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IndiGo Passengers Arrested For Drunken Misbehavior On Dubai-Mumbai Flight



IndiGo Passengers Arrested For Drunken Misbehavior On Dubai-Mumbai Flight

Two passengers on a Dubai-Mumbai IndiGo flight were arrested for causing a disturbance, according to news reports. While inebriated, the passengers allegedly became unruly and abusive to the crew and fellow passengers.

The Mumbai Sahar Police have confirmed that the two IndiGo passengers have been arrested for their actions on the flight. When the incident occurred, the passengers were reportedly traveling from Dubai to Mumbai.

Mumbai Police Book Two IndiGo Flyers for Being Drunk and Abusive on Dubai-Mumbai Flight

According to the police, the two passengers were under the influence of alcohol and were behaving inappropriately toward the crew and other passengers.

After landing in Mumbai, the flight crew reported the incident to the authorities.

Mumbai Police Book Two IndiGo Flyers for Being Drunk and Abusive on Dubai-Mumbai Flight

The two passengers have been identified as Dattatreya Bapardekar and John George D’Souza, according to a statement from DCP Dixit Gedam of the Mumbai Police.

For their actions during the flight, the police have charged them under sections 336 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and sections 21, 22, and 25 of the Aircraft Rules. These sections deal with being drunk and misbehaving with the crew.

It has also been confirmed that the passengers were detained and arrested. However, because the charges against them were bailable, they were granted bail at the police station.

Being drunk and causing a disturbance on a flight is a serious offense with legal ramifications. Such conduct not only jeopardizes the safety of other passengers and crew members but also causes inconvenience and delays in the flight’s operation.

This incident highlights the importance of acting responsibly while flying. Passengers should always follow the airline’s rules and regulations and treat the crew and other passengers with respect.

Reckless behavior, especially when under the influence of alcohol, can have legal consequences as well as put at risk the lives of others.

An FIR was filed against the two passengers, John George D’Souza and Dattatreya Anand Bapardekar, after IndiGo filed a complaint against them, according to the police.

On March 22, an IndiGo flight from Dubai to Mumbai is said to have been involved in an incident.

As per the police report, the two passengers allegedly began drinking alcohol after the flight took off from Dubai. When the cabin crew informed them about the alcohol ban on the flight, the passengers reportedly became outraged and stood up from their seats, despite the fact that they were drunk.

They then started walking inside the flight, causing a disturbance and verbally abusing the crew and co-passengers.

Such actions not only violate the airline’s rules but also endangers the safety of other passengers and crew members. It is critical for passengers to understand that excessive alcohol consumption on a flight is not only prohibited but can also result in serious consequences.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable flight experience for everyone on board, it is important to follow the airline’s rules and regulations and to behave responsibly.

According to the statement, the two passengers were on flight 6E 1088 from Dubai to Mumbai when they were discovered to be inebriated. Despite multiple crew warnings, the passengers allegedly continued to consume alcohol onboard and verbally abused the crew and other passengers.

IndiGo confirmed that, per protocol, the passengers were turned over to CISF security personnel for their disorderly behavior. A complaint was filed at the nearby police station following the incident.

IndiGo has also expressed regret for the inconvenience caused to other passengers. Such incidents can be both inconvenient and dangerous to the safety of other passengers and crew members. Passengers must follow the airline’s guidelines and regulations and act responsibly to ensure a safe and enjoyable flight experience for everyone on board.

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Airlines have the option of serving alcohol on their flights, but some choose to prohibit alcohol or limit the amount of alcohol passengers can consume. Here are some of the reasons airlines may consider prohibiting alcohol on their flights:

Safety: Alcohol consumption on a flight can increase the risk of disruptive behavior and disrupt flight operations, raising safety concerns. Alcohol-impaired passengers may become aggressive, make unreasonable demands, or physically harm other passengers and crew members.

Health: Alcohol consumption on a plane can cause dehydration, which can cause discomfort and health problems. Passengers may also become more intoxicated while flying due to changes in air pressure, which can affect alcohol absorption in the body.

Liability: Airlines may be held liable for the actions of passengers who have been drinking. In some cases, airlines may be required to compensate passengers or pay for damages incurred as a result of disruptive behavior.

Comfort: Intoxicated passengers may cause discomfort to other passengers by being loud, disruptive, or inconsiderate. Other passengers may have a negative flight experience as a result of this.

Alcohol prohibition on flights can help to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers and crew members, reduce liability risks, and prevent health problems associated with alcohol consumption on a flight.

However, different airlines may have different policies regarding alcohol consumption, and passengers must always follow the airline’s guidelines and regulations.

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