also claim that they did things safely and the mall is built with world-class fire and safety precautions yet the cause of the fire is unknown.

An investigation is meant to take place to fund out how the fire broke out despite having the best precautions. All though no one is harmed or injured as assured by the authorities but all of them have been evacuated.

Dubai’s civil defense officials showed their efficiency as they arrived within six minutes after the incident and restored things back to normal around 8:10 PM.

The investigators look more into the issue as with the securities and anti-fire facilities it’s unlikely for a fire to occur.

The firefighters had a busy day due to the fact that it was a second call within hours as they were extinguishing the fire at Al Quoz in a recycling warehouse.

Not just that there have been multiple fire accidents happening throughout Dubai and multiple parts around popular areas frequently. This has been a reason for suspicious acts as the officials are looking more into these cases.

The mall which opened in 2007 and expanded ten years later is one of the biggest and most visited in Dubai.

Famous brands have outlets here like IKEA from Sweden which came first in UAE in this mall, Hyper panda supermarket the first one outside Saudi Arabia, and The Singapore Department store The Robinsons.

They’re also home to stores like Mark and spencer and CenterPoint. Thankfully the mall is working normally soon after the fire incident except for Lulu Hypermarket due to its maintenance and it’s okay to visit all other stores as usual as confirmed by the authorities.

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