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Flydubai Announces Attractive Offers On Ticket Prices During Eid Al Fitr



Flydubai Announces Attractive Offers On Ticket Prices During Eid Al Fitr

Are you looking for a weekend getaway this Eid al Fitr? Then it’s the perfect time to book your tickets to your favorite destination because Flydubai has announced its cheapest ticket rate for this Eid al Fitr weekend. 

Flydubai, a Dubai-based airline service has announced special fares for travelers from UAE between April 15 and April 23.

As part of the Eid al Fitr 2023, the company has offered the cheapest ticket rates to almost twenty destinations for travelers from the UAE. This special offer will be open to passengers till April 20 to book their tickets. 

Passengers from the UAE can book their tickets starting from AED 1,135

Flydubai’s special offer for this Eid al Fitr is available only to passengers from the UAE. The ticket rates start from AED 1,135 for more than 20 tourist destinations.

The major destinations that can be visited in Flydubai’s offers include Pattaya, Istanbul, Salzburg, Krabi, Pisa, Milan – Bergamo, Tbilisi, Salalah, Budapest, Colombo, and Yerevan.    

Passengers from the UAE can book their tickets starting from AED 1,135

The airline provides service to more than 110 destinations in both business class and economy class where travelers can experience a wonderful journey.

The business class of the flydubai offers a more comfortable flight with a more spacious lie-flat or recliner seat facility. Whereas the Economy class of the airline service offers the passengers comfortable seats that can be adjusted. 

Passengers who wish to take a trip can book their tickets until April 20 through the various booking options that are available.

They can either make use of the official website of flydubai, the official mobile application of flydubai, the customer center of flydubai, or through flydubai travel shops.

Eid al Fitr is around the corner and the UAE is all set to welcome its next public holiday that longs for 4 to 5 days. This year’s Eid al Fitr is expected to fall on the 21st of April, Friday, thus marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

It is expected that the break for the holy month will begin a day before the festival and the residents of the UAE are hoping to get a break of 5 days which will be the first long weekend of the year 2023.

Travelers who are hoping to book a ticket at the last moment for their Eid getaway can choose from the number of travel destinations upon which flydubai airlines has announced a flash sale.

The complete list of the destinations where you can fly to during this Eid al Fitr is Almaty, Baku, Belgrade, Bishkek, Budapest, Catania, Colombo, Istanbul (IST and SAW), Krabi, Ljubljana, Milan – Bergamo, Naples, Pattaya, Pisa, Salalah, Salzburg, Sarajevo, Sofia, Tbilisi, Tirana, Warsaw, and Yerevan.

Flydubai is a Dubai-based airline service that operates under the Dubai Aviation Corporation. It started its service in June 2009. From its time of establishment till now flydubai has serviced over 116 destinations with a fleet of about 76 aircraft.

Flydubai services aim to remove travel barriers thus making the free flow of trade and tourism possible. With its ever-expanding array of networks, flydubai hopes to connect different cultures across the world. 

Flydubai Airlines have created a network system of 116 destinations in almost 50 countries including Central Asia, Central and Southeast Europe, Africa, GCC and the Middle East, India, and the Caucasus.

It has even served some undeserved markets by opening services to routes that were not having any direct carrier to Dubai. Flydubai has opened more than a number of 75 such new routes thus creating a direct airway connection to Dubai.

Since its first takeoff in 2009, flydubai has been carrying millions of passengers every year and has crossed a record of 90 million now.

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It operates in single fleet type airlines, with a total of 76 Boeing 737 aircraft. This consists of 30 Next Generation Boeing 737-800, 3 Boeing 737 MAX  9 aircraft, and 43 Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft.   

Ramadan is considered the holy month according to the Islamic Calendar. It is the ninth month, the month in which Quran was revealed to Prophet Mohammed.

It is considered the month of charity, devotion, and blessings. The month of Ramadan is a period of fasting where Muslims fast from dawn to sunset. Eid al Fitr marks the end of fasting which normally comes towards the end of the month of Ramadan. 

The holy month of Ramadan begins with the sighting of the new crescent moon and it will last up to some 29 or 30 days which can vary based on the sighting of the next crescent.

The moon sighting committee in Makkah, located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will provide an official announcement declaring the beginning and end of the month of Ramadan and Eid al Fitr in the UAE. Eid al Fitr marks the end of the month of fasting and people celebrate it by visiting friends and family and sending wishes to their dear and near ones.     

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